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Tiny Toon Adventures

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Name: Tiny Toon Adventures
Created By: Warner Brothers
Year Created: 1990

First Poop: NintendoMax

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Steven Spielberg Presents: Tiny Toon Adventures was the first animated series produced by Warner Bros. Animation for television, and was also their first project produced under the guiding hand of Tom Ruegger. As such, it paved the way for spin-offs such as Animaniacs and Histeria. Originally aired on the FOX Network, it has since aired in reruns on Nickelodeon, Kids' WB!, Cartoon Network, and the Nicktoons Network, and is schedule to have its first DVD set released at the end of July.

Media Information

Cartoon Series, 3 Video Games for the NES by Konami

Made By

Warner Bros. (Animated by Kennedy, Wang, TMS, AKOM, Startoons, Freelance)

Country of Origin

The U.S.A. (storylines, voice acting, music/sfx), South Korea Taiwan Japan Philippines USA New Zealand (animation)


The U.S.A.: Unknown


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

A rare picture of Plucky Duck as Count Duckula.

Episodes Etc.

Most of the episodes are available in high-quality through a Torrent. Those not included are highlighted with an asterisk and can now be found in another torrent.

  1. The Looney Beginning
  2. A Quack in the Quarks
  3. The Wheel O' Comedy
  4. Test Stressed
  5. The Buster Bunny Bunch
  6. Her Wacky Highness
  7. Journey to the Center of Acme Acres
  8. Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night
  9. It's Buster Bunny Time
  10. Looking Out for the Little Guy
  11. Starting From Scratch
  12. Hare Raising Night*
  13. Furrball Follies
  14. The Acme Acres Zone
  15. Life in the Nineties
  16. Rock 'N Roar*
  17. Prom-ise Her Anything
  18. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (1st episode produced)
  19. Cinemaniacs
  20. You Asked For It
  21. Gang Busters*
  22. Citizen Max
  23. Wake-Up Call of the Wild
  24. Buster and the Wolverine
  25. You Asked For It, Part II
  26. Hollywood Plucky
  27. Europe in 30 Minutes*
  28. Wacko World of Sports
  29. Rainy Daze*
  30. Fields of Honey
  31. Sawdust and Toonsil
  32. Spring in Acme Acres
  33. Psychic Fun-Omenon Day*
  34. The Wide World of Elmyra
  35. A Ditch in Time
  36. Animaniacs
  37. Career Oppor-Toon-ities
  38. Strange Tales of Weird Science
  39. Inside Plucky Duck
  40. The Acme Bowl
  41. Dating, Acme Acres Style*
  42. Looniversity Daze
  43. Best O' Plucky Duck Day*
  44. Hero Hamton*
  45. Whale's Tales*
  46. Ask Mr. Popular*
  47. Son of Looniversity Daze*
  48. Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool
  49. Fairy Tales for the 90's
  50. Who Bopped Bugs Bunny
  51. Tiny Toons Music Television
  52. The Return to the Acme Acres Zone
  53. The Acme Home Shopping Show
  54. Weirdest Story Ever Told
  55. Viewer Mail Day
  56. Son of the Wacko World of Sports*
  57. Pollution Solution
  58. You Asked For It Again!*
  59. Brave Tales of Real Rabbits
  60. How Sweetie It Is*
  61. New Character Day
  62. Here's Hampton
  63. No Toon's An Island
  64. K-Acme TV
  65. High Toon (delayed due to bad animation from Kennedy)
  66. Pledge Week
  67. Going Places
  68. Elephant Issues
  69. Hog Wild Hampton
  70. Playtime Toons
  71. Toon Physics
  72. Acme Cable TV
  73. Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian
  74. Henny Youngman Day*
  75. Love Disconnection
  76. Kon Ducki
  77. Sepulveda Boulevard
  78. Take Elmyra Please
  79. 13 Something
  80. New Class Day
  81. Fox Trot
  82. What Makes Toons Tick
  83. Flea For Your Life
  84. The Return of Batduck1*
  85. Toons Take Over
  86. Toons From the Crypt*
  87. Two Tone Town
  88. Buster's Directorial Debut*
  89. Washingtoon
  90. Toon TV
  91. Grandma's Dead
  92. Music Day
  93. The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain
  94. Sports Shorts
  95. Weekday Afternoon Live
  96. Cat's Eye View
  97. Best of Buster Day
  98. It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special

Movie: How I Spent My Vacation2
Special: The Tiny Toons Spring Break Special
Special: Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery

1 - Originally aired as an episode of The Plucky Duck Show.
2 - A direct-to-video film later split up into a four-part episode.


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