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Welcome to a new world.


Minecraft is a sandbox building game originally created and written in Java by now rich as fuck Markus Persson, or more commonly referred to as "Notch". After raking in the Benjamins, he let his company Mojang handle the work while he goes on vacation. Nevertheless, Minecraft manages to be addicting as all hell and contains millions of players who have purchased the game. It has been praised greatly for its creative freedom and dynamic gameplay. It can also be ungodly scary.

In Minecraft single player or survival multiplayer, you work to find materials to build a shelter to protect yourself from the hordes that appear at night. You can create things like pickaxes and swords out of wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond to help you mine and build to survive. At night, hordes spawn. Zombies and skeletons die when the sun comes back up, but Spiders and Creepers remains. Spiders will only attack you usually if you approach them or hit them. However, Creepers will still try to kill you, seeing how they are the most powerful enemy in the game because they can explode, usually causing massive damage.

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This is what every creeper is telling you before it calmly explodes all over you.

Minecraft has generated worlds which can now be predetermined by seeds you can enter. In every world you can find natural caves, which usually contain a lot of resources, as well as dungeons which have special items and mob spawners. Caves are extremely dangerous, and you better have the armor and weaponry to fight off the hordes. Also, remember to bring a lot of torches. You will also most likely run into lava, in which getting near unless you know there are no enemies around would be extremely dangerous.

The game has difficulty settings, but it doesn't really change much other than the amount of enemies that spawn at night. On Peaceful there are absolutely no enemies, but on hard, well, there are a lot.

Animal hordes also spawn, like pigs, which you can get meat from, cows to get milk from, sheep to get wool from, chickens to get eggs from, and wolves which you can tame with bones and use to fight off enemies that threaten you.

For more casual players, there's creative, which can be done in peaceful single player, or creative multiplayer servers. In this, you get unlimited supplies to create what you want. People can create some really cool looking things in creative.

This game is pretty easy to run. Though, you might want to have a decent processor, due to the power it needs to generate worlds.

This game has made Maxillos79 a no life.


This game is EXTREMELY popular. With a million copies purchased and as many people still playing, Minecraft is popular and increases in popularity by day. The free creativity and actual excitement of the game makes it very addicting and fun for a lot of people. Minecraft is currently in Version 1.5.2, the full game coming whenever Notch and Mojang feel like updating more.

YouChew's Minecraft Server

Youchew has it's own Multi-Player Server containing both creative and survival worlds. Nowadays it is also known as "The Outpost" It even has it's own wiki and blog.


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Minecraft Waifu creation: only in creative!

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