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Meta Knight

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Name: Meta Knight
Appears In: Kirby
Sex: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation(s): Knight
Played By: Eric Stuart, Eric Newsome, & David Frederick White

Meta Knight is a badass knight who wears a mysterious mask and has a blue cape that transforms into awesome bat wings. He also possesses two swords, Master and Galaxia.

...But underneath the mask he looks just like his arch-rival Kirby. However, he's a (dark) blue-ish looking Kirby!

Unmasked Meta Knight.


Meta Knight is one of the main characters in the Kirby series, along with Kirby and King Dedede. He usually appears as a valiant knight who challenges Kirby periodically, offering him a sword so that he stands a fair chance. Usually, he often gets unmasked after losing. Despite challenging Kirby, this is done in a fair duel and they are actually decent friends with each other.

In Kirby Super Star, there was a game called "Revenge of Meta Knight", where Kirby needed to board the Halberd and stop Meta Knight from conquering Dream Land. In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and Kirby Super Star Ultra, Meta Knight is playable in the "Meta Knightmare" mode. He's also playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kirby Air Ride, and although he is awesome in the first, he sucks in the latter.

According to the anime, not only does he have a sexy Spanish accent, but he enjoys watching Channel DDD.


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Meta Knight in yarn form!
  • Kirby, come meet your doom!
  • Fight me!
  • Come!
  • Come back when you can put up a fight!
  • Victory... is my destiny.
  • You have much yet to learn.
  • I wish to fight the strongest warrior in the galaxy.
  • I have to admit he's got a pretty good shtick.
  • You want me to fuck Kirby?!
  • Mh-Mh-Mh, King Dedede.
  • Patches... And stitching everywhere...?! What monster would do such a thing?!
  • What? Who goes there?
  • Kirby, forgive me! I blame the yarn!
  • Be careful, Kirby! Yin-Yarn is one mean piece of string!

More Information


  • Not to be confused with his ever-hungry brother Meat Knight.
  • For whatever reason, in Meta Knightmare Ultra (which is a game included in Kirby Super Star Ultra), he blows up his own ship.
    • Also he killed his other self.
  • He always blames the yarn whenever he makes mistakes.
  • One time, he ended up blending some yarn together. That might explain some things.
  • His relationship is King Dedede is... interesting, to say the least.
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Meta Knight as seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.