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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
CharNice.jpg This Youtube Pooper somehow found a way to become a poop source, and so this article is filed under Characters.

In Brief

A pooper since December 2008 who has recently become a leader in music video pooping. Not to be confused with YTPMVs, these are poops which sentence mix popular music such as Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Nickelback, and Justin Bieber to say outrageous and often shocking things. Most of his work contains explicit adult themes.

First Poops Seen / Inspiration



What's he doing eating fish? (Kortez / SantaWithTeeth)
Arthur's Massive Throbbing Hit (Walrusguy)
Farming Is For Egg-Faces (Deepercutt)
BILLY MAYBES (KroboProductions)
Billy Mays - The Big City Toilet (mark3611)
Over 9000 Inert Balls (CrazzzyStupid)
Green Eggs and Eggs (KroboProductions)

First Poop Made

Billy Mays' Super-Powered Hard-On


Primarily sentence mixing with effects scattered in between. Also has the habit of creating shocking / disgusting visuals using graphic overlays. One of his most famous recurring graphic overlays is a censored penis.

Frequently Used Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Previously Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 then CS5), Audacity, Adobe Photoshop And Sometimes Adobe After Effects.

Has tried to use Sony Vegas before but finds it difficult to work with. He says it's most likely due to the fact that he's been using Premiere for years since 2005.


Extreme over-use of sex jokes and cock jokes... but at this point it's what most of his fans are subscribed to him for anyway.


Reached over 200,000 subs around January 2017. He was the most subscribed YouTube Pooper of all time before being surpassed by EmperorLemon, then FlyingKitty.




Notable Poops

(in order of most recent)

The Bad Prince of Breaking Fresh Wind (100k sub special)
Anthony Sullivan's Apocalypse Bulb
Gotye Knows Somebody That He Used
Michael Experiments on the Cat
My Little Porno: Friendship With Benefits
Michael Becomes Increasingly Explicit
"Pooping the Charts" series
Billy Mays Is Watching Your Mom In The Shower
Mario & Luigi's Strip Club Adventure (1500 sub special)
Nickelsh!t Write A Song About Bodily Functions

Signature Jokes

As a Character

cs188 has managed to be used as a character after his skit video Pencil Sharpening Day was uploaded. Such poopers as BarneyIsPerverted, Spacman191, and MaroonAndGreyManiac took opportunity and made YTPs of this skit.

First Used in a Poop by

Sometimes Used By

cs188creations Channel

As a way to get himself back into editing, for those that are interested and because he wanted to, he started making Let's Plays of PC Games (Mainly DOS games) on his Skit channel "cs188creations". After about a week or so after the air of a Let's Play, he will release a YTP made up of some of the Let's Plays he made . Some notable examples are:

He also hosts livestreams on his cs188creations channel, which he usually tries to keep PG (at least on his end, the fans in the chat window tend to be anything but) and occasionally holds YTP collab of said livestreams, the first of which was (YTP) THE DUKE NUDEM COLLAB!. As of June 2017, the channel has just under 13,000 subs.


  • His poop "No one needs foundation repair" was meant to be a filler, but wound up triggering the miniature memes of "JOJ (or JAAJ)", "HOH SIS", and "doing it all over again". Further references to these nonsense words / phrases can be found in more of cs188's poops, as well as on channel comments etc.
    • "No one needs foundation repair" was later removed because one of the people in the video threatened legal action against cs188.
  • Radicalfaith360 was made popular in reinacting cs188's poops and got to star in a actual poop by cs188 himself
  • A reoccurring joke he uses is the Billy Mays fapping sound. It was first used in "Billy Mays Promotes Hardcore Drug Addiction" when Billy Mays was masturbating. It's most recent use was in "IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTITS".
  • He was accepted in the YouTube Partner Program (which explains his verified checkmark badge)


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