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Fox McCloud, an example of a furry.



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Kanye West thinks that Krystal's not the best furry sex plaything of all time.

A furry is an anthropomorphic (humanoid) animal character. "Furry" can also refer to fans of such characters, who are members of the furry fandom. Despite being called furries, a furry does not necessarily have to have fur. A furry can be any kind of animal, as long as it has humanoid attributes. For instance, an anthropomorphic reptile is referred to as a scaly.

Furries As Anthro Characters[edit]

Furries originally started out as fictional characters in cartoons, comics, and Egyptian mythology. A furry is an animal character that walks on two legs, talks, and is basically just a human with funky ears, a tail, and overgrown body hair. Ironically, some of these "furries" don't even have fur. Go figure.


Furries As A Fandom[edit]

Members of the Furry Fandom can have varying ammounts of interest in Furry characters. Some merely like to watch cartoons starring anthro characters, others create furry art, and still others go to the extremes of going to conventions and wearing fursuits.

YouChew Users Who Are Furries[edit]

Yes, they do exist. Deal with it.

Disliked By[edit]

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4channers didn't like seeing this around for post 100,000,000.


  • Furries, like many other things, have their own conventions, the largest being Anthrocon in Pittsburgh.
  • Claude Frollo believes that God made furries so much stronger than a (normal) man.
    • He also thinks that it was God's plan to make furries, such as Krystal, become sexy towards people.
  • Furries ended up stealing the 100,000,000th post on 4chan that was originally set for mother Britain.
  • According to various users, the majority of Youchew's population is furry. Hence the phrase "Entire Youchew is furries."
  • Some people believe that anti-furry people are "juaous because they think furries are a No.", whatever that means.
  • Furries. One of the most
    • Anthony Padilla sits down with furries