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Stuart K. Reilly

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Stuart K. Reilly is a former Café staff member for YouChew.
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In brief[edit]

Stuart k Reilly is: an elitist, lost in 2010, Skunk-fucking, Redneck Furfag, who: makes Vegas poops full of rape,unfunny jokes, and, furry shit.

He also hosts a SHOW. Yes people, an actual show about Youtube Poop he calls Youtube Poop NEWS, where he rants on and on about how he hates: walrusguy and Spongebob, and never actually covers any actual news.


Stu found Youtube Poop while looking for info on the CDI. It was your normal memes and cdi quotes poop; the kind you see every day, and, he does not remember the name of it.

After that he got hooked on all the things he hates now (cdi,sex jokes,old memes), and started making shitty wmm poops.

After being shunned from YCP for his vulgar dinner spaghetti fapping attitude, he went to the site pooptube.ning (dead now), and learned from the poopers there that said content is old, unfunny shit.

Stu later got noticed on YCP by a Piss Take video featuring the source Paper Doll Man, and was forever then loved by the forums.

Then in early 2010, Stu, after making YTP News, started making better videos with Vegas and, with the help of Imaperson, Comgwo, and jakesteel0121, started a new fast paced style of Youtube Pooping filled with masking and visual humor.

The videos "Where do YTP Characters Go When They Die", "1500", "Invisible Tank Pong", and "Shawn Of The Dead" are primary examples of Stuart K Reilly's style, and were iconic videos to lovers of his work.

Stu plays around with his style and isn't afraid to try new things. In later years, after 2010, his style slowed down a little, as his tastes in poop became more classical. But, he is still known for his Vegas masking and slapstick humor

Stu's reign of terror came to an end in summer of 2010, when false DMCA claims began taking down his videos. YTPnews1 ended up getting hacked, and the password was changed. One later, YTPnews1 was DMCA'd for good..... or so the community thought. He would return in full force in early 2011 after quitting his job in Texas and returning to Louisiana.

Stu kept on and on constantly trying to keep the YTP news show going, bouncing from account to account as DMCA claims and youtube suspensions kept driving him off, steadily making angry kicking and screaming videos claiming to know everything about Youtube Poop and categorizing the types of poops and calling what he saw as inferior poops and styles "Spa-Dinner" videos.

Stu finally gave up YTP News to his friends in Summer 2011, who now host it on the MrsSabrinaReilly account. He left Youtube Poop to start a new life in college. How this has turned out is still uncertain and he has promised to come back and restart the news show at some point.

Stu returned to YCP in September 2011 and is currently making news shows and poops again on MustangSally72.

In June 22 2014 Stu celebrated 5 years of Youtube Poop NEWS by interviewing his waifu Sabrina.

Since late 2014 Stu has calmed his temper down and started developing a more open mind about YTP in general and embraces the old and the new poops and poopers....He still hates Spongebob though.

Youtube Poop NEWS[edit]

Me and the boys on the (now defunct) PoopTube website were talking about how YTP should have its own show, sparking the idea to start a bi-weekly show about the happenings in YTP.

Since I couldn't think of a proper name for it, I WAS gonna call it The Big Fat Fucking Gay Shit Retarded Yiffy Youtube Poop Smiles and Laughs Variety Hour, but then I was told to just call it Youtube Poop News.

The original account of YTP News was YTPnews1, Pilli10 hacked it. i tried to get it back but fucked up the password. now its DMCA'd

The show has been pulled multiple times for dumb personal reasons but it is currently in production and "on the air". Covering current events, underrated and overrated poopers, sources, and just funny and weird happenings.

Youtube Poop NEWS mostly caters to the modern day Youtube Poop community though many older poopers and veterans do enjoy the show.

Its not really so much a "news" show as it is a podcast of Stu expressing his opinions about current events in the community. A lot of people misinterpret that and argue that a true news show is supposed to be unbiased which Stu CERTAINLY is not. Known by many in the community as "an extreme elitist who takes YTP too seriously".

Stu's Top 10 Worst Things Bad Poopers Do and 10 Worst things poop fanboys do are considered Poop Gospel among some poopers and fans.



This is my MAIN account now.

It was originally going to be a "secret" alt but I changed my mind.

The name comes from an old 60s song about the Ford Mustang, and the number 72 was chosen because 23 was taken.

it was DMCA'd but its back up so go enjoy the Sabby saturated background.

First poop seen[edit]

Youtube Poop Sonic Underground

First poop made[edit]

Mario says No While I play hair metal

God I hate that poop. What was I thinking???


Stuart K Reilly's style can be best described as "neo-classic" in the way that he is aware of what is popular in poop today but rather uses older techniques to make the gags he wants to make. His older style was very reminiscent of 2010's fast paced visually enticing videos and you can still see that older style shine through in his videos though now the pacing has slowed down a good bit.

Things to expect in a Stuart K Reilly poop are slapstick,ear rape,masking,music,and furries....LOTS of furries

Signature Poop Characters[edit]

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Looney Tunes
  • Mario's Game Gallery
  • DOS Games
  • '70s and '80s Movies and Music Videos.
  • Gameplay videos and cutscenes that HAVEN'T been used to death.
  • Rare and obscure cartoons, movies, and animation.
  • 90s Computer Animation
  • Silent Hill
  • Metal Gear Solid

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Source Interaction: A method in which I make two completely different sources blend or interact with each other using either sentence mixing, masking, chroma key, or just clever video chopping. The best example of this method can be found on my favorite work, "Where Do YTP Chracters Go When They Die".
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Chroma Key goodness
  • Raped Music hurr
  • Severe word splicing (no sex jokes unless its a Piss-Take)
  • Interesting effects
  • Making Vegas look like Flash without the flash gayness
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Stu during a normal screening of YTP news

Preferred Tech[edit]

  • I own ALL Versions Of Sony Vegas except 8; My favorite being 7.
  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows XP Version)
  • Sony Acid 7
  • Roxio VHS To DVD
  • Windows XP and 98


  • Over 9000 MUST DIIIIIE!
  • Shoop Da Woop
  • Tourettes Guy
  • Chad Warden
  • Overused memes altogether
  • People that don't do their research prior to asking a dumb question.
  • Billy Mays and Spongebob poops.
  • Fads in general.
  • The WMM "rainbow" effect.
  • Sentence Mixed sex jokes in poops. I mean COME ON. IT'S BEEN DONE. Think of something ELSE to make someone say besides "suck my cock"
  • repetitive repeats, you know, repeats that are drawn out for too long
  • People who send him their videos (he will block you!)
  • Spongebob (often his very mention of Spongebob on the Youchew forums causes a shitstorm)

The Sabrina Controversy[edit]


  • Stuart has been believed to have a severe obsession with one particular furry he uses frequently in his videos. The furry in question is "Sabrina the Skunk" created by Amiga artwork creator Eric W. Schwartz. If you see the words "YTPnews1" or "Stuart K. Reilly" somewhere, no doubt you'll also see a pixellated image of this character along with him, and he has often commented and nudged upon this fact that he has a strong obsession with this character. His subscribers have often stated the fact that they have grown weary of seeing images and animation of his "lover" in his videos.


In my early Vegas days I was compared to the infamous SupremeBros, which I considered an insult really. Nowadays people call me OVERrated and praise my sentence mixing and source interaction. What a turnabout.

On the news show Stuart is praised for not being afraid to express his opinions on Youtube Poop and the community thereof regardless of the consequences. Though he is also Criticized and hated by many in the community because of this. His videos have even been flagged due to harassment of the right to free speech. (wow, what pussies)


  • I am criticized for not using better known sources.
  • I've started introducing more ear rape in my videos which turns off some crybaby rape haters. "haters gonna hate" hurr
  • I like hair metal and anything to do with the '80s. And that right there is what turns a lot of poopers away from me.
  • I use chroma key WAY too much
  • If you haven't heard my YTP News show yet. I should tell you this: I am an American from the southeast part of the US. So yes. I am a redneck, and I have the accent to prove it. And I have been known to add jokes in my poops that only southerners would get, such as country music, redneck slang, whatnot.
EXAMPLE: I once made Bugs Bunny say Jiggaboo, which is a racist redneck slang word mostly used in the south.
  • A LOT of butthurt WalrusCuttProductions and Waxonator worshipers shun,boo,and hiss at me for "not respecting other people's opinions".to that I have replied, "cry me a fucking river"


  • I started a Bi-Weekly news show called Youtube Poop News.
  • I'm the one who started the Paper Doll Man and Sabrina Skunk poops.
  • took part in IAMGOOMBA's Poop Archive Project
  • Stu was one of the pioneers of the fast paced visual poops nicknamed "imaperson poops" due to them becoming famous through his poops.his video Super Duper Super Men and Stuart's 1500 are still considered the standard of which this style is based on


In Real Life[edit]

Stu's real life is a constant struggle between internet life and his real life. Often having to abandon his internet life altogether to make time for real life. His parents live far off and he makes time to see them every chance he can.


My old ones would be SuperYoshi, Stegblob, WalrusGuy, Boogidyboo, SSBMexpert, and Dopply.

Nowadays it's all about CommanderGwonam, Pilli10, LieutenantGwonam, lnsector,ChemistryGuy DaftPunkYoshi, TheChutley, Jakesteel0121, MadAnonymous, Imaperson, and anyone else that'll make a good'n.

Loved By[edit]

Hated By[edit]

  • Spa-dinner homosexuals
  • people who take the show too seriously
  • Waxonator Fanboys
  • Sex Joke poopers/lovers
  • his mom
  • Captpan6
  • Cynnico
  • Rape Haters
  • Furry haters
  • Spongebob poopers

Other Information[edit]

  • Poops with a plot are cool IF ITS NOT ALL SEX JOKES AND SHIT
  • Sabrina <3


  • Stuart is known for quitting Youtube Poop more than any living pooper alive.Always claiming it will be the last time he will ever be seen and normally comes back after 2 days up to a week.
  • Some poopers have used his show as a poop source.
  • Some people think I use Flash, but I don't. Its just some REALLY heavy Vegas pan/crop and chroma keying.
  • YouTube Poop News started out as a shitty WMM and MSpaint setup, but it is now a full-on Vegas cavalcade.
  • I had this Story Poop collaboration with LT. Gwo and Pilli10 called "Mario Sings The Blues", which was a series of sentence mixing poops of the adventures of Game Gallery Mario. But we all grew out of Plot Poops and I no longer have the time or inspiration to make them
  • Being the nasty-ass furry that I am, I like to drown that retarded shish all over my poops. AND SOMETIMES MAKE IT THE MAIN SOURCE.
Take the video at the right for example.


The source is an animation by Shawn Keller called " Blackberry"
  • For some reason. the videos with Sabrina in them have the most views. Hmmmm.
  • Stuart was once attacked by famed loser and troll YTP4life, involving a raid of a certain Wikia, in which he answered in his utmost professional way.
  • He is very good at the guitar.
  • He made a new avatar of himself. It looks awesome.
  • He thinks YTP is not art!
  • He's a furry. Deal with it.