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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png Chibicyndaquil is a frequent Poop Tennis player.

U jelly?

A Deviantartist become a Deviantennist[edit]

Chibicyndaquil is a Dutch Deviantart artist creating some crappy drawings, now she is a LSD pooper/tenniser.


Early February 2011 after chibicyndaquil's Encyclopædia Dramatica article was deleted for unknown reasons, at the beginning it started to annoy AishaxNekox, because she did not want to draw a pokemon gijinka.

First tennis made[edit]

in June 2011, chibicyndaquil started to tennis with CorruptionSound. But something changed. while in round 3 improved a little. in Round 5 more added sound effect and in round 7 tennis rarely gave a quiet but disturbing. but round 9 is the first Long round without adding sources (NO ADDITIONAL SOURCES USED).

{{#ev:youtube|UMP5QCBPq8Q|320}}first tennis : Round 1 Vs corruptionsound (a simple and crappy match)
{{#ev:youtube|2P023tuqgUA|320}}a greatly improved round 7 Vs corruptionsound, after the round 5
{{#ev:youtube|qU8-2k5Xuu8|320}}a perfectly improved round 9 Vs corruptionsound, is a LSD masterpiece

Superjail (source) style[edit]

because she's quiet gijinka adding their tennis matches. she saw a poll of AishaxNekox who is superjail, so she did not hesitate a second and immediately add their ytpt superjail. a (improved but crappy) round 1 vs superkoffee

{{#ev:youtube|XoF72s09yBs|320}}round 1 vs superkoffee with a superjail source
{{#ev:youtube|RgiFNUxAFBk|320}}FIRST improved LSD masterpiece, looks a serve, but is a random ytp
{{#ev:youtube|wYmxPD64GwU|320}}FIRST work done with Sony Vegas 8.0


Wants to Play:

Has Played:

Is Playing:

Future Projects[edit]

  • audio tennis
  • black and white tennis
  • one image collab

Re-poop saga[edit]

(Has made 4 in total)


  • greatly improved editing to audio and video (with lots of LSD).
  • In general focused on a LSD-STYLE auditory/visual editing.
  • Not good to draw in SAI.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Not Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Anything who has to do with furries (because according to her,is not a human personifications)

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • LSD pooper
  • rarely ear-rape, and strange noises
  • color curves, HSL adjust , and etc
  • i-doser

Prefered Software[edit]

  • kdenlive
    • NOW, Currently uses Sony Vegas pro 8.0
  • Audacity
  • VST plugins
  • Wax 2.0



  • Trolls
  • AishaxNekox (all related)
  • AishaxNekox fanboys
  • Not using very much of the previous round in a tennis match.
  • Some people disliking my gijinkas
  • The fact that Superkoffee likes to hurt and tease pickles.
  • Some people when reject LSD.
  • more trolls
  • Encyclopædia Dramatica (Chibicyndaquil's article was deleted for unknown reasons)
  • Some people when dislike My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • FURRIES/ANTHRO/POKEMORPH (because according to her,is not a human personifications,again)
  • sock puppet eel: eeljinka: crappy scribble (recently discovered this overshadowing gijinkas of ponies and pokemon)
  • more and more trolls


  • first one year premium deviantart artist become a youtube pooper
  • a netherlands tenniser: as doomzappo and zadivuila11/jason
  • too many tennis serve
  • lots of LSD.


  • Chibicyndaquil hated AishaxNekox too much.
  • The round 3 of 'MrUnusualHat vs chibicyndaquil' does not look like much, it's, it seems round 1 with someone.


  • Anyone


Other Information[edit]

  • his dream is to complete the match with BSP666c but on hold (because that he is too busy with other tennis matches)
  • another dream is play tennis with x1xKLINKLOENx1xt(KLINKLOEN) (but he says that he has not got a PC, but when I buy one, i'll play you there)
  • the first tennis match without adding sources is the round 11 of 10 seconds tennis
  • another tennis match without adding sources is the round 9 vs corruptionsound


  • The warden ,jared, jailbot and alice from SuperJail!
  • jellicent (jellicent is by far his favorite Pokemon. she also likes Pokemon overall as a gijinkas.)
  • Is a LSD tenniser.