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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.


Smbmaster9 is a pooper whose aim is to entertain people and get better with each new video he makes. He spends a lot of his time designing games with Game Maker 8. He has moved on to Game Maker Studio Standard and now develops with it instead. He is currently working on a Pokemon RPG fangame that focuses on a Lucario and his group of friends.


Smbmaster9 created his account way back in 2007-2008. His account was basically dead, save for him liking videos and adding the occasional video to his favorites, for the first two years. Then came the glorious late '09 and Smbmaster rose from his grave, liking and favoriting videos left, right and center. What were these videos that brought this kid from the grave? Poops. Gives you an idea of his sense of humor doesn't it?

Smbmaster9 discovered poop by accident while browsing retarded videos on youtube. His first poop he ever saw was by a some guy named QuibbyJibby. Poop is a funny word so he watched one of his videos. Smbmaster9 is easily amused and was impressed both with the sentence mixing and how horribly funny the CD-i material was. He made his first poop a few weeks later using the credits from The Super Mario Bros Super Show, and went on to make a sentence-mix King Harkinian poop later. After this, Smbmaster9 went dormant for nearly a year, but then came back armed with Sony Vegas.

Though he started out with a sort of slow-paced style (resulting in two absurdly long MLP poops which Smbmaster9 is not proud of), his pooping style evolved into the very rapid and insane type and people today point out his videos remind them of both Timoteilsd and Imaperson, with lots of visual and ear rape. Back when he was trying to learn how to use Vegas, he had a hard time thinking up good jokes/references/whatever and borrowed (and slightly changed) jokes from other poops to try and get inspiration (most easily recognizable in his very early poops, such as the MLP ones mentioned earlier. Nowadays, he is more original.

Currently, Smbmaster9 is on an indefinite hiatus from making poops so that he can focus more time on game design.

First Poop Seen


First Poop Made Using Vegas


Latest Poop (7/6/13)



Smbmaster9 lost interest in most slower paced poops after seeing CommanderGwonam's videos (but oddly still enjoys Quibbyjibby's videos). To this day, Comgwo is one of Smbmaster's favorite poopers, despite being long gone. Other inspirational poopers are TheCaledioScope, Timoteilsd, MasterOfZoroark, Chemistryguy, Avojaifnot, and SporeDotCam.

Preferred Methods

  • Ear Rape
  • Masking
  • Brain Rape
  • Random junk flying back and forth
  • Sentence Mixing (AND HE'S BAD AT IT OOLLO)
  • Random Text that appears for a microsecond and disappears
  • Image spam
  • Stuttering
  • Using audio effects such as Vibrato and pitch shifting
  • Making sauce
  • Using really loud techno/trance music

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas 8.0
  • Audacity

More Information




  • Some people think he uses the rave sequences in his videos too much
  • He spams ponies all over his videos, which get on some peoples' nerves
  • Re-using some jokes in his old videos


Subscribers that made Smbmaster9 feel good when they subscribed to him


  • He may be a fast-paced pooper and seem very social online, but he's extremely shy in person and making eye contact with him makes him very uncomfortable
  • Rapes the stuttering effect TO THE MAX
  • His poop, Steve And Blue Visit Ponyville, is by far his most viewed video, and most popular one. He disabled likes for it shortly after uploading. He says he did it because he was still a new pooper at the time and he didn't want people to ignore his poops because they may have had two likes and a dislike (which would've made the dislike bar look much bigger), and because someone was disliking some of his older videos using multiple accounts. (Spoiler: Smbmaster9, while pleased that this video has gotten so popular, was initially a bit unsatisfied with it because it wasn't fast-paced enough.)
  • Claims he plans to never officially retire from making youtube poops, as he still enjoys watching them and he feels he would end up coming back anyway even if he said he was leaving.
  • He lost interest in MLP Friendship is Magic after season 3 and also because he felt the vocal aspect of the fandom was toxic