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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png AwesomeGuy117 is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
Adminicon.jpg  AwesomeGuy117 is an administrator for the YouChew forums.

AwesomeGuy117, admin and owner of YouChew, is an active YouTube Pooper that enjoys to stay close to the roots of poop-making (such as making CD-i references), many times utilizing a purposefully "traditional" style as personal preference and for attracting long-time fans of YTP/poopers that are not satisfied with modern and/or popular YTPs. He is also known as the creator and host of the YouTube Poop Review podcast, a show with the goal of covering as many community members as possible from YTP's inception to the modern day.

In Brief

I'm I brilliant or am I trash? That's for you to decide. ;)


I first discovered the magical world of YouTube Poop in 2008 at the ripe age of 9 when I was looking up random keywords on YouTube, one of them probably ‘poop’, when I came across a plethora of wacky and often inappropriate video mashups full of Spadinner and repetition. I instantly fell in love and continued my search into these YTPs and kept coming back to them constantly, finding folks like Deepercutt among others. I went a little deeper into the genre around mid 2009 and came across Boogidyboo, famed AoSTH YouTube Pooper, becoming mesmerized by his style in which I’d never seen anything like it before then (I also found KroboProductions’ and Whelt’s work around this time). My desire then grew to make YTPs myself, but I didn’t have a lick of knowledge of how to do so in the way I truly wanted to (this was before I knew what Vegas was). I made around 2-3 YTPs in late 2009 with Windows Movie Maker, one of them being The Jungle Book and another of Aladdin, but never uploaded them (I even made two voice dubs of 101 Dalmatians with a microphone I got for Easter that year and also never uploaded).

In late 2010, I was getting tired of Windows Movie Maker’s incredibly limited effects and stability, and discovered that my favorite YouTube Poopers used a program called Sony Vegas. Intrigued, I asked for Vegas Movie Studio HD 9 for Christmas and sure enough I got it, making a test video using AoSTH as a source. Into 2011, I got more serious and made two more AoSTH YTPs that made it onto YouTube. I also put together a Tom & Jerry YTP and uploaded that as well, eventually gaining somewhat of a cult following in recent years (you can check out that channel here). My last YTP on that channel was a Care Bears YTP and I later abandoned it after a few more non-YTP related videos. Also around 2011, my interest began to peak in MLP: FiM and became a brony that year (though it’s important to know that I quit the fandom in May of 2014). I then decided to create a new channel in February 2012 called AReallyAwesomeGuy117, uploading videos called ‘edits’ with the occasional YTP sprinkled in.

Around this time, I was growing tired of making YTPs because I felt they required a good amount of time & effort and that I didn’t think mine were all too good, so I stopped for the time being. My viewing of YTPs by others, however, did not decrease in the slightest, but my taste had greatly changed over the past few years. I came across tons of older poopers that I regretted not discovering earlier, such as dew, guysafari, Imaperson, UncleSamEagle, valkiriforce, and others with their fast-paced and effect-heavy YTPs chock full of obscure sources and unorthodox humor that I found amazing and hilarious.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that I began to take an interest in creating YTPs again, utilizing my then blazingly-beloved subject Zootopia as a source many times after realizing its potential. That same summer I finally became a member of YouChew in August, connecting with community members on a level I didn’t know possible; many great friends and acquaintances were made and persist to this day. I also found myself becoming infatuated with YTP collaborations and tennis matches, in which the latter profoundly changed my style in way I actually find enjoyable to not only to watch back upon, but to create as well (starting with my ‘epiphany match’ with valkiriforce in mid-2017).

After YouChew's initial closing in September 2018, I was a heavy advocate for its revival, but never truly thought that it would ever return in reality, having to settle with YTPMania until talks came from dew and Dopply about reopening the forums in mid 2019, of which I saw as the perfect opportunity to get even more involved in the community and remake history. After YouChew reopened in late 2019 as a directory site through WordPress, I signed up to become a moderator, curator, and archivist for the site, the latter due to the increasing amount of YouTube channels that were being deleted due to the website's highly controversial policies involving 'content for kids', not wanting to see YTP history become erased in front of my very eyes any longer. As the new YouChew developed back into the forums of old going into 2020, I continued my involvement into the site, and having gained the trust and respect from many of the other staff members, I became an admin for YouChew on April 6th, 5 days after the grand reopening of the forums on the 1st.

After the reincarnation of YouChew in 2019, many community members, including a majority of the staff, were becoming increasingly unhappy with Dopply's leadership, with much criticism stemming not only in private YTP Discord servers, but also across social media platforms (especially Twitter). This coupled with real life complications implored Dopply to hand ownership of the YouChew forums and subsequent Discord server to me on April 9th, 2020, only three days after my promotion to admin status.

First poops seen

  • electro does evil things : ( by Deepercutt
  • Mickey Mouse’s Wacky Poophouse Adventure by shinchanatic
  • Robotnik Gets a Job at McDonald’s by sonic729
  • Toy’s Gone Wild by Boogidyboo

First poop made


I prefer to work in a traditional/simple style with bits of abstractness, touching the surface of fast paced and effect-heavy pooping (especially when partaking in a tennis match).

Preferred Sources

  • CD-i
  • Miscellaneous Stuff
  • Zootopia

Preferred Effects

  • 3D Source Alpha
  • Ear Rape
  • Masking
  • Mirroring
  • Panning
  • Pinch/Punch/Spherize
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Resonant filter
  • Reverb
  • Reversing
  • Scrambling
  • Stutter Loops
  • Third Party (sparingly)
  • Vibrato
  • Zooming

Preferred Software

  • Audacity
  • Vegas Pro


  • Abstract YTPs
  • Animation
  • Anthropomorphic Animals
  • Classic Sources (AoStH, CD-i, Dr. Rabbit, Volvic Commercials, etc.)
  • Classic YTPs
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Creativity
  • Ear Rape (esp. when pitched down and/or in slow motion)
  • Feedback
  • Films by Giuseppe Andrews
  • Good Timing
  • Michael Rosen (guilty pleasure)
  • Obscure Sources
  • Random Expletives
  • Running Gags
  • The Pinch/Punch/Spherize Effect on Faces
  • Well-Executed Jokes


  • Beggars (in the comments section)
  • Clickbait Thumbnails
  • Dank Memes
  • Elitists
  • Extremists
  • Flame Wars
  • Jokes that go on for far too long
  • Memes that become oversaturated/stale
  • MLG Parodies
  • Pandering
  • Self-degrading comments/subliminal messages
  • SMPTE Color Bars
  • Spammers
  • YTPs that rely heavily on memes



  • Angelina Perez - "...try not to rely so much on ear rape throughout the video because it gets old after using it more than once and can be more of annoying than funny"
  • Bananapielordl - "is this supposed to be funny? sad"
  • Chelsie 4 life - "I hope this channel dies and burns"
  • Cole Mc - (In reference to YTPs with "sos stutter cancer and out of tune ytpmvs": "at least you recognize that you're the problem."
  • Foxofnope - "couldve been longer"
  • Gaspuncle - "this is fuckin sucky chode my dude u stanky" - "stop making shitty shit you fuckass"
  • Grandmaster Doggo - "How many braincells did you lose making this?"
  • I miss the 90’s - "Why is this video made by a cancerous furry faggot"
  • I’m Jeff - "Gay"
  • jai Anderson - "That video stunk"
  • jallerbo - "Pop songs are not allowed? THE MOVIE (Zootopia) HAS A POP SONG IN IT. Also, what if I find a really funny reference in a vine? What if I have a really good video that is longer than 2 minutes? You can't hammer out all these restrictions and then urge people to be "creative". You should really be less restrictive and only let people know the absolute most important rules. 1) It must use Zootopia media as the primary source. 2) Watermark it. Furthermore, If people don't want to pirate or buy the movie, give alternate sources available on youtube such as trailers, clips of the movie, fan animations, etc. If you put a ton of superfluous restrictions on your collab, less people are going to be likely to join it."
  • Mark Van Gorkum - "This is certified aids aproved."
  • marshetta thompson - "I have this feeling that this was stolen. I got my eye on you 👀"
  • MemeKirisame - "Honestly, this collab wasn't as good as what I thought it to be, since you said that you're going strict with the entry quality, but turned out average. The only good entries were Dew, NoO696, understated, Prince Goat Cheese, and saper. The rest had predictable jokes and concepts. No offense."
  • monkeybrainsalad - "This made me unhappy. I am hereby 40% closer to clicking "Unsubscribe". Good day."
  • RasterOfMandomness - "bruh could you cool it with the "I HATE MEMES" jokes I feel like you're inadvertently making it an overused meme itself"
  • Sixtyforce YTP - "Could be better, could be worse."
  • ToastCat - "You are bad you are Teaching kids bad words you are a bad man"
  • Will Dabeast - "are you a earrape fan? cause i hated that."
  • YeomanGold - "sorry I couldn't finish it. it was too 2008, so I guess you win."


  • Became owner and admin (previously a moderator) of & subsequent Discord server
  • Became sysop for Chewiki
  • Been making YTPs for over a decade
  • YouTube Poop Review has attracted many guests throughout the community including several special appearances from the likes of:


In Real Life




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