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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Short

He does a great jaerb pooping.


Who can make me a jizz cocktail?
~NinjaCoachZ's first words after becoming wiki sysop.

NinjaCoachZ as a teenager. Really.

Now, how did I discover Youtube Poop? Well, first I went to a few Sonic fansites and learned about Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I then thought it looked interesting, so I went to Youtube to watch a few episodes, such as SSSSS Squad, Lovesick Sonic, Sonic Breakout (so far the most prolific episode to appear in my videos) and Robo-Ninjas. After doing that, I found a video called, "Robotnik on the Toilet." Intrigued by the title, I decided to click on it, but I was disappointed, it was a random garglemesh of Robotnik clips piled together and played in slow-motion! Then, I found "Robotnik Becomes Prime Minister", "Ganon is Mr. Bigglesworth", "The Birds of Koridai" and "Sonic Can't Play Baseball", among others. Still intrigued, I decided to search for more of these crazy videos, and that's how I ended up here.

Indeed, I have been lurking around since 2007, so long ago, I remember being devastated when Tenjic (one of my favourite poopers) was banned. And before WalrusGuy was popular. Then I finally decided to test out Windows Movie Maker and I made my first Youtube Poop in summer 2008. I use Adobe Premiere Elements now; much more reliable.

Although at first I used a more linear style of pooping, I was influenced by other poops such as "Meet the Artillery" "Robotnik Travels to Route 224" and "The Gradual Mental Traumatization of a Kids' Show Host". My style is much more crazy now, but I occasionally slip back into my old one for laughs.

Nowadays, my videos come much less frequently since I don't have as much free time and I can't install Adobe Premiere Elements on my laptop (doesn't recognize the serial number for whatever reason). However, though I can no longer guarantee releasing poops on weekdays, I get plenty of time to make new ones on weekends.

Hey cool, I made a collab. Awesome.

NinjaCoachZ is, as of 2010, on hiatus because Adobe Premiere Elements is a bitch. NinjaCoachZ then decided to pull out of the business to work on Behind the Voice Actors full-time.

As one can tell by his contribution history, he was kind of a dick from 2009 to 2011. He's mellowed out since then and is now a pretty okay guy. According to him, at least. Your results may vary.

Copyright Issues

One of his videos (Mr. Bean's Christmas Extravaganza) was removed due to copyright. Damn. Oh well, that poop wasn't exactly a classic anyway.

First poop seen

Robotnik on the Toilet

Some favourites of his

These are NinjaCoachZ's personal favourite YTPs that weren't made by himself.

First poop made

I forget the very first Youtube Poop I made, but the first one I posted was as mentioned above, Sonic and Robotnik at the Robolympics. The earliest one made that I can think of is probably, "An Unnatural, Surreal Voyage into the Mind of NinjaCoachZ."

The closest thing to a poop I ever made before that was a video making fun of the Naruto Revolution 2 trailer, but I never posted it because it was really just a test. And it sucked hard.


Tends to shuffle around the order of the episode, etc. and edit it heavily. Most of my older poops were more linear and relied on a single episode/source. Generally, my poops are more "classic" and somewhat 2007/2008-ish, rather than being a flood of distortions.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Stutter Loop
  • Deja Vu (Sometimes includes callbacks to previous poops, such as "Somebody must have forgotten to lock the gate at the petting zoo!", Scott getting hit in the crotch or abused nearly every time he appears, etc.)
  • Rape Rave (diminishing)
  • Stare Down (occasionally)
  • Tech

Preferred Tech

I used Windows Movie Maker for most of my earlier videos, currently using Adobe Premiere Elements as of my Bleach YTP. Audacity is used for some things like minor sound editing. Currently, Movie Maker is used for videos that require no effort, such as "The Youtube Poop New Year's Spectacular!"




"NiggaCockZ." ~seanvol in the "corrupt the above username" thread on YouChew Poop.

"NinjaCouchZ." ~HMTcomp making a typo. Repeatedly.

"NCZ-san..." ~A user on the Transformers wiki.

"(The) Coach." ~Crazy Luigi, mainly when I became a sysop.


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A YouTube user watching one of NinjaCoachZ's videos.

Oh god yes, Limozeen. I love you now.

  • Most of my videos have been received well, particularly my more recent videos. Generally, reception ranges between "decent" and "excellent". Socially, NinjaCoachZ does well on the forums and Chewiki.
  • Emperor Ing enjoyed The Kite of Lourage.
  • Miss10 said that Sonic and Robotnik at the Robolympics - HD Remix "wasn't bad for a long poop".
  • RobochaoXX referred to one of my Chewiki articles (Dracula), as "easily the funniest article here".


Not much, though (some self-criticism here) I tend to have some things go on a bit too long and some videos don't have good timing.

Once got flamed by a bunch of angry Twilight fans for criticizing a Twilight poop that consisted of nothing but replacing dialogue with overused Internet memes. Why thank you.

And I rant too much about stuff that I'm into at the time.


  • Is amazed his videos get any views at all.
  • On February 8th, 2009, "Scratch's Hot, Sticky Fluids" became my most viewed poop with 1,000 views. It currently has over 15,000 views and they're still rising (though he sometimes wishes people watched his other, more creative videos instead, as he doesn't want to seem like a "one-hit wonder").
  • First person to use the Funimation Update Quickie, Street Fighter (game), Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Hayate the Combat Butler, and Elite Beat Agents in a full poop.
  • Boogidyboo, RetardedAnimeParody, IAMTRONBONNE, DaftPunkYoshi, Triple sSs, HotFriedSkadoosh and some other guys subscribed to me. Huttah!
  • Has 100 subscribers.
  • WalrusGuy favourited a video on my alt. By some coincidence, views of said video have skyrocketed. (Oh, what delicious irony that's involved.)
  • 15,000 views on "Scratch's Hot Sticky Fluids", 7,000 views on "Sonic Explains the Meaning of Life", 5,000 views on "Dr. Robotnik Teaches Kindergarten", and somehow got over 1,000 views on "Maria has a Nightmare!" and 2,000 for "The Worst Song Ever". Not sure how.
  • Created the SNK Collab.



In Real Life

Influenced by

Poop Listing

The Best of the Best

  • Sonic and Robotnik at the Robolympics - November 8, 2008 - This is the first poop I uploaded; back in the old days when I first made it, I thought it was comedy genius, but now, after all my other videos have come and gone, it's not so funny anymore. It's still a classic though, and was my most viewed YTP video for a time. Primary source: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Robolympics".
    • [1] - The HD remake of this video, made with Adobe Premiere Elements. It's longer, but a vast improvement.
  • An Unnatural, Surreal Voyage into the Mind of NinjaCoachZ - This was going to be my first CD-i poop, but I got bored after a while because CD-i has been done to death. So instead, I threw in random clips with the flimsiest connection to anything at all and added a few jokes. It's still a personal favourite, if only for the nostalgia factor and the fun I had making it.
  • Dr. Robotnik Flunks Dental School - My first Youtube Poop using only Robotnik clips and some miscellaneous stuff. Short but not bad.
  • Scott has AIDS - This is the second Youtube Poop I made with Adobe Premiere, and the first ever to entirely use clips from various Funimation anime and the Funimation Update Quickies. The feel of it was similar to "two YTPs in one", as it used two sources that did not blend together or interact with each other. Since deleted for not being that funny. Primary sources: 11/24/08 and 12/22/08 Funimation Update Quickies.
  • The Worst Song Ever - The first Elite Beat Agents poop in the world... hopefully. I was influenced to make it after watching some of ManWith10Toes' videos. I like it, but apparently people on Youtube don't. Can't win them all. Primary source: Elite Beat Agents stage 11 (La La).
  • The Cheat Commandos' Enlightening Desert Adventure - My first Homestar poop in a while. Not too bad, and I found a way to shoehorn Jizz In My Pants because I was dying to make a poop of it. Primary source: Homestar Runner episode "Cheat Command-O's".
  • Dr. Robotnik Teaches Kindergarten - My third, longest and best next-best Robotnik poop. Not much else to say, although it's definitely a good one. Contains one of my favourite quotes in every poop video I've made: "Dinner in the morning is BREAKFAST!" Also banned in some countries and is my most viewed "proper" YTP. Primary source: Various Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes.
  • ROBOTNIK EATS 300 POUNDS OF HAM - My most recent and best Robotnik poop. Available in widescreen and HD. Primary source: Various Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes.
  • Owen Wilson VS Bruce Lee - The only Street Fighter game poop in the whole world. Until YTPHaruko made one of Bison's teeth. Still, I was the first, right!? Primary source: Super Street Fighter II.
  • Street Fighter IV: Special YTP Edition - The first full-length poop made by me since The Kite of Lourage. Also probably the first instance of nudity in any of my videos, from Chun-Li in the shower. Yes, I expect it to be flagged by some squeamish, easily-offended viewer but who cares. As tempting as it sounds, I recommend skipping this part because it ruins the pacing. Primary source: Street Fighter IV character trailer.
  • Shit Nihon Kikaku: SNK Collab - I've entered several collabs in the past, but this is the first one I've created. Overall, a good batch of poops, although some people didn't send theirs in time. My entry was a poop of Samurai Shodown V.
  • Wreck-Gar: Darer of Stupidity - My first video to feature Transformers Animated as the main source. As you can guess by the title, it revolves around Wreck-Gar and is the first poop to do so. It has received positive response and remains one of my favourite videos. Primary source: Transformers Animated episode "Garbage In, Garbage Out".
  • That Decepticon Dirty Bird Laserbeak ft. Ironhide and Carly - And here's my first video to use the first Transformers cartoon as the main source. 4 minutes long, and contains a good deal of in-jokes. Despite the name, it is not a YTPMV; I merely picked the name because it was funny. Primary source: The Transformers episode "The Immobilizer".
  • Orson Welles Presents: Zacko the Clown and His Insane Posse - My first poop to use Disney's The Suite Life on Deck, containing an appearance by Orson Welles. The editing in this video is a step up from my usual fare at some parts, so there's something that makes it stand out. Orson Welles bookends it, and yes, the title is an Insane Clown Posse reference. Its creation is a semi-interesting story. It all started during a conversation between my brother and I...
Me: I've been considering pooping a ton of things. "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid", that episode of The Suite Life on Deck where Zack becomes a clown...
Him: Zacko the Clown. Now.
Primary source: The Suite Life on Deck episode "Marriage 101".
  • Bruticus Bubs Maximus - Now this one has a troubled history. It began production in July 2009, and I got more than a minute's worth of footage done, but then I abandoned it for whatever reason. In May 2010, 10 months later, I revived it and finished it. It has a somewhat "mind-screwy" ending that I figured might be controversial (though funny because of how disconnected it is to the rest of the poop), so I uploaded an alternate version that removes that ending. It's not as funny, but someone out there probably likes it better that way. Primary source: Strong Bad Email "unnatural".
  • The Life and Times of the Transformers - The Movie - My first poop to use a movie as the main (and only!) source. I'd been planning it for a long time and upon discovering that hemanlovespancakes was hosting a movie collab decided that I might as well enter my planned poop for that collab. One of my favourite works, and also my last. Primary source: The Transformers: The Movie.
  • The Day of NinjaCoachZ - I came out of retirement to make a video commemorating the fifth anniversary of uploading Sonic and Robotnik at the Robolympics. In addition to being nostalgia-based, using sources I used early on in my career such as Robotnik, Homestar Runner, The Funimation Update, and even CD-i, it also looks to the future with a healthy dose of new sources representing modern-day interests (or who I am now, if you wish to be melodramatic). Very proud of how it turned out--not bad for my first video in three and a half years. I was hoping to make the video, or at least parts of it, in WMM to increase the nostalgia, but I decided against it since the program was being unreliable and overall hard to use.

All the Rest

These videos are either awful or I don't have anything in particular to say about them. Mostly the latter.

Name Date Uploaded Length
Kids, There's Nothing More Cool Than... 11-8-08 1:33
This is What Happens When I Get Bored 11-13-08 1:23
ROBOTNIK 11-22-08 0:09
Bobobo Pours Meat Tenderizer Down His Pants 11-27-08 4:05
Scratch's Hot, Sticky Fluids 12-15-08 0:12
Mr. Bean's Christmas Extravaganza (REMOVED FOR COPYRIGHT) 12-20-08 0:51
Sonic Explains the Meaning of Life 12-23-08 0:14
Tite Kubo's Cornucopia of Craziness 12-26-08 3:37
The Youtube Poop New Years' Celebration! 12-31-08 0:30
Tropical Wheats 2-6-09 0:51
Andy Pandatelli is the worst announcer ever 2-10-09 0:43
Swedish Robotnik Goes to an Anime Convention 2-19-09 0:56
Interesting 2-22-09 0:07
Joel comes out 2-23-09 0:13
Robotnik and Dhalsim's Sexy Harem 3 2-24-09 1:44
Link is Pondering 3-1-09 0:36
Me too 3-12-09 0:09
Maria has a Nightmare! 3-19-09 0:46
reverse 4-16-09 0:04
Diaries of the Scott 4-23-09 0:48
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku 4-29-09 0:09
The Kite of Lourage 5-17-09 2:32
A bluehaired anime man pesters a masked luchador 6-21-09 0:41
Ian has a seizure 9-7-09 1:07
The Yipes and the Marcap 10-14-09 0:46
Street Fighter IV - Electric Boogaloo 12-22-09 1:28
Is this the end? 12-30-09 0:04
Jin goes to heaven 12-30-09 1:16
Autobot and Decepticon Adventures - Trouble in Paradise! 6-1-10 2:35


NinjaCoachZ has contributed poops for the following collabs.

Scrapped YTPs

  • Of course, not all of NinjaCoachZ's videos saw the light of day. Some were completed but never uploaded due to low quality or technical problems, and others were abandoned partway through due to lack of interest. Here are a few of his scrapped videos.
    • Hikaru no Go YTP: A poop of Hikaru no Go. Scrapped due to me not having any decent ideas.
    • Bobobo YTP 2: A YTP of the first Bobobo episode. Completed and rendered, but was deemed a failure and never uploaded. The intro was too long and had no gags, too many parts were unedited, and overall, it wasn't funny.
    • Elite Beat Agents YTP: Various things intending to corrupt the Elite Beat Agents dancing to Canned Heat. Since APE doesn't support the audio for most of my EBA videos, was made with Windows Movie Maker, and as such, sucked. It was not completed, and "The Worst Song Ever" is a spiritual successor of sorts.
    • Hayate the Combat Butler video: Let's just say it's hard to poop something that's only available in Japanese. This one was completed, and though I thought it was good, CoolKirby113 didn't. Looking back on it, it was terrible, although one idea made its way into "NinjaCoachZ's 30th Video Spectacular".
    • Two random videos: Two random videos in the style of "An Unnatural, Surreal Voyage into the Mind of NinjaCoachZ" and "This is What Happens When I Get Bored". They were awesome (the first in particular), and had some great ideas, but wouldn't save no matter how much garbage I cut for time. Sucks, because the first was epic great at the time, probably not so great at this time.
    • Robotnik Teaches Kindergarten prototype: A Robotnik YTP that had a few ideas that were later used in "Dr. Robotnik Teaches Kindergarten", and a few that were axed altogether due to me not remembering them.
    • Homestar Runner video: A YTP of various Homestar Runner toons which, again, wouldn't save. Not to be confused with my other ones.
    • Street Fighter IV poop: Failed because it caused APE to lag. To compensate, a poop of Super Street Fighter II was made, entitled Owen Wilson VS Bruce Lee.
    • "Link Writes A Comic Book": This video was to be unlike any of my others; it would carry a full-length (3 minute) narrative revolving around Link writing a comic book, and though it [Link's comic] was successful, it made King Harkinian a laughingstock, causing him to go crazy, and Link finally using "monkey magic" to save them all. Though it was completed and even given a title, unspecified technical problems (which I am still unsure of today) prevented it from rendering properly, so it was never uploaded to YouTube. Of course, much of the sentence mixing was highly primitive due to it being made in Movie Maker, it had a few Paint Jobs and some not very funny jokes, so I might have been doing my fans a small favor.
  • An exception was the Scott has AIDS remake (now known as Diaries of the Scott), which was forgotten for a while, then revived and used as an entry for AmiralMachin's "Bad Poop Made Good" collab. There are some other poops I have made that have halted production and may or may not be revived.


NinjaCoachZ is known for being a huge pervert.
  • Procrastinates a lot on things. Collab entries and other such things included.
  • Sometimes includes rejected ideas for poops in other poops.
  • Formerly had a bunch of non-poop videos on his account, but as he matured as a pooper he either deleted them or moved them to an alternate account.
    • Speaking of which, whatever happened to those alts anyway? Oh well.
  • He was on TV three times as a child.
  • Ruthie claims that he gets no attention because he's not female. This is more than likely true.
  • He's also an administrator on the website "Behind the Voice Actors".
  • Adam Young of Owl City once linked to his upload of a Homestar Runner cartoon. Not bad.
  • Once met Todd Haberkorn, presumably becoming one of the few poopers to actually meet a poop character IRL.
  • He really hates Street Fighter X Tekken.

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