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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

{{#ev:youtube|KT2U0y2F_NI|320}}His latest poop.

In Brief[edit]

SirSnivyofNottingham (also known as Yoshit on Youchew) is a Servine, originally from Pennsylvania, living in Japan, that is a pooper and U.S. Navy sailor, with a long history in Youtube Poop.


SirSnivyofNottingham was hatched in 1867, in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

SirSnivy started his long history in poop in the year 2006, when Youtube Poop was just starting a boom. Back then, though, he was only a viewer, watching then-new poops of Hotel Mario and Zelda CD-i. Over the years, he saw various types of poops using various sources, watching poops ranging from simple video-edits to all-out Flash Poops.

In 2009, he signed-up for an account on Chewiki, under the user name Yoshit. In 2010, he actually became a member of Youchew, using the same name. These would both be interrupted for 2 months in early 2011 after leaving for Navy Bootcamp.

Finally, after having the idea in his head for several weeks, SirSnivyofNottingham made his first poop, dubbed The Bat-Nerd Assaults Maid Marian. This poop involved the AVGN, in the form of the Bat-Nerd, shoving shitty Batman games up Maid Marian's arse. The final product was released on Youtube in 2012, 6 years after watching his first poop. His initial reaction was one of disappointment, but it still managed to garner decent reviews (which he believed to be flattery).

Later, on January 26, 2012, SirSnivy released another short poop, which he had promised would not contain rape. As promised, This is Better than the Former was released, and, as promised, contains no rape or sex jokes. Instead, in this poop, Robin Hood sweeps Maid Marian off of her feet, then asks if she will marry him, which she rejects, much to Robin Hood's dismay. Afterwards, Gaston claims that he is a barge, which LeFou denies. Angered by this, Gaston punches LeFou, then again asserts that he is a barge.

On February 28, 2012, SirSnivy announced that he is currently working on his third and longest poop yet. Having said that, it would be over 5 years later until he made his next poop in 2017: Blago Exposed, a short poop made with the tapes of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich from his impeachment/corruption trial.

First Poop Seen[edit]

Doesn't remember.

First Poop Made[edit]

The Bat-nerd Assaults Maid Marian

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Tech[edit]








  • A common criticism of his first poop is that it uses such a predictable joke.
  • His biggest critic is himself.

Poop Listing[edit]

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Yoshit after indulging in some vodka (his favourite) on his birthday.


  • Is currently stationed in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, at Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka.
  • Is originally from Bangor, Pennsylvania, a small town originally known for slate.
  • In This is Better than the Former, the bit where Gaston claims that he is a barge is actually an idea that he has had for years, yet never implemented until said poop.
  • On Youchew, he tends to be represented as a Snivy in a U.S. Navy enlisted dress white uniform.
  • SirSnivy, remarkably enough, tends to like growing plants, especially trees.
  • The name of his youtube channel is actually based upon his portrayal of Snivy as a narcissistic Englishman on Youchew. Nottingham was chosen just because.
  • Is a somewhat devout Roman Catholic.
  • Is an avid fan of old technology and machines, especially tech made in between the '50s and the '80s, and including everything from modern integrated circuits, hand-wired vacuum-tube based circuits, internal combustion engines, and even live steam.
  • Is also a fan of classic cars. Currently, he owns a 1972 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and a 1985 Reliant Rialto.
  • Has actually been to Nottingham.
  • Has a pet Bearded Dragon, named Saitama (no relation to One Punch Man).
  • Is actually of royal descent, via his English ancestry, and can trace his ancestry directly back to the Plantagenet family, 100% legitimately, too.
    • Is directly descended from King John of England, a fact that he is actually proud of (and views him as severely underrated as a King).