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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

The Zevifus tamalicus, the zevifa or simply called by the hindi people as "tharchikati parpaput masikuhali" (that freaking mexican cobra), is a species of king cobras that has lived for many generations, starting from Acient Egypt, and currently being lived by (as the hindi people say) a freaking mexican cobra.

Girl cobras dig giant hats, especially fucking sombreros.

So, this is the whole story of how the main representants of the tamalicus species were printed in history, and as an extra, you can see how the tamalicus species is, with no joke, like the current mexicans we have.


Part 1: The pharaoh and the failed empire (AKA Mexicans and their fucked up governments)

Zev'fa Mamut was a simple farmer in the dessertic lands of Egypt. Where exactly? Who the fuck cares. ANYWAYS, slaves had a pretty rough time in those times, what with building shit here and there and obeying their pharaohs with pointy, red wigs, and Zev'fa felt bad for them (who wouldn't?), but couldn't do anything because he was a simple farmer.

One day, he had to work a lot in an extremely sunny day. He was saying shit like "manwithaweirdpose eye bird anothermanwithaweirdpose menholdingbaskets anothereye bug" (Fuck this shit, man), and, suddenly, he passed out for insolation. Plenty of trippy shit happened in there, and one of those visages was a female king cobra (or queen cobra?) that got Zev'fa's interest. That woman was Renenutet, the egyptian goddess of why don't you just read what wikipedia says. Anyways, Zev'fa was seeing her doing weird shit, and then she told him "eye anothereye menholdingadog adogholdingmen twosticks threesticks bug", and then she disappeared. Zev'fa was pretty confused and was thinking of what the hell she said, but as the big furfaggot (or scalefaggot?) he was (and still is), he was just thinking naughty things of her, especially for being a milf.

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I mean, really, what kind of king cobra wouldn't?

Fucking scalefaggot.

But anyways, he felt all weird and shit like a hangover, but then WOAH, WHAT THE FUCK? HE WAS THE FUCking PHARAOH OF THE WHOLE DAMNED ANCIENT (not ancient back then) EGYPT. How did that happen? No archaeologyst has any idea.

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This ape, on his interview about how he couldn't find the reason Zev'fa Mamut turned suddenly into a pharaoh, concluded with "I'm an archaeologist"

So, Zev'fa Mamut finally had a name in history, but instead of doing good shit, he, as nowadays mexicans, ruled his empire in a really shitty way: raised prices of everything, made promises that weren't accomplished, and made everyone watch soccer. But unlike Mexicoland, this angered egyptians, and Zev'fa was killed horribly in an extremely gory way (see also: every gory image in, but with snakes).

Part 2: Conquering Europe with giant hats and awesome moustaches (AKA How a motherfuKING cobra leaded the Ottoman Empire [How does this have anything to do with cobras? Doesn't matter. Turkish are badass])

The tamalicus species kept fucking with eachother, so they repopulated pretty much everywhere, and, as mexicans, they kept crossing borders. One of those, though, decided to do something else: they have a shit load of people, but they kept crossing borders. Why don't they, you know, unite and start to conquer countries? That guy was called Zevıf Aütalaşa, and became the main leader of the little group of leaders of the whole damned Ottoman Empire.

So, after conquering plenty of territories and shit, he finally got the respect the tamalicus needed. They needed a LOT of respect for all the shit they did from Acient Egypt. Besides, who doesn't like giant motherfucKING hats?

Too bad Zevıf died soon. After all, it all went to shit, what with the religions and the wars and shit like that.

Apes are not sure how the fuck the turkish tamalicus went from Europe to Mexico. They theorize, though, that it's for all the boarder-crossing they did.

Part 3: Current state of the tamalicus in Mexicoland (AKA The country of hope [HAAAAHAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT]) (AKA The actual story of Zevifa)

Zevifa was born in Mexico, Mexico, Mexicoooooo in October 1st, 1992. Introvertive, intelligent, but rude when arguing (like any cobra), he started being a furfaggot (yeah, furfaggot first, then scalefaggot later) around 2006 after watching Over the Hedge (yeah, no joke), and he started to lurk in furry artists' accounts because he was tired of bleedman and pretty much anime in general. So after finding other artists and stuff for one year, he, as the motherfucKING cobra he is, decided to say "hey, anthro reptiles will be my thing now" (especially for a certain character made by a certain artist), and... here there is.

Oh, yeah, how he turned into youtubepoops. He started doing that shit in 2007, but uploaded his first video in 2008.


Poop history

First poop seen

Dr. Robotnik's ORGY OF RAGE!!!

First poop made



Zevifa uses a more traditional *coughlazycough* style. Reasons for that are described below:

Preferred Sources

Doesn't have preferred sources, although he tends to do some sort of annual shit (e.g. every year he uses Backyardigans as a source, or Over the Hedge)

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3


  • Even though he's not against the people who make that kind of videos, earrape videos have mostly been his least favorite kind of videos. This is why he has been more into a traditional way to make videos.
  • He really despises the idea of youtubepoop as something serious-serious: "I always have seen it as a simple passtime, an easy way to get a laugh out of it and that's it. I know that there are more talented people out there who make a shit load of effects, and I respect them for that, but... I sometimes see them as kinda pretentious, pretty much because they make it look like a serious business".
  • Due to his friends, he now sees poops with overused sources and really bad jokes as funny, but in a bad way (so bad, so good). Same applies for really crappy drawings.


Zevifa as seen leading two Pokemon to their demise.

He's not really famous, but so far, he has had good comments from both his watchers and his friends.


The main criticism he has had is the lack of effects and, as Zevifa has told to himself, how "there hasn't been a lot of changes since his first video". It has to be remarked, though, that the pacing of his videos has been faster than in his first videos, and he has started to add filters on his videos.


  • He's the first pooper that used The Backyardigans as a source.
  • Probably the first pooper that used Clutch Cargo as a source.


In Real Life

Currently, the only associate he has in real life is his whole family.


He's got plenty of online associates and best friends, including a couple of artists:



What fans?


Even Tsutarja thinks that Zevifa is sexy.
  • He has his vertebral column bent like this: )
  • He has plenty of favorite artists, including RageMario, Anjila, Essui (although Zevifa once said his older stuff was way better than his current stuff), squeedgemonster and many, many more. However, Zevifa considers dharken to be his least favorite artist, for pretty much how "his stuff looks like an 11 year old made it".
  • One of his relatives, Fausto Vega Santander, was part of the Escuadrón 201, which went to World War II.
  • He hates nowadays avant grade for how "it's too easy to make", and suggests how "even if it's art, it still fucking sucks".
  • His favorite Pokemon is Tsutarja.


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