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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about TheFXexpert, a Chewiki Sysop and a User on this Wiki.
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TheFXexpert is a former Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.

In Brief[edit]

theFXexpert is a pooper and chewiki editor, who lives in Florida. He started pooping in the summer of 2010. He is one of the few people with the password to the "Pressurers" account. He is also an admin for Chewiki.


Discovery of Youtube Poop[edit]

His discovery of youtube poop occurred in the spring of 2010 while looking at some Star Trek parodies, he stumbled upon “Youtube Poop: Star Trek - They Sure Love Strawberry on that Spaceship” and “Youtube Poop: Picard Fights the Borg”.


In the early days, he thought Youtube Poop was the funniest thing ever. Unfortunately he stumbled upon Cd-i poops. In the August of 2010, He downloaded the Cd-i clips and started fooling around with Windows 7's Windows Movie Maker. He soon uploaded his videos to one of his friend's accounts called "MPMproductions2". Many of them have been deleted.

He later came across AoStH poops by Boogidyboo and thechairman45. Upon seeing the massive amounts of comedic gold available from AoStH, he began production on an AoStH poop titled "Robotnik Takes Over Congress". Thechairman45 and Boogidyboo's AoStH poops would be a major influence on his style in later videos.

In November of 2010 he found Stuart K. Reilly's "Top 10 Things Bad Poopers Do" video and discovered that the jokes and sources he was using were outdated and unfunny.

During December of 2010, he wanted to remake his style. After uploading "Robotnik Takes Over Congress", he downloaded more AoStH episodes from Boogidyboo's alt account and started collecting more lesser known sources such as Star Trek and Mitch McConnell. Fed up with Movie Maker's frequent crashes and lack of visual effects, he acquired Sony Vegas 10 during Christmas. He started production on his first Sony Vegas poop in January 2011 titled: "Robotnik's Takeover of Congress is Foiled by Starfleet".


On February 11, 2011, he finished producing "Robotnik's Takeover of Congress is Foiled by Starfleet", he quit uploading videos on "MPMproductions2" and created his own account. The next day he began Chewiki editing. On April 7, 2011 he joined the forums. On October 24 2011 he has taken complete ownership of the MPMproductions account and it is currently being used as an alt.

First poops seen[edit]

First poop made[edit]


He likes to use a fast-paced editing style with some classic elements. He also prefers the constructive tennis style.

Preferred Sources[edit]



  • Tobymac
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Video game music
  • Jazz music

Preferred Methods[edit]


Preferred Software[edit]


Running Jokes[edit]

  • Like many AoStH poopers, he has a Sonic Sez segment and the AoStH credits at the end of most videos.
  • The explosion from this fad.

Poop List[edit]

Only includes full-length poops

Name Date Uploaded Length
Robotnik's Takeover of Congress is Foiled by Starfleet 2-11-11 4:18
Robotnik Airs an Ad During Super Bowl XLV 3-25-11 2:09
Robotnik's High Speed Rail Plan is Rejected by Rick Scott 4-15-11 1:44
Robotnik Gets Pulled Over by the Florida Highway Patrol 7-30-11 3:32
Robotnik Runs a Marathon on the Pennsylvania Turnpike 10-8-12 3:11
What is the Velocity of the Bicycle if Pie is Round? 2-1-13 1:38
Some Guy Sells Some Culinary Contraptions 8-22-13 1:23
Youtube Poop: Robotnik 10-19-13 2:52
Captain Picard Debates the Future of Humanity 1-4-14 2:38
The Taller-than-normal Structure of Extreme Fright 10-31-14 1:28
OLDER MEN 12-21-14 2:20

Collab Entries[edit]


Name Date Uploaded Length Collab
High Speed Rail Explained 6-23-11 0:45 Innovation in Simplicity
Max Breaks the Camera 7-25-11 0:52 The Camwhore Collab
Daniel Tosh Downloads the Internet 7-28-11 0:20 The LSD Collab
*Sheen Drops Napalm on a Planet 9-5-11 1:42 Nick Collab
Jeremy, Richard, and James's Alabama Adventure 10-15-11 0:55 Top Gear Collab
Robotnik Uses Dial-Up 12-13-11 0:38 The Buzzing Collab
**Stuart Nukes a Cabin Full of Republicans Using JavaScript 2-25-12 1:07 The Camwhore Collab II
Robotnik Joins the Wood Cabinet Business 1-20-13 0:56 The Commercial Collab
Bill O'Reilly Bills The Billing Business A Billion Bucks 3-16-13 2:16 The Bill O'Reilly Collab
Youtube Poop: Bill O'Reilly 6-7-13 2:32 Simply Simple
King Herod Should Have Taken a Left at Albuquerque 1-8-14 1:26 The King Herod Collab

* First use of Vegas Pro 10 ** First use of Vegas Pro 8

Completed Tennis Matches[edit]

Opponent Date Completed
Vs. StickerBoytheNextGen 11-15-11
Vs. Guitarocker100 1-19-14
Vs. ZacharyTomCat (4th Tennis Cup) 4-21-12
Vs. MountainDewMaNN (4th Tennis Cup) 7-10-12
Vs. foxspyfox 11-25-14
Vs. NITROCONCRETE (Tennis League 4) 1-26-15
Vs. GameBop (Tennis League 4) 2-27-15
Vs. ProfessorCheeseBall (Tennis League 4) 3-15-15
Vs. NataliaHTTPS (Tennis League 4) 4-22-15



  • YTPMVs (Both pitch-shifting and classic types)
    • Other musical remixes/mashups
  • Video Game Music
  • Tennis
  • Classic poops
  • Rape poops
  • Fast-paced poops
  • Reference Jokes
    • References to memes or fads. (As long as it's well executed.)
  • Rape Rave (If it lasts less than 5 seconds)


  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows 7 version)
  • Dark Humor
  • Hentai
  • When people privatize or unlist their poops for no good reason.
  • Tennis serves that are too destructive.
  • People that put watermarks on videos that aren't collab entries.
    • People that make large/annoying watermarks in collab entries.
  • People that use trial effects plugins without cracking/buying it.


{{#ev:youtube|cQR6XtmOB64|320}}His most popular poop



{{#ev:youtube|aoNBHkhOcN8|320}}Top Gear? HOT DIGITY!



Other Chewiki Editors[edit]


Current Influences[edit]

Older Influences[edit]



  • DoomZappo

Other Information[edit]

Chewiki Activity[edit]

See this page.


  • His style for a few of his poops have been compared to Shroomhead1 and SeductiveBaz despite not being directly influenced by them.
  • He takes a long time for him to finish poops and tennis matches because of school, Chewiki editing, short periods of Pooper's Block, or just bad time management.
    • Therefore, he ends up asking for time extensions in tennis tournaments every round.
  • He ran on his high school's Cross Country team.
  • He and Superyoshi have the same birthday.
  • He thinks spam is a funny word.
  • He can be naive sometimes.
  • He is industry certified in Photoshop CS6 and Dreamweaver CS5.
  • He once uploaded a corrupted avi file that was made with Avidemux and he glitched the Youtube player.
  • He is currently in college to study computer science.


Skype: thefxexpert