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Pooper's Block

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Poopers Block is a condition in poopers in which they find it rather difficult to make a Youtube Poop, similar to how writers or authors may suffer from writer's block. With no literal relation to constipation whatsoever, those who have it often have troubles making poop for many different reasons. Even if they want to or have to, those who do manage to make a poop oftentimes are not satisfied with the result. They may sometimes end up retiring.

How it Happens

Pooper's Block may occur for several different common reasons...

Lack of inspiration or ideas

One of the more common occurrences, this could fall under a lack of sources and material and/or what to do with them as well.

Mental fatigue

Somewhat in conjunction with the former, this could occur if you are working on a poop, and you find it difficult to decide what should happen, like what effect you should use, where a clip should go, and various reasons, so oftentimes little is made or done. The end result is generally unsatisfactory to the creator, and even though it may or may not be published online, it seems to have something missing in it.

Lack of motivation or being under stress to finish a poop could also fall or arise under this category.

Technical issues

Whether it be that your video editor has crashed on you for the umpteenth time and you're fed up with it, your computer or laptop breaks or gets infected and becomes virtually unusable, or your internet goes out and you can't publish your work online, these reasons are generally out of one's control, and quite often they may have to resort to alternative methods or get whatever problem they had fixed.

Out of action

Though it doesn't happen as often as the other ones do, these often include real life occurrences that generally have to be dealt with over pooping, or something else that might or might not be in real life that is more of a priority. Though it happens more for the older generation, general reasons that could put a pooper out of action include a job or career, school work, and other issues in real life that may prevent one from having time or ability to work on something.


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