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Windows Movie Maker

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
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Wikipedia also has an article about Windows Movie Maker.

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Windows Movie Maker Retail Boxart

Windows Movie Maker is the program that started it all. Windows Movie Maker is a Windows video-editing program created by Microsoft. It is often the first editor people may use to create YouTube Poop videos, but other users have stuck to it as a preference. It got discontinued on January 10, 2017, and later, Microsoft announced Story Remix and released it in fall 2017. This was featured alongside Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut on the thumbnail of Youchew Trading Card #76, recognizing its foundational importance in Youtube Poop.


  • Free with Windows ME, XP or Vista.
  • Fairly simple to use.
  • Extra video plugins and effects) can be downloaded


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Promotional screenshot of Windows Movie Maker 2.1.
  • Needs the patience of a saint since it is VERY crash prone.
  • Video reversing requires more effort and time to do; it is done by cutting up clips to the smallest and putting them backward, compared to a single button of the other programs. This did, however, start the stutter reverse.
  • No unlimited video or audio tracks. Only one is available at a time, so if a pooper wants to add another audio track, they must render the video and then add it to the finished file. Video overlaying is impossible, although there are custom chromakey transitions you can download from the FX Archive.
  • No audio effects in storyboard, Audacity has to be used in this case; although you can change the volume, mute, and fade in or out the audio.
  • No audio in frame-by-frame. This makes it hard to find precisely what you're looking for.
  • Windows Movie Maker never gave you the ability to specify the frames per second or audio kbps before rendering.
  • Lack of developer support as of 2011.
  • Windows only (anyone using a Macintosh will get the somewhat more capable iMovie instead)

Difference Between Movie Makers

Windows ME (1.1)

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Movie Maker 1.1

Windows XP (2.1)

  • The most widely-used Movie Maker
  • The first version to use effects
  • The best version for Speed Up/Slow Down
  • Video capture function
    • Can capture analog video sources (i.e. VHS, Betamax, etc.)
    • Version 2.6 removes the video capture function.
  • No reverse option (although you can reverse manually, see Disadvantages)
  • Crashes a lot
  • The FX archive is the #1 place for extra effects
  • Works on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Windows Vista (6.0)

  • More effects than the XP version
  • Cleaned up interface
  • Speed Up/Slow Down doesn't pitch-shift anymore
  • Lack of volume control (you can only turn the volume down)
  • Works on Windows 7 and 10

Windows 7 (Windows Live Movie Maker)

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Windows Live Movie Maker in action
  • Completely abandons the timeline for a confusing ribbon based interface (Though some may find this preferable)
  • Slowing down and speeding up clips results in the clip being pitch-shifted again (Though you can't do this to audio files)
  • Still no reverse effect like in XP/Vista, but not a big deal.
  • Very low effect support.
  • Some effects are the same as Windows Movie Maker 6.0's effects.
  • More speeding up/slowing down options.

Windows 8 (Windows Live Movie Maker)

  • Still no reverse effect.
  • Allows you to set FPS, Audio format and bit rate as a custom setting when exporting.
  • Audio waves now appear on sound and video clips, which can help when placing things.
  • Some effects are the same as Windows Movie Maker 6.0.

Known WMM poopers

While many use WMM then move to a different program (including SuperYoshi), there are the few that stick to it and can rival many poopers who use the other programs. In fact, some still use WMM even when they have something better like Sony Vegas.

Fan support

Despite the developers not making it priority to make the software error-free, many enthusiasts have made plugins and tutorials to maximize the performance of Windows Movie Maker.