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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In brief

One of the most famous/popular poopers, known for making Robotnik videos.


First poop seen


First poop made


Alan Goes Berserk

List of Poops

Name Date Uploaded Length
YouTube Poop: Alan Goes Berserk 8-24-07 2:37
YouTube Poop: It's Yours My Friend 8-25-07 1:39
YouTube Poop: A Week at the Office with George and Alan 9-3-07 4:59
YouTube Poop: Breakfast vs. Dinner 9-9-07 2:27
YouTube Poop: Mama Luigi Destroys the World 9-15-07 1:45
YouTube Poop: Volvic on Crack 9-16-07 1:07
*Insert Clever Title Here* 9-16-07 0:12
YouTube Poop: IT'S A TOASTER! 9-29-07 0:40
YouTube Poop: Mario and Luigi go to Canada 9-30-07 1:35
Hotel Mario: The Movie Trailer 10-3-07 2:40
YouTube Poop: The Many Faces of Robotnik 10-6-07 2:49
George Bush tries to give a speech... 10-13-07 9:54
YouTube Poop: Toys Gone Wild 10-28-07 7:08
YouTube Poop: Ganon is Mr. Bigglesworth 11-17-07 3:01
The Astonishing Life of Dr. Robotnik 1-2-08 3:10
Robotnik Buys Some Socks 6-30-08 2:47
Robotnik Fails a Math Test 7-2-08 4:15
Robotnik finds Religion 7-7-08 2:07
Robotnik Runs Out of Toilet Paper 7-29-08 3:58
Robotnik's Filthy 8-7-08 4:10
Robotnik, She Wrote 8-16-08 4:28
Robotnik is Due 9-10-08 3:07
Robotnik is Unstoppable 9-21-08 2:55
Robotnik Buys Boardwalk 10-1-08 3:33
Robotnik Blinks 10-14-08 4:01
Robotnik Protects His Sex 11-5-08 3:00
Robotnik Meets the Tick 12-25-08 3:01
Robotnik's Flying Circus © 1-24-09 3:03
The Demoman: Abridged 2-8-09 0:12
Robotnik Interviews David Bowe 2-10-09 3:32
YOU'RE ALL FCKED 3-11-09 0:17
Robotnik Takes a Flying Leap 5-7-09 4:01


Mostly distorting the video using time changes, stutters, surreal visual effects, etc.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Tech

Sony Vegas, WMM


One of his own poops (Toys Gone Wild)


Boogidyboo's poops have been received very well, particularly his Robotnik ones.


Toys Gone Wild was criticized for using memes, sound replacement, and other unfunny jokes. Boogidyboo himself admitted that it was funny at the time, but it's not very good now. Still, seeing as how it's a milestone in Youtube Poop, he decided to keep it up.


  • His video, "Toys Gone Wild", became the first poop to achieve one million views.
  • He has over 10,000 subscribers.




Other Information


  • His first video uploaded was a trap video. His first video to be classified as "poop" was "Alan Goes Berserk".
  • Has an alternate account, Goobidygoo, which he uses for download links to high-quality AOSTH episodes.
  • He is envious of wikiwow's ability to pump out Robotnik videos easily. To give you an idea of what he means, Boogidyboo sometimes has breaks of several months between his poops, and as of May 19, 2010, has not uploaded a video in over a year. Though his fans crave more, it is reasonable to guess that Boogidyboo is retired.
  • thechairman45 may be his successor.