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YouTube Poop Music Video

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
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Not to be confused with YTMND, a YTPMV (more widely known as a YouTube Poop Music Video) is the process of editing clips in such a way they become musical - as if the characters are singing. It's ok to add backing, like a drum track to help it along but the point is the music is created from the existing sound rather than just plastering over the existing sound with some music (which is what an AMV is) This process has been used frequently by The Electric Cheese, Nuthacker, Vorhias, Ophios, igiulamam, and varied others.

The term "YTPMV" was popularized by The Electric Cheese, although he did not coin the phrase. The pooper began to use the term after he had seen it used by another pooper on Youtube.

In Japan, otoMAD (音MAD) videos are popular. While these videos are extremely similar to YTPMV in many ways, otoMAD videos usually have higher quality visuals, and use music from Japanese games and internet subcultures, such as songs from Touhou. Additionally, otoMAD videos sometimes also use voice synthesizer software such as Vocaloid or UTAU.

Different Types of YouTube Poop Music Videos[edit]

Synced to Another Song[edit]

A very popular style that has spawned a few fads, such as THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN and "(Insert name here) has Sand in his/her Ocean", it is often criticized as being uncreative and lazy. It is very hard to make in a video editor that doesn't allow layering, and the original song (which is often a video game song with no lyrics) provides a note template making it easy to sync sounds to it. An occasional problem can be getting the timing right due to software limitations or incorrect/low frame rate. While it helps to have at least minor musical background when making one, you only need to not be tone deaf to make a decent one.

Remakes of Other Songs[edit]

These can be considered cover songs. It is very similar to syncing it to the original version (in fact, you can do that and remove the original track after editing), but allows for personal modifications such as a change of tempo, key, or section layout. An easy way to make a song like this is to apply samples to a midi file in a music editor.

A rare type or remake style is a character karaoke YouTube Poop Music Video, in which words of a character are spliced together to make the words of the original song, and applied to a lyricless version of the track. This style is usually referred to as Sentence-Mixed YTPMV and often requires more effort than a "regular" YouTube Poop Music Video. One good example is Take King Out by Moto200Alt.

Original Compositions[edit]

One of the more rare types of YouTube Poop Music Videos, most commonly made by Ophios, Alfonzopancakes, and igiulamam. This kind may take longer to make and requires a certain level of musicianship to create. Most of the time, the creator searches a source for interesting sounds to use in the song, and puts them together as they see fit. While the music can be very creative and appealing, the video accompanying it tends to appear nonsensical and helps maintain to YouTube Poop theme.

Occasionally, these songs can have lyrics. They are often made from clips of characters talking, adjusted to fit a beat. This tends to have a very rap- or hip-hop-like feel, but can sometimes work with dance or break beat styles as well. One particularly well-known example is SkyGuy16's "Big Beat Mario".


{{#ev:youtube|m83VaeavQWc|320}}Stay Here While I Bash Koopa Football Players by The Electric Cheese

Renowned YouTube Poop Music Video Makers[edit]

Programs Often Used To Make YouTube Poop Music Videos[edit]