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User.jpg  This article is about TheFXexpert, a Chewiki Sysop and a User on this Wiki.

I usualy do maintainence things on Chewiki, which means I'm terrible with character articles. Ask Crazy Luigi or even Yoshit if you have a question about those.

I like to help people create their pooper pages. I'm really a nice person. If you need to talk to me, leave a note on my talk page or on the Chewiki Disscussion Thread. I will respond asap. Don't hesitate. I won't bite. :D

Here is my pooper article.

Major Contributions

  • I fixed some redirects, added categories to pages, and updated a bunch of crap.

Pages I Created



Pages I Rewriten/Overhauled

To-Do List

  • Currently developing a new skin.
    • UPDATE: the skin is pretty much done. However, templates styles don't change with the skin. I'm going to work on a modification to fix this.
      • Done with that.
    • Write template styles that will look good with the new skin.
    • Put high-use template styles in their own css files to improve performance.
  • Organize pooper article subcategories.
    • Organize pooper articles by style (using article tags in addition to YTPMV and Flash) if there is a consensus to do so.
  • I almost forgot! I need to make a new poop.

Pages I Plan to Create

These will never get done. You can get started on these if you wish.


I have also recently began editing Youtube Poop related articles at Wikitubia (Wiki about YouTube) I usually only go on there to make sure no one vandalizes crap.