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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
User.jpg  This article is about SpaghettiBicycle, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.

In Brief[edit]

SpaghettiBicycle is a rising Pooper who uses iMovie. That's all there really is to say.


SpaghettiBiycle started visiting YouTube more often around September 2011. On the first day his obsession started, he watched his first YTP. Four months later, he started his own account. He first posted a video called My First Video...and Worst, but it was taken down after he didn't want his face on YouTube. His first two YTPs were universally panned, especially Lil' Poundcake is Murderous. He then returned to YTPs with his first Michael Rosen YTP. His first good Michael Rosen YTP was released a few days later, Jack Black Defines Michael Rosen. Since then, he has made three more Michael Rosen YTPs, two of which are pretty good, though the sound quality is low. In July 2012, he made his first YTP featuring popular YouTube user cjszero01. When cjszero01 actually discovered it, it rose to 1,000 views, a first for his channel.

In December 2012, SpaghettiBicycle finally got a YouTube downloader to finally get good sound quality. Around this month he also admitted to being a brony through a Daffy Duck YTP.

Where The Real Fun Began[edit]

He joined YouChew in February 2013. After he adjusted to the maturity and intellectualism of the forum (yes, I'm laughing while writing this sentence), he became a well-liked member. He soon adjusted his style like so, now doing his YTPs in a sort of fast-but-not-too-fast-paced style, relying on reference jokes and stutters. He has even launched two successful collabs for a change. It seemed as though the future was looking swell for SpaghettiBicycle.

How He Went Crazy[edit]

It all started with him posting a YouChew thread expressing his positive interest in pooper NationOfOranges696. However the thread was more focused on the group created by said pooper, AygoMedia, and SarevolNahtanoj. Referring to them as the "Junior High Generation," this group of poopers began primarily in late 2012 and do at least one or more of the following: copy from the earrape-heavy style of one of the mentioned three giant names in their community, launch an unhealthy amount of X Second Collabs even if they may or may not be fully aware of how to make a collab, fanboy over Gravity Falls or Bedfellows, act irrationally, not respect other people's opinions, block and/or troll people not liked by Sarevol, most of the stuff listed in Stuart K. Reilly's Top 10s. The thread was, for a while, a nice place to express opinions, until UnusualGuy posted about closing down Sarevol's original account and caused the thread to gradually lose its dignity. It wasn't meant for the world of the living.

The term, Junior High Generation (JHG), named for the clique's tendency to act like Jr. High students, caught on among the forums. Unfortunately, SpaghettiBicycle was experiencing long term periods of depression and anxiety in real life just as the term caught on, causing him to act more hostile to this group of kids. While his poops didn't decline in quality, his reputation was growing adequate at best (in his mind). He became a fan of troll MOTHER3EARTHBOUND2FAN7654's so-bad-it's-good antics, but when he received backlash for letting the troll into his Nostalgia Critic Collab 2.5, he wrote an angry (though quite eloquently-worded) letter to SarevolThePony. After an emotional outburst on YouChew, he briefly went on hiatus to deal with his philosophy-spewing kookiness.

Though he hasn't really set anyone off as of yet, he still feels irresponsible. He also claims to be "contractually obligated by the YouChew Humane Society to not care about these two ruffians."

First Poop Seen[edit]

The Sky Had a Weegee

First Poop Made[edit]

The Octorok Song

First Good Poop Made[edit]

Jack Black Defines Michael Rosen

Favorite Poop[edit]

199- The Extended Weekend of Sparkle by Combuskenisawesome. This Poop is better than anything he has ever seen in his life.


Primarily sentence mixing, sometimes meme-related humor. God help us all if he does more meme-related humor. More recently he's tried using effects to spice it up a bit.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Music Sources[edit]

  • Forest Maze
  • Tootsee Roll by 69 boyz
  • Gangnam Style (how does this not have a Chewiki page yet?)
  • Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Sentence mixing
  • Narratives in his Michael Rosen poops
  • A year's worth of reversing
  • Comically overused gags

Preferred Software[edit]


  • YouTube
  • GoAnimate
  • Corey Feldman
  • Jay Gatsby
  • Darkheart
  • Community (Pop POP!)
  • Michael Rosen
  • Fads
  • Filthy Frank
  • cjszero01
  • Fluttershy
  • Equestria Girls
  • YouTube Downloaders
  • His buddy, Skullman
  • His other buddy, Nitro


  • When sarcasm goes over people's heads
  • The system
  • The fact that almost everyone who comments on his video "Caillou Cries for 3 Minutes" end up with theirs accounts closed (later proven false)
  • Sreamers
  • The prices for Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro
  • Pinkie Pie (most of the time during Season 1)


YouTube Poops[edit]

Name Date Uploaded Time
The Octorok Song 1-14-12 1:53
Lil' Poundcake is Murderous 1-14-12 2:03
Michael Rosen's Bear Hunt 5-31-12 2:34
Jack Black Defines Michael Rosen 6-8-12 1:36
Michael Rosen Destroys Pizza Hut 6-24-12 5:23
cjszero01 Defines Moments of Happiness Murdering 7-25-12 5:25
Michael Rosen's Death Outing 7-28-12 6:23
Michael Rosen's Tiger Mom 8-8-12 11:24
Sonic Says Never Trust People 8-19-12 0:47
Tobuscus Torches The Safety Sword with BBQ Sauce 8-26-12 2:39
cjssonic01 Sez 9-15-12 3:17
Bruno Jupiter Has Writer's Block 10-27-12 1:52
Brad Pitts Bakes a Super Manly Perfume 12-2-12 0:54
Daffy Duck Explodes from Blade Troubles 12-14-12 7:56
Radicalfate's Career in Re-enacting Hits a Record Low 12-30-12 2:16
Michael Was a Rosen Stone 12-31-12 1:54
TronJon Plays the Jeff Goldblum Jr. Series 1-5-13 8:02
Bill Cosby Listened to the Rap 1-6-13 3:27
Spingebill Learns Internet Language 1-20-13 7:09
Jon Malkovich's Guilty Guilty Pleasures 1-21-13 3:55
The Last Stand of Car Insurance 2-1-13 1:55
The Customer Is Always Dumb 2-2-13 3:10
Gaston Something Something 2-10-13 3:31
cjs188 drinks 42 cups of coffee and does commercials for Nintendon't 2-15-13 3:20
Reill O'Billy Interviews Tom Greer for some reason 3-1-13 0:53
A SILENT FI(L)M 3-2-13 0:32
The Oogieloves in the Big Simplistic Adventure 3-5-13 1:08
Fesh Pince is Magnets (Part 1) 3-15-13 3:10
Scribblenauts Gone Wrowr 4-1-13 3:41
Axl Rosen's Birthday of Randomness 4-15-13 2:10
Fawful Eats an Awful Falafle 4-27-13 1:51
Richard Tracy Gets Shot by a Dead Jack Palance in Spanish Class 5-28-13 2:27
Puffy the Imaginary Friend Slayer Desires Brains 6-8-13 1:56
Diznee Sing-a-Long Funnuf 7-16-13 0:40
How Mike Myers Stole My Childhood 7-27-13 1:14
Top 10 Semiweekly IM Meen Collab Entries 8-5-13 1:20
Chum Rechews with Chutley C. Chum 9-2-13 1:03
King Heresy wears white after Sarevol Day 9-12-13 1:56
SUCh elABORATE SIMpLICITY 9-14-13 1:41

YouTube Poop Music Videos[edit]

Though he's not very good at them, here are his YTPMVs.

Name Date Uploaded Time
Luigi vs. Masked Mario 7-4-12 0:58
The Fresh Prince of Vanilla Lake 7-19-12 2:09
Evolution of Gangnam Style 9-20-12 0:32
Michael Rosen Sings Numa Numa 10-13-12 0:32
Psyskau (video blocked) 11-28-12 0:39
Do the Bailey Shake 2-19-13 0:31
Mospike 4-20-13 0:33
Like Mah Thomas 9-1-13 0:34

Tennis Matches[edit]

vs. ZACHTOMCAT (2013)[edit]

Round SpaghettiBicycle Round ZACHTOMCAT
Round 1 Nostra Critic Plays With Your Mind Round 2 In the process, he took away my 00000.nostra.veg
Round 3 In the process, he took away my processer Round 4 In steps, he took away MycroProcesser
Round 5 In just 2 minutes, he took away the Big City Processor Round 6 He kept the big city scum-sucker in an insane asylum until the morning



Most of his YTPs receive generally positive reception, with the main exceptions being his early work and his recent Spingebill video (which he did NOT make as an entry for AwfulFawfultheFalafe's collab, in case you were wondering).


YTPs made in iMovie tend to be criticized for the low sound quality, but that's because Media Converter and Macintosh don't mix (at least according to SpaghettiBicycle). Most of the dislikes for Michael Rosen's Death Outing are most likely the result of the audio being recorded with a potato. This problem was solved by him downloading numerous YouTube Downloaders.


  • 133 subscribers on main.
  • 118 on alt.
  • and iamoutofideas as Roger Rabbit.


In Real Life[edit]

  • poke22able
  • Skullman



Back in the Day[edit]



Are you one? Add your name here!


  • All SpaghettiBicycle really wants is to see another person besides him make cjszero01 YTPs. He's already proven that cjszero01 is decent source material. (Wish granted.)
  • Somehow he helped Tom Nook become a professor.
  • Somehow he's remastering episodes of a show for Sath McFarland.
  • He is a frequent patron on the Chewstream.
  • His trademark is that he has end credits at the end of most of his poops listing the sources. He doesn't do it much anymore since most of his latest work is collab entries.
  • Participated in YTP March Madness 2013 by EmperorLemon:
  • Participated in Poop Standoff 3 by BenderPictures
    • Made it to Round 2
  • Participating in Iron Poop Tournament by Tofucakecan

Youtube Poop Top Ten Semiweekly Moments[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|ruBzDAOPYjY|320}}An example of the list. Look at how different it is from KTA's list!

On March 16, 2013, SpaghettiBicycle was on YouChew when he watched TheFXexpert26's entry for The Bill O'Reilly Collab. He liked it so much that, to show how much he liked it, he set out to make a new Monthly Moments list, as Stuart K. Reilly was doing the new Monthly Moments and Bicycle (even though he was a fan of Stu) wanted to make an alternative for the fifty-seven people that disliked Stu. Because he couldn't wait another 15 days, he uploaded his first list on the same day and renamed it Semiweekly Moments. Ironically, TheFXexpert26's video was at #2.

Soon after the second list and the controversy surrounding Poops of the Month, people started to notice the list and now it seems he'll be doing this list for a long time even though someone is replacing KevinTAckerman again and bringing back the Monthly Moments list.