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The Little Dragons

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In Brief[edit]

The Little Dragons is a website/sub-community created by DoomZappo and Joethebluedragon. The site serves as a place where Joe's associates can discuss Youtube Poop. The site currently houses a forum and a blog where Joe and his associates post their thoughts on the state of Youtube Poop.

What is a Little Dragon[edit]

Popular belief holds that TLD is an elitist clique for only self-deemed high class poopers who hate YouChew. This is as far from the truth as possible.

A Little Dragon is defined as a YTPer, who holds no thought for joindates or post counts, but respects those with a pure love of YTP instead. A Little Dragon is someone who isn't afraid to speak out against the group mentality, and bluntly say what they think with little regard to how people may hold petty grudges against them for their beliefs. They hold a true love of YTP, that arguably, may be unmatched by any other sub-community of YTP; and they are willing to stand up and forge on for this love. A Little Dragon has so much determination, that the people who can't match their drive for success merely call them stubborn.

A Little Dragon doesn't kick the new guy who asks how to use the rainbow effect in Windows Movie Maker, but rather shows him how to ROCK the rainbow effect in WMM. A Little Dragon respects the power of the youth in YTP, as the future generations of the genre that they rightfully are.

The Little Dragons do not hold hatred in their hearts for anyone who wants to follow their own way and use their own style in YTP, but rather supports this and will back them up all the way through. The Little Dragons... believe in a YTP Community, with people that don't stab each other in the backs, but rather has everyone's backs.

True Little Dragons[edit]

In 2011, Joe came up with a title for those he believed had more passion for the TLD community than even he did. The title was simply True Little Dragon, so far, few lay claim to the name... but there's a full future ahead for the TLD community

True Little Dragons:

  • DoomZappo (Creator of TLD's Forum, and strong supporter of the community)
  • Gamerislanduk (Living example of a Little Dragon, and strong supporter)
  • Smonge (Co-founder of the ideals of TLD, also a very helpful supporter)


The Little Dragons concept was established in September 2010 when Joethebluedragon made a list of several YTPers, and one ex-YTPer who actually came out of retirement in 2011, and called them "The Little Dragons". They were his closest associates over the internet, and soon the list started growing, to the point that Joe wanted to add more than 15 but could not. These people would often discuss YTP on his channel. One day, DoomZappo created this website in February 2011 to hold better discussion. And thus, Little Dragons was born.

The site grew at a slow rate for a while, since at the time, Joe had few followers who he could convince to join. However, it did get a lot of help from the user and moderator of the site BenderPictures and his BP Show. In one episode, the show featured an interview with co-founder DoomZappo where the host asked about the website and then proceeded to advertise it himself, which resulted in a rush of new members. Including Gamerislanduk, YouthBoy14, and even the legendary Stuart K. Reilly. Every now and again, he'll advertise the site on the show, or through a bulletin announcement.

In early 2012 site activity was slowing down. Due to the retirement of DoomZappo and BenderPictures from the poop community, Joethebluedragon decided to move the forums from Webs to Freeforums.

As of September of 2015, The Little Dragons has closed due to inactivity.

Joe, where are you?

Components (On the Webs Forum)[edit]

  • Homepage: The homepage consists of a welcome message, some links, Joe's random thought, link to Joe's latest blog, and link to the latest BP Show
  • Forums: The website's crowned jewel is its active forums, the Dragons discuss YTP or anything else they feel like. It's the most alive part of the site.
  • Videos: The site has a video embedding section where they can post their videos and others can give comments and view it through the site. The two sub-sections are Youtube Poop and Tennis.
  • Members: The website has a listing of members and they each have their own profiles. People can comment, add friends, and send personal messages.
  • Calendar: A feature that only JoeTheBlueDragon uses. He puts up important dates in their community (for example, deadlines for contests and collabs).
  • History: A history of the site was written here, not much more to add.
  • Site Blog: See below
  • Arcade: A series of flash games can be played from the site. Now a certain administrator just needs to figure out how to add new games.

Joe's YTP Blog[edit]

The blog about YTP that Joe made also shares in the history with Little Dragons. Established in October 2010, Joe would type up multiple paragraphs about one YTP issue that was bothering him or just on his mind. It had a few occasional readers, but it was the thing that Joe did that was least cared about. Although, people started caring a bit more when Joe decided he would interview any Little Dragon who reached 1000 subscribers on Youtube. He started asking eleven question interviews and people would respond and he would post it up. In June 2011, he incorporated the blog to be a part of The Little Dragons website.

Freeforums Layout[edit]

In 2012, tired of the Webs layout, Joe moved the site over to a Freeforums board. The community is still adjusting to these changes and Joe is seeing what he can do to move over the atmosphere on TLD into a more efficient layout.