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Deja Vu

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

This is a technique where an author will repeat a specific piece of footage, sequence of footage, or phrase through a large series of YouTube Poops to create a meme, fad or running joke associated with that particular artist.


  • Stegblob ended the majority of his poops with a short Sonic Sez segment, before the ending sequence to Sonic the Hedgehog is played with alternate music (which many AoSTH poopers such as Wikiwow, Boogidyboo also use). Big Bird then appears saying "Coming soon on Sesame Street!" before completely unrelated footage is played.
  • The Electric Cheese frequently uses the phrase "JET BOOTS" from Dexter's Lab throughout his poops, as well as footage of himself.
  • Deepercutt originally put "Dinner" in all of his poops. Then it got old. In early 2008, Weegee tended to make cameos. Then that got old.
  • Combuskenisawesome always uses that edited picture of Sir Aaron somewhere in her poops.
  • Elmullet uses Uctions in all of his videos.
  • Ninja Coach Z has Scott Porter getting hit in the crotch or getting abused nearly every time he appears, or Optimus Prime's quote "Somebody must have forgotten to lock the gate at the petting zoo!" (though this joke was officially ended.)
  • HenoTalkie uses the word HEDGEHOG whenever he feels like it.
  • Goldberg1337 uses Ironside(2) in nearly all of his poops (although he has done this less and less recently). He also always has an after-credits joke to reward viewers who watch the whole video.
  • quax repeats anything in the source he uses that he finds funny and likes to put the word "cock" in a lot of his videos.
  • Robd0gg^^ Same as above ^^
  • VanillaSkittles9 usually places a Wynaut in his poops, most of the time being cropped over the face of a character.
  • toadomos uses Charmy Bee saying "sexy"
  • Furnessly uses OVERTURE
  • SuperYoshi tends to hide "LUIGI I'M HOME" somewhere in most of his videos following "LUIGI IS RACIST".
  • Melink and the Squidward and Homestar Fads
  • IAMBOWSA and C-O-C-K
  • Terroristx123 likes to use this song in his videos whenever he can.
  • MrDrunkenFox used to use FLEA or the words CaptainFleaSam in his videos.
  • UberPooper12 hides images of Diddy Kong in his videos.
  • Geibuchan sneaks Azumanga Daioh and Films made by Disney into almost every poop he made.
  • Therangenub puts his character "Awesome Bear" in every poop since Viacom vs AwesomeBear equals YouTube Poop. He also commonly uses thissong often times in his poops.
  • TrueTubePoops has made a joke about Joethebluedragon in every one of his YouTube Poops starting with his Super Why! poop in February of 2011. TTP also often has running jokes within his poops, such as using Mario saying "You didn't make it" (whenever a joke had already been used in another poop) in his entry for BMATF's Robotnik Collab III
  • Supheryoshi64 uses a remix of "DO A BARREL ROLL!" (words uttered by Peppy Hare in Starfox 64) in many of his videos.
  • Imaperson often uses a character from the movie Aladdin by Dingo Pictures, who is now known as The Guy Who Moves His Neck in his videos, together with a segment of the song Silent Film.
  • GiromCalica uses a character from Army Men Sarge's Heroes named Sarge (The part where Sarge is on the telephone and says "CUMMING") anywhere on his videos and some images of certain stuff appearing from nowhere.
  • Boogidyboo inserted the song Running in the 90s into all of his AoStH videos.
  • thechairman45 also used Running in the 90s in his videos up until "Robotnik Recieves an Internship on the Colbert Report.doc". He also inserted Sonic-Tails yaoi into his videos, the most offensive being in "MR BEAN INVADES THE TEMPLE OF ELASTIC TINFOIL".
  • TimAJH inserts Robotnik into most of his non-AoStH videos.
  • Avojaifnot puts Dory from Finding Nemo in all of his videos.
  • Dikekike had Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air often say "Would you make me a sandwich?" in his Fesh Pince of Blair video.
  • Captpan6 inserts Oscar from the film Shark Tale into his videos.
  • Spacman191 puts a Nintendo World Cup segment into some of his videos after the poop I LOVE THIS SOURCE
  • Trinzilla frequently makes references to the famed pterosaur Pteranodon.
  • YTStaff ComeAtMe often has E-Loh, Maddie's Furby, killed in her Furby Island videos (with the Furby always returning in the next video). In a majority of her videos from around late 2014 onwards, she tends to make references to either Furby Island or the Furby in general.
  • Danielle Pluzsik uses The Great Boot-Leg from JonTron's video on Disney bootlegs in most of her poops, as well as TOM's arm being rendered useless from episode 4 of Toonami's The Intruder II, the Ace of Base song "The Sign" being played over repeated footage, and puts her own messages at the start of some poops with the Wi-Fi Connection music from Pokemon Black and White playing in the background.