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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Furnessly was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In brief

Furnessly was a pooper who mainly uses videogame or videogame related footage as a source.


He first discovered YouTube poop back in 2006 when he was searching for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (because he was a fan of the show) and found either RetroJape or SuperYoshi's poops. Unlike many, he was surprised and enjoyed the poops but moaned about the poor video quality until 1upclock uploaded his Super Mario World poop which the source came from POP, a television station in the UK (using Coxy1987's TV rips). Then he watched some of dvariano's and NintendoMax (who he did fan art and fan fics) videos and stopped watching poops for a while. He did two early poops on December to try out his new computer (ironically it uses the Recycled Koopa scene in POP quality, before The Electric Cheese remastered it and before he watched the original, it was also the first ever poop to use a certain show that he disliked) but he did this for his personal use not to submit on Youtube or anything.

That is until The Electric Cheese, Stegblob and Fox were making mashed up videos so he decided to make them first by Movie Maker and then to a much better program from experience back at December. His original thoughts were to make a mashed up video that didn't just use CD-i, Super Mario World and to be enjoyed by people other than himself as well as using rare or unique sources (e.g. the Bugs Bunny Show). Later on he decided to stick to his sources which at the time was sort of rare (only Stegblob used high quality before him) to see in high quality but with lots of people suddenly having high quality sources, he might look at unused and untampered sources that he has (all DVD, he has tapes but mostly have AoSTH recordings). Furnessly states that he has never done this for popularity as he believes it isn't what poop is about.

Furnessly is currently retired, thanks to stress and being sick of making them. He observed that some of his recent videos had him put in a LOT of effort, and he did not consider the result very rewarding. In addition to that, he has lost interest in poop in general, and most of his own don't excite him anymore. Not just poop but most things after the passing of various people as well as his poor quality of life making him very quiet. Another factor is his right hand, which is getting damaged and he worries that in a few years, he won't be able to use a computer.

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OVERTURE, most noticable scene in a Furnessly poop

First poop seen

It was either RetroJape's or SuperYoshi's AoSTH poops.


Depending on who you ask, whether you ask himself or others. According to Furnessly himself, it is an unoriginal style taking from his influences very strongly to the point of ripping off. Often many videos reference the influencers. Most videos used mixed sources with only a few that use the same source. The video placement is completely by random and can vary in terms of editing from keeping much of the source to almost completely edited. Usually a running gag shoved in there. While others would say that it is a timing based style that is apparently hard to replicate even though Markie did attempt with NOT ANOTHER MARIO BROS. VIDEO. Furnessly disagrees as timing along with sentence mixing are considered his weaknesses.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Reversing
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Recycling
  • Juxaposition
  • Visual Distortion
  • Ear Rape (in tiny amounts)
  • Audio Distortion
  • See below...

Running Gags

  • Overture
  • Greenback Koopa
  • Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner playing "On with the show, this is it" - This to make sure the video doesn't get cut off.
  • Rudy Larriva explosion and fall
  • Estoy Esperando
  • A character saying "Problem"

Poop Tennis Matches

  • Furnessly vs. MrDrunkenFox (Looney Tunes sources)
  • Furnessly vs. BMATF
  • Furnessly vs. Misselaineous10
  • RabbitSnore and Misselaineous10 vs. Furnessly and theHappyFungus (Cancelled, Furnessly did his round)
  • Furnessly vs. Markie (Cancelled, Furnessly did his rounds)
  • Furnessly vs. MycroProcessor
  • Furnessly vs. SeductiveBaz (Cancelled, Furnessly did his rounds)
  • Furnessly vs. AmiralMachin
  • Furnessly vs. Misselaineous10 vs. Mazz0Murder (3 Way)
  • Furnessly vs. Guysafari
  • Zygamorph vs. Furnessly
  • Furnessly (as SSpelunker) vs. Vvaluigi
  • Furnessly vs. Quax (All Madden)
  • Furnessly vs. AmiralMachin (rematch) (Cancelled, Furnessly did his rounds)
  • Furnessly vs. Crash2991 (Mega CD sources)
  • Furnessly vs. MycroProcessor (rematch) (Cancelled, Furnessly did his rounds)
  • Chrisgendo vs. Furnessly (Cancelled due to health issues from both players, only two videos were made)

Changed Poops

Some poops were originally seperately which in most cases are finished just took longer than usual. However some videos was cancelled due to lack of inspiration or felt too risky on putting on Youtube or other reasons so they get bundled with other poops.

  • Super Mario Bros. Super Show - A trap video uses footage from Sailor Moon due to the similarities of both but stopped due to no desire to remix the live action version. Later released in The Overuse and Overture of Furnessly.
  • The End and Death of Sonic the Hedgehog - This was going to be released in November 07 has the final AoSTH poop but it was never completed instead the remains was released as The Overuse and Overture of Furnessly.
  • The Confused Salesman - Uses footage from The Laughing Salesman on the Mega CD. Later released in The Cancelled Vault with a couple of extra touches.
  • Sonic Plays Himself - A Sonic dub with footage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Later released in The Cancelled Vault with a couple of extra touches.
  • Mario Mix Technosphere - Uses the German version of King Mario of Cramalot, but PeskyPlumber beat him to the punch while in production. The complaition version has a partial German remake of Super Mario Super Mash included. Later released in The Cancelled Vault with a couple of extra touches.
  • Markie's Hanna-Barbara Collab (just called Top Cat) - Possibly the only entry to the collab that Markie cancelled so Furnessly decided to include it in Asterix and the Falling Sky.
  • A Nightmare in Yawackhary Street - A full blown anime poop but couldn't work on about on the grounds that at the time he didn't have any sources and the thought of making it will break him down.. The few remains were included in Matt Furniss vs. Youchewpoop.
  • Woody Woodpecker Tenis (no title given) - A spanish tennis round but wasn't uploaded due to Universal would be on his case so he included it in Matt Furniss vs. Youchewpoop. An interesting fact was Dopply Saves Sonic's Reputation was also going to be a tennis round for DaftPunkYoshi but he declined it.
  • Recycled Koopone/Furnessly 2006 - Originally Recycled Koopone was the attempt by Furnessly to bring back some of the spark and the return of more classic style videos however some footage such as The Link and Wheel of Fortune were unable to be found as well as most of the sources/videos were wiped for PS1 games (note said computer no longer exists). Furnessly later found both sources with one that required luck to obtain but it was too late. So to celebrate 10 years of editing, Furnessly 2006 was made including hints of what happens next. Problem is that Furnessly 2006 was NSFW, very NSFW. So disturbing that Furnessly vowed never to take influence from Youchew members and something that no longer exists again. Recycled Koopone was then edited back so the version that is on Youtube is the complete intended version with some minor changes including the line "I use the Chinese against Youchew" and a minor glitch.


(completely unbiased - seriously) Mostly unnoticed for the right reasons since he believes that popularity isn't always the right way, except for the Furnessly vs. MrDrunkenFox poop tennis match which people (such as UncleChuckTH) called it an epic and a fun match. However in his opinion, Furnessly disregards the match as a fluke and considers Fox the self Champion. Also on the BMATF tennis match, a few even considered it more enjoyable then Week 2 of the Tennis League. A Youtube Poop by Matt Furniss was one of the most disliked videos, heavily downvoted and got removed off Youtube within an hour. People did not like Humphrey Bogart Orders a Curry, presumably because the viewers found it offensive that a well liked actor was referenced, Furnessly agrees with the people. Rowby Goren found Dazz, Conrad and Rowby Goren's Magical Adventure to be "delightful".

Regarding Recycled Koopone: "Your first video in 8 years should be getting more views than this. :( I always liked the timing in your editing, it's almost sort of musical ." - Captain Stewpid "Well, I can't deny, it's been an amazing ten years! You were one of the most underrated YTPers out there." - supergameboy94


  • Confessed to being absolutely rubbish.


  • First person ever to make a poop that is over 10 minutes long that was also the first Dailymotion poop in the Youtube Poop directory that Conrad managed back in 2007.
  • Made the first Youtube poop based game Poop Adventure in a week but is not proud of it.


Furnessly has no associates due to his poor quality of life, past events and his personality making him very quiet and unable to trust people. This alone would make it very difficult to even have an associate.

Former Associates

In the past though, it was a different story. Some of these he barely spoke to and sadly didn't have much of an opportunity. To explain why is pretty long.

At various points in Youchew history, he hung around the tennis cafe very much to the point where he is an unofficial member so it would extend to:



While they were the main influences, there were some influences from RAKNinja in particular his BAD DUDES ARE DRAGON NINJA video and from Biodegradable for Furnessly 2006.


Other Information


  • MrDrunkenFox was the first person to comment and favourite while some unknown was the 1st subscriber.
  • Not to be confused with Matt Furniss, the famous chiptune musician since Furnessly is tone deaf. This is no longer confusing considering Matt Furniss is known as mfo while Furnessly uses different names these days.
  • Someone once stole parts of Furnessly's poops (right down to the Ice Cap loop) and made his own called: Amy Anderson Was THE Most Popular Anime Girl however this has been removed from Youtube. Both this and the original video Ami Mizuno Came in from the Cold are lost.
  • Furnessly is no longer part of the Youchew community due to a personality clash between himself and other members as well as not fitting in. (As well as discovering cor... [CLASSIFIED]) He has never fitted in well with the community anyway. Not banned, just walked away cold, bitter and the man who sold the world. Just like Big Boss.
  • Most of his videos no longer exist, he does not care.