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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Newstaff.png UncleChuckTH has contributed at least one article to the YouChew front page.
Tennisicon.png UncleChuckTH is a retired Poop Tennis player.
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  UncleChuckTH is a former moderator for the YouChew forums.

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UncleChuckTH often used Robotnik or other AoSTH characters.

In brief[edit]

This is the tale of a man who has discovered his destiny, and overcome all odds to break through the highest reaches of heaven. He is the one who realized that the lights in the sky are stars, and fought across time and space to protect the Earth. UncleChuck is the one living being with the greatest amount of Spiral Power, able to spin on in 2.0448593 seconds, and combine somewhat faster.

He is either the individual mentioned above, or just some guy who's spent his spare time compiling silly videos. That is not up to this synopsis to decide.


g3JpaepgRRI|250}} UncleChuckTH's first Youtube Poop.

UncleChuckTH made his debut on the internet to the forum scene on November 13, 2005. His Youtube was created in January of 2007, and he began by uploading gameplay videos of him and his friends playing Starfox Assault and making side comments. He truly believed these to be amazing, and still does, to some degree. He walked the dark, treacherous road of Kingdom Hearts parodies and AMVs, and then he stumbled across something much greater revered by all - Youtube Poop.

Early in '07 the man was subscribed to a fellow named SilentRider639, partially because he thought the fellow was clever but mostly because he too, saw fit to idle his time voicing over a silly game. Chuck happened to view a video of this fellow's entitled "MAMA LUIGI POOPS WORMS" using the much respected source Mama Luigi. "What an awful video," Chuck thought to himself, "Why would someone spend their time making something like that?"

He then happened across the popular Kajetokun remix of KingNecroPope's Ninja Info Cards, and upon viewing the original again thought "Why would someone base such a charming remix on so stupid a video?" He did not suspect that the joke was on him in this scenario, as fate would find out, laughing all the while, while Chuck sat there viewing Starfox fanart to his pleasure.

One day in Lugano Switzerland while watching a gameplay excerpt of a Sonic game he happened across The Electric Cheese's "Robotnik Wants KFC" in the sidebar. This was the culmination of his sense of humor. He was tickled pink, rolling over the floor, conducting the roflcopter while in lollerskates, laughing his ass off the whole time.

After discovering YTP, he made use of his resources. He fortunately had previously pirated in his possession all of the Clone Wars episodes, and he saw fit to put them to use. He also downloaded the Hotel Mario and Zelda cd-i clips along with the SMW episode Mama Luigi, because that was just the sensible thing to do. He also got some AOSTH episodes, though those didn't appear until his third poop. (not including The Electric Cheese's poop resource, which he had used until prior to discovering TKA) This was somewhat ironic, as AoSTH was the only one of these sources he'd ever actually cared for as a child.

He joined on July 7th, 2007, and became listed. Not long afterward the site underwent the server change to Youchewpoop, and continued hilarity ensued. Over the months, Chuck participated in several tennis games (including the second match ever with Conrad and most notably his match with Wikiwow), joined several collabs and fads, made himself merry at the forums, watched and made poop, and had a jolly good time all around. He participated in the Tennis League 2, organized by Gallers and managed by Thereisnospork303, or TINS. He did extremely well in his division, and even made into the finals, which were unfortunately never concluded. He was also an advocate of the War on AIDS, much to his amusement today.

It was some time later that RabbitSnore invited him to the Pachinko machine, the secret forum for escaping edrama, and the two became familiar. After some persuasion Chuck wanted to help with The Pachinko Machine and would continue to go there until it disbanded shortly after. When Planet Freedom was formed by TINS in March, UncleChuck assisted in administration with his friends TINS and Rabbit as well as his associates from the moderating team of The Pachinko Machine, these being MrDrunkenFox, Misselaineous10, Terrorist, SeductiveBaz, and Dopply. They were all made admins of the free forum and much fun was had until Conrad Slater handed possession of YouChewPoop over to the "iconoclasts."

When the site was rebooted as a phpbb3 forum Chuck was granted a moderator position by Rabbit and TINS. Chuck remained on the moderating staff until July of 2012, approximately four years and four months after taking the job. During that time he was also the principal organizer and leader of the Art Staff, as well as a member and editor for the News Staff.

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

In a Word, They'll all be Dinner


UncleChuck's earlier poops were just random clips one stacked on top of the other in no logical order.

Often his more recent videos are more structured, using one or two blocks of video footage with other snippets added, using amusing or strange parts. Music has also seeped into his most latest works, leading to a variety of strange and distorted montages.

Robotnik may appear.

Preferred Sources[edit]

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Stutter Loop
  • Reverse
  • Speed up/slow down
  • Pitch shift
  • Mild ear rape
  • Mild Sentence mixing
  • Repetition
A scene from one of UncleChuck's youtube poops, in which the Trooper is telling the general that he does not know.

Preferred Tech[edit]

Vegas 8.0 and Windows Movie Maker(XP Edition) For file conversions,


  • Hating on a video because of its source
  • Videos that are lazily edited in such a way that doesn't add to the purpose
  • Poops that are made to garner views and attention
  • Defining "quality" YTP



  • The earliest of his Youtube poops are very influenced by Stegblob and various other popular poopers of the day, and some of them have given him grief about it. Fortunately it was useful criticism.
  • His rate of video publication has dropped radically within the 2009-10 year, and poops are now more of a rarity for him than ever.
  • Other than this, he receives VERY LITTLE CRITICISM
  • It is often said of his videos, "lol funny as heck man five stars all the way"


  • He has recieved many honors on his videos and such, not that it has much to do with the fact that he uploads them to Pets And Animals.
  • He was honored once on Conrad Slater's official Top Ten for his video "Robotnik and Orson Welles get Large Afros," which was part 4 of his rematch with SeductiveBaz.
  • He was also honored a couple of times on Pimpsahoy1594's Top Ten Moments...for all it's worth.
  • Stegblob, The Electric Cheese, Deepercutt and others are among his odd number of subscribers, which have done by him so well over the years.
  • Chuck is one of the few poopers to have one of their videos on YouChewPoop's favorites.
  • The Family Man trap video "Simpsons steals from Family Guy Part 1" was a huge success, with over 900 abusive and disapproving comments prior to its deletion. This in itself was the ultimate achievement.
  • In early '08 he organized the Brawl Collab, which went for two parts, instead of its original three. The popularity of the game at the time made the collab a success, along with support from Deepercutt and his horde of subscribers.
  • He has committed himself to the art for five years, and to this day still appreciates all it has done for him and those he has gotten to know as a result.


In Real Life[edit]

  • PacoLuigi
  • ImNotPaulAvery




Poop Listing[edit]

  • Mama Luigi (and spaghetti)
  • BLAZT DAT BLOO BEEST 2 TEH BOTUM OF DA SEE!!!!!!!! (response to "DIS IS A VOL-CAY-NO!!!")
  • GROUNDER HITS SLOTHS WHILE I PLAY UNFITTING MUSIC (response to "Luigi winds a toy while I play unfitting music")
  • Robotnik's Quest for Domination
  • Mama Luigi and Robotnik Get Stoned
  • Robotnik and OB1 interrupt Jonathan and reclaim DIY (Tennis-conradslater)
  • A slight distraction can startle one when watching a video (Tennis-conradslater)
  • George, Robotnik, and Mr. Six have a Tea Party
  • This Video is better than Youtube Poop (response to "This Video is Better Than the Godfather")
  • Alan and Sonic find some booze (Tennis-Yenehckcid)
  • UncleChuck's 100th Video Extravaganza
  • The Hidden Debut of Dr. Drakken
  • Dr. Drakken Presents a New Series
  • One more word an I'll splatter your organs all over the floor. (Tennis-Yenehckcid)
  • Robotnik seizes St. Augustine (Tennis-Yenehckcid)
  • Batman Gets a kiss, for luck (Tennis-SeductiveBaz)
  • Batman and Robotnik are in Brawl, for publicity purposes (Tennis-SeductiveBaz)
  • TEA? (Respone to "THIS IS SPARTA!!!")
  • Bono and the specter of Robotnik orchestrate Batmans funeral (Tennis-SeductiveBaz)
  • Mario sees interesting things in Luigi's Perscope
  • Twin Poops: Agent Cooper explains the war on AIDS
  • Rushed response is Rushed (part of BMATF's chain poop)
  • An average oh brother poop(Formerly Mario and Luigi's epic battle of words)
  • This is a test
  • Dr. Robotnik gives the diagnosis (Tennis-Wikiwow)
  • Sonic's Fiber diet goes on the fritz (Tennis-Wikiwow)
  • Grounder, Weasley, Coconuts, and Breezy. (Tennis-Wikiwow)
  • Illustrious Animated cartoon drawn by Milton Knight (Tennis-Wikiwow)
  • A Twelve Mobium Note explodes into 5 Dollars (Tennis-BMATF, Wikiwow)
  • An Umbrella Stand explodes into the Chaos Emerald of Life (Tennis-BMATF, Wikiwow)
  • The look that kills you explodes into Peace and Quiet (Tennis-BMATF, Wikiwow)
  • My caboose explodes into an Obelisk (Tennis- BMATF, Wikiwow)


Wants to play:

Has Played:

Other Information[edit]


Very left-wing. Talk to him sometime. He's a decent chef, but he REALLY cooks when it comes to the MARTIAL ARTS!

UncleChuck relaxing after a good day's work, knowing that the task is done.

Personal Info[edit]

Age: 18

Interests: Animation, language, art, walks on the beach, pop culture and science fiction, fan belts, medicine cabinets, etc....

Country: Forever and unfortunately the United States of America

Currently resides: At the forum, ignoring the prime directive.

Gender: Male

Favorite YTP quote:Bagel, among others

Interesting Tidbits[edit]

  • UncleChuckTH's username is based on the SatAM character of the same name, TH standing for "the hedgehog." That's what happens when one picks a name without thinking about longevity.
  • UncleChuck has made a number of other things before poops, including some godawful redubs.
  • Chuck's first subscribers were mostly personal friends.
  • He was born sometime in the 20th Century. Can you guess when it was?
  • He once owned a stream, but it died.
  • Chuck is among the small number of poopers that own the UK AoSTH DVD, the others being The Electric Cheese,SeductiveBaz, Stegblob, BMATF, and Furnessly.
  • Was a fanboy of such frown-worthy subjects as contemporary Sonic games and Kingdom of Hearts. (You should see the fanart!)
  • Was a seldom-mentioned member of the Nixon Administration, and was sacked immediately following the relinquishment of the Oval Office Tapes.
  • Has no shame.
  • Began visiting the internet sometime around 2002 and '03, mostly the site in particular.
  • Tragically died in an accident on his way back from the moon, visiting Robotnik.


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