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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

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Name: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: TV show
Created By: DiC Entertainment
Year Created: 1989
Number of Episodes: 52
Year Ended: 1989



Hey, paisanos, it's the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!

Media Infomation[edit]

Animated/Live Action TV Show. The show featured a Mario cartoon bookended by live-action bits of two actors playing Mario and Luigi getting into situations in their apartment in Brooklyn.

Made by: DiC and Saban

Country of Origin: US (storylines, voice acting, music/sfx), South Korea (animation)

Dates: US: September - December 1989


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

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Animated Luigi.
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Live Action[edit]

  • Neatness Counts - The Mario Bros. get a visit from Nicole Eggert, shortly after Mario tells Luigi to go fuck himself.
  • Day of the Orphan - A snotty girl pretends that she's an orphan to trick Mario and Luigi to take her in and throw her a party.
  • All Steamed Up - Sgt. Slaughter comes over to pick up his steam cabinet he let the Mario Bros. fix and annoys the fuck out of Luigi.
  • Marianne and Luigeena - Mario and Luigi get a visit from their annoying as fuck female cousins. (They don't use other actors, so it's basically Mario and Luigi dressed up as girls)
  • The Mario Monster Mash - Mario switches body's with Frank N. Stein's monster.
  • Bonkers from Yonkers - Mario gets hit with a pipe and thinks he's a bird
  • Bats in the Basement - Mario and Luigi come back from SOME TOUGH JOB to be greeted by their new intern, who just happens to be a vampire
  • Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up! - The Mario Bros. get ready for the Elvis impersonator contest at the Plumber's Hall when they get a lesson from the man himself
  • Mama Mia Mario - Mario and Luigi's mom comes over and forces them to do chores.
  • Alligator Dundee - A man who acts like the Crocodile Hunter looks for an alligator that lurks in the pipes that just happens to be Mario and Luigi's friend.
  • Dance - Shaba-doo comes over when Mario gives Luigi a dance lesson from him on his birthday.
  • Cher's Poochie - Mario creates a Pizza Transformer that malfunctions and mixes up Mario's body with Cher's dog.
  • E.C. The Extra Creepy - Mario learns the real meaning of a 'computer date'
  • The Marios Fight Back - The Mario Bros. get on TV when they claim their clog cleaner can clear anyone's clogged drain in 3 minutes.
  • Magician - Blackstone gives Luigi tips on how to perform the vanishing trick, and Luigi takes it too far by making Mario disappear.
  • Do You Believe in Magic? - Luigi refuses to fix Magic Johnson's old high school trophy before Mario comes home to throw it INTO THE FURNACE. Luigi flips out because Magic will do a triple-double skyhook alleyoop slam dunk jam on his ass if he doesn't get it fixed. Mario keeps Luigi calm by telling him old folk stories of when he came home from the store, only to not find Luigi. Magic discovers that not only did Mario come home, but Luigi fucked up his trophy out of spite. Magic then proceeds to inhumanely slaughter Luigi until he cries for mercy.
  • Lost Dog - Pam Matteson has lost her log and asks the Mario's for help. Luigi then tries to make dog noises.
  • Plumbers of the Year - The Mario Bros. receive word that they are possible candidates for the plumbers of the year.
  • Mario Hillbillies - When Mario and Luigi go fishing, their lookalike hick cousins come over and trash the place.
  • Super Plant - Mario and Luigi's mother's basil bush starts to die so they put (way too much) super plant fertilizer on it.
  • Fake Bro - Someone who goes by "Pietro" pretends that he's the the long lost brother of Mario and Luigi to sell the business and make away with a lot of money.
  • Time Out Luigi - Luigi buys a wristwatch from a sketchy old lady. The only thing about it is, the watch goes backwards.
  • Flower Power - Mario makes his famous spaghetti sauce for Luigi, who loves it. Luigi then grows plants over his body.
  • Vampire Until Ready - There's a BAT in the BASEMENT and the exterminator keeps coming late.


  • The Bird!, The Bird! - A Birdo mistakes Toad for her Cheepy.
  • King Mario of Cramalot - Koopa has taken over Cramalot and with help from Mervin, Mario has to stop Koopa.
  • Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid - Koopa kidnaps Princess Toadstool and traps her in a mine, but there is a ransom for the Mario Brothers...
  • Mario's Magic Carpet - A sultan has kidnapped Princess Toadstool so Mario and Luigi find a unhelpful genie to find her.
  • Rolling Down the River - After a failing rescue mission, Mario and Luigi team up with Mark Twang to beat Koopa's steamboat in a river race.
  • The Great Gladiator Gig - Mario and the gang go to a "spaghetti dinner," only to be tricked by king koopa, who kidnaps the princess.
  • Mario and the Beanstalk - Due to high rent costs, Mario and Luigi trade a cow for some magic beans and you know the Jack and the Beanstalk story....
  • Love 'Em and Leave 'Em - A crazy woman drinks a love potion and falls in love with Mario by mistake.
  • The Great BMX Race - Koopa plans a trap with Fryguy for the Mario Brothers to compete in a bicycle race in the desert.
  • Two Plumbers and a Baby - Princess Toadstool turns into a baby so Mario and Luigi have to look after her.
  • Stars in Their Eyes - Mario and his friends end up on the Planet Quirk where they and the people get enslaved by Koopa.
  • Pirates of Koopa - Koopa kidnaps Princess Toadstool to sell to pirates so Mario has to disguise himself as a pirate to save her. (Known for LUIGI I'M HOME)
  • RoboKoopa - King Koopa kidnaps Dr. Nerdnik and becomes Robo-Koopa, so with help from his assistant Bunsen Mario and Luigi become the Plumbinator.
  • Count Koopula - While it is raining, Mario and friends go into this castle for a night but they don't know that Count Koopula wants Princess Toadstool to become a vampire.
  • Jungle Fever - Mario, Luigi and Toad suddenly become itchy so Princess Toadstool needs to find an antidote from a witch doctor.
  • Mario of the Deep
  • The Fire of Hercufleas
  • Mario Meets Koop-zilla - King Koopa turns large thanks to SUPER SUSHI! and is destroying Tokyo (Sayonara) so Mario has to become a giant to stop him.
  • Mario and Joliet
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • Brooklyn Bound - The Mario Brothers find this old plumber who wants to go back to Brooklyn.
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Mario - Sherlock Holmes has been kidnapped by Koopa so Mario has to become a detective to find him.
  • Hooded Robin and his Mario Men
  • Toad Warriors
  • The Pied Koopa
  • Bad Rap - A terrible episode that constantly rhymes.
  • On Her Majesty's Sewer Service - James Blond gets turned to stone, Mario and Luigi become secret agents to stop Koopfinger.
  • Mario and the Red Baron Koopa
  • Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold - King Koopa stealing all the gold from a lucky leprechaun, which turns him and the Mario Brothers into bad luck. So they have to save the pot of gold to revert back into old ways.
  • Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa? - While the Mario Brothers were trapped, Koopa offers Princess Toadstool to be married providing that he frees the Mushroom people. Will he keep his promise?.....
  • The Mark of Zero
  • 20,000 Koopas Under the Sea
  • The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!
  • Koopenstein
  • Quest for Pizza - Mario is knocked unconscious, so Luigi has to find the ingredients to make a pizza. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?
  • The Unzappables - Koopone takes over Crime Land and gives the Koopa Pack unzappable hats to carry their duties. Mario has to stop the gangsters to save the land.
  • The Trojan Koopa
  • Karate Koopa
  • Elvin Lives
  • Koopa Klaus
  • The Ten Koopmandments
  • The Provolone Ranger
  • The Great Gold Coin Rush - Mario and friends stumble across gold coins in a Western-like region which attracts a horde of miners which attracts King Koopa. You can kind of see where this is going.
  • Mario of the Apes
  • Crocodile Mario
  • Plummers Academy (sic) - While trapped in a hole, Mario recalls the time how he and Luigi became plumbers.
  • Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers
  • Flatbush Koopa - Mario and Luigi return home to Brooklyn, but it is not what it seems....
  • Raiders of the Lost Mushroom
  • Star Koopa - The obligatory Star Wars parody that every series must do.
  • Escape from Koopatraz
  • Little Red Riding Princess

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Very Important: Before you download, you need to uncheck the "Full DVD" parts of the torrent, because they are Iso Files, so It's not 65GB, it's really about 25 or 30GB, if you include the Zelda animated series.

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