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God Luigi

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God Luigi is the most powerful form of Luigi, made by link123456. He first appeared in The God Luigi Saga, made by link123456. Luigi can transform into this form when really pissed off, or when he breaks a Smash Ball. He shows his more powerful form in this movie.

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God Luigi as he appears in 'Return of God Luigi'

He also appeared in Channel Pwnage 2, suddenly turning good. The video can be seen here.

The third time was a battle with Brock Samson. God Luigi won, and then went with Doctor Who inside the TARDIS, and fought Cybermen.

Some say that he's a God of Order when compared to God Rabbit, who's considered to be a God of Chaos.



God Luigi's appearance is similar to Gay Luigi's, the only difference being his glowing red eyes and a sparkly ring of magic on his hand.

Attack methods[edit]

God Luigi has three main forms of attack.

In the God finger, he raises his finger and launches a beam of energy at his enemy (Usually Mario). The power of this attack varies: If God Luigi is only slightly annoyed, it's a single beam of lightning: If he's really angered, it can fill the screen like Mario's Mario Finale.

God Finger at its full potential

When Game Luigi is in God Luigi form, he can perform Negative Zone, also called Za Warudo. This creates a bubble of distortion several meters whide in which colors turn backward and time stops for everyone else.

Another form of attack, as seen in Part 2 [where?], include a shockwave that knocks the enclosed instruction book out of Mario's hands, which is quickly followed up by a fireball.

Known weaknesses[edit]

God Luigi is only vulnerable to the power of the enclosed instruction book combined with the power of Uctions. He is cloaked in a forcefield, which is only penetrated by a blast from the enclosed instruction book. It is then that Mario seals him away for good.

A couple of others have been known to be able to beat him, like: Flint, Seymour, Q, God Rabbit, Shacho, The Ten Doctors and McGiygas.

God Luigi is considered to be a constant threat, and should you encounter him, run FAR, FAR AWAY.