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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!

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What Mama Luigi strives for

The bagel is just another one of Mama Luigi's memes that are spammed everywhere. All true warriors strive for it, and it is undisputedly protected. It ranks only second on the Youtube Poop foodchain, next to the buckets of chicken. Smaller brother of the Magic Balloon.

Is It The Bagel?

Many wonder of the Brooklyn saying, "Is it the bagel or the worm?" we do not know. Luigi, who himself is from Brooklyn, insists on Bagel. Yoshi, however, conflicts and suggests the worm, a fitting alternative. Mario has nothing to say on the matter, and Robotnik's stance resides with SILENCE! Bill O'Reilly has been asked to comment and has so far responded with a resounding "Shut Up!"

Poop Appearances

Audio of Luigi saying Bagel can only be found within "Mama Luigi" just like it's larger brother the Magic Balloon. However, the Bagel clip is found to be more oftenly used when Pooping.

Pop Culture

Often, the "hip young people" will replace the phrase "awesome" or "the s***" with "the bagel," as a new form of slang.

  • "Dude, that was the bagel."
  • "This video is the bagel!"
  • "I'm going to bagel her f***ing bagels out tonight!"

On hbi2k's Gantz's Abriged Series, the word condom would be replaced by the word bagel. It be like that so much that it actually showed bagel condoms. But since no one gives a shit about that, we'll move on.


  • Not to be confused with stale donuts, which are similar in appearance and texture but taste bad.
  • It tastes better with raisins
  • Hank Hill once ate a bagel...and liked it!