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Magic Balloon

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Name: Magic Balloon
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male

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A sacred falling aid that on contact, fills you with helium for a short period of time. Mama Luigi had a good experience with a Magic Balloon. It is the larger brother of the Bagel. The balloon Luigi landed on was different from other balloons, in the fact it was comprised of Anti-Uctions.

In "Mario's OUTRAGEOUS Holidays", Magic Balloon was also the name that Mario gave to the Outrageous Christmas equivalent to Santa Claus. According to Mario, Magic Balloon brings presents to all the kids who've read the inclosed instruction book.

Poop Appearances

The Magic Balloon often appears in most Mama Luigi based Poops, but other than that it doesn't appear in any other poopable media.

It's also rumored that SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick ended up stealing the Magic Balloon.


Rumor has it that it died when Mama Luigi finally landed on it. However, it popped when he landed on it, thus causing inflation. However, the Magic Balloon is immortal because whenever it's popped, it regrows from its ashes.