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Dinosaur World

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Dinosaur World is a land where Mario, The Princess, and Mama Luigi went for a vacation. They had banished King Koopa from Princess Toadstool's Mushroom Kingdom, but he found a way to get to Dinosaur World. When they got to Dome City, the place was deserted... The place is full of annoying cave people and ugly dinosaurs, despite neither of those two being in the Super Mario World game. It is also part of the same archipelago as Isle Delfino, which is just south of the "World". Due to the sheer stupidity of the cave people (Especially Oogtar), and the irritation they cause, the whole island is quarantined for the safety of others. It is also a site of smuggling and drug dealing.

Not to be confused with Dinosaur Land, which was the setting of the Super Famicom/Super NES game "Super Mario World", and is part of Japan. (Though the cartoon did sometimes refer to it with that name.)