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Brooklyn is the mythical land often referred to by Mama Luigi, Retard Luigi, Stone Luigi and Farmer Luigi. Nobody except these four people have supposedly been to Brooklyn. Michael (from Dr. Rabbit's World Tour) once visited Brooklyn, but the dental sealants Dr. Rabbit put in his teeth worked as a control device, raping Michael's soul, similar to what Weegee can do. Therefore, he lost all memories of it. Apparently, Brooklyn was lost after George the Volcano summoned the apocalypse.


Mama Luigi is the one who mentions Brooklyn the most in Youtube Poops, claiming it as the origin of well-known adages and the Bagel. Also, it has been made very clear that Santa costumes are hated in Brooklyn, and should not be worn there under any circumstances.


This gay nigga is actually someone you could meet in Brooklyn.
  • Brooklyn is in New York.
  • Brooklyn is not to be confused with Coney Island, home to the Coney Island Disco Palace, one of the Modern Wonders of the World.
  • Mario also has mentioned that he may possibly be from Brooklyn, but all of his memories of the incident were erased when he received a phone bill for $1295.31 and briefly lost consciousness.
  • Disco Kid, the gayest character ever in the Punch Out!! series, is from Brooklyn.
  • Disco Kid's long-lost brother (probably) Kid Quick is also from Brooklyn.
  • As of July of 2012, Brooklyn will finally have a new professional basketball team! Their new team will be called the Brooklyn Nets, and it'll be owned by Jay-Z & some Russian fucker.
    • However, they won't be the first pro team in Brooklyn. That honor went to the Brooklyn Dodgers, who are now in L.A.