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Name: Dolphins
Appears In: Super Mario World

Dolphins are the marine mammals of Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Land that help the Mario bros. in the games. In the episode "Mama Luigi", Woah Dolphins supposedly help Mama Luigi and Yoshkins to shore by jumping and eventually flying.

Notable dolphins, and Breeds of dolphin[edit]


  • Dolphins are closely related to whales.
  • The Woah Dolphins populations of Dinosaur World are diminishing fast, due to the radiating AIDS of Mama Luigi.
  • It is thought that dolphins evolved from land-dwelling canids that had returned to the sea.
  • Killer whales are technically dolphins.
    • They also eat other dolphins, as well as whales.
  • Are, allegedly, a sign of good luck to sailors.
  • In Bikini Bottom, the sound of a dolphin chattering is a bad word. Or as Patrick calls it, a "sentence enhancer".
  • They've been known to kill other aquatic animals for fun and play with their dead bodies. That's right, the happy, carefree animals you see in Disney movies are really cold-blooded murderers.
  • They have an ability called "echolocation" which helps find there food.