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Name: Oogtar Ratgoo
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
Age: 6
Occupation(s): Student
Played By: John Stocker

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Oogtar wishes he had a pair.
  • Chickle Tree Bubble Gum
  • Cum
  • Balls (He lusts to one day have a pair of his own)
  • Jogging for health.
  • Being retarded.
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • Everything that everyone else hates.


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Most poopers should recognize this classic image of Oogtar.

Liked By[edit]

  • Is this a joke? Nobody likes him.

Disliked By[edit]


Oogtar (right) pondering the thought of raping a helpless, innocent Yoshi.
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Oogtar has shapeshifted his face to make himself look more retarded.
  • Oogtar backwards is ratgoO.
  • Oogtar spelled backwards is not pipe squeezer.
  • It was revealed in the episode "A Little Learning" that Oogtar has no genitals.
  • Secretly has a huge crush on Yoshi, it seems that Yoshi does not like him back.
  • Oogtar is widly known to be Gay, and actually came out of the closet at one point, saying that he promised to be a "good gay boy for rest of life, cross Oogtar heart".
  • He is so frail that his debt increases by Over 9000 US dollars on a daily basis due to medical bills.
  • He surprisingly has a sister. Not only that, but he also has a mom and a dad who are siblings. Who the fuck would want to keep this kid? Let alone, who would go out of their way to create this atrosity of the human species?!
  • Sued Wizardheimer for calling him gay. The Judge from the Wall presided over this trial, held on December 31, 1999. His lawyer was Phoenix Wright in said trial. In all his years of judging, he had never heard before, of someone more deserving of the full label of gay. The way he made us suffer, the exquisite viewer and pooper, filled him with the urge to deficate.
  • According to Whelt, he has been assassinated by Yoshi. However, this can't be possible since assasinations only happen to important people.
  • Oogtar looks kinda like Bill from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", even though he is less intelligent than Bill.
  • He is known to be a shape-shifter. Able to stretch his face and mouth into bizarre expressions. This all most likely affects from being imbred.
  • As such, Mario claims Oogtar to be scientifically impossible.
  • Recently, it has been discovered that Oogtar has four eyebrows! For God's sake, let this be a lesson to all of you lovers out there who are siblings!
  • Also recently, there was a thread in the YouChewPoop forums on TV about Oogtar being the best television character ever. Most people agreed with the sentence until MilkR0und restated the truth.


  • Way go Santa Claus!
  • Fireballs!!!
  • Oogtar no want be dino food!
  • Me come to rescue you.
  • Fuck me harder Yoshi!!!
  • No problemo, Oogtar break down door!
  • Oogtar no afraid! Oogtar no run! Oogtar jogging for health!
  • How Santa know?
  • Oogtar want!
  • Thanks Dick!