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♫WAR, HUH! What is it good for?♫

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Missles, common occurence in wars.



War is a terrible good thing. Lots of people get to use guns and other cool military shit. As it is written the more the merrier, and that goes for war, too.


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That means STFU.


A fighter aircraft, the Grunman F-14 Tomcat.
Some guy being shocked at seeing a war happening.

Instruments of War

The Uctions War

The current Youtube Poop War is the war of the Uctions. So far The King is dead, and Mario is about to die. The war is being produced by Feghoot Directed by Feghoot, and was started due to Chadwarden stealing Mario's supply of Uctions. The King is dead, no fucking kidding, okay?


The Tiertex War

A very unknown but powerful war between Koopone and Tiertex (includes Spaced-Out Usagi). Koopone and his comrades hacked into the offices of the Manchester based company during production of one of their poop videos so he declared war with the company. They struck back by declaring that Professor Von Schlemmer had turned Makoto Kino into Misselaineous who was a forced singer for Koopone, however he had no memory recalling the memory and was on Koopone's side. Lots of missles were launched but Brian Blessed stopped the war single handedly by making Tiertex a company who makes mobile phone games. The only war that Feghoot wasn't involved with.

A Naval ship, used in wars.

The Wild Mineral World War One

A very brief war broke out in YouTube recently between George The Volcano, against the rest of YouTube. George had been filling his water with water in order to mass produce an army of imperfect George Clones to take over YouTube. Mario and Luigi were originally supposed to stop him, but they forgot what they were supposed to be doing. Freakazoid was instead dispatched to deal with him, where he brought him down by arguing that people don't like water until George spontaneously combusted.

The Famicom Wars

A Famicom (NES) war strategy game made by Nintendo. The Red Stars and the Blue Moons fight a war against each other.

The Cold War

Not exactly an actual war, but, an arms race between NATO nations and their allies (led by the United States), and the Warsaw Pact nations and their allies (led by the Soviet Union). It started in 1947 with the Truman Doctrine, increased with nuclear weapons testing in the '50s, the Korean War in the early '50s (one of two major military actions of the Cold War), the Vietnam War in the '60s and '70s (the other of the two). In the late '70s, tensions eased up, before increasing again after the Iran Hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, before slowing down in the late '80s, with agreements to eliminate nuclear arms stockpiles, and was completely over by 1989.


  • It's gonna come someday, IT'S GONNA COME SOMEDAY!!!
  • Little-known fact: before World War 1 there was a World War 0. This war took place in the early 1800s, and France lost.
  • Hippies dislike war, though they are too stoned to see how awesome it is.
  • War is also used as the basis for Hasbro toylines. This means that you can buy soldiers on eBay.

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