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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.


Name of Object: Bomb
Use(s): Explosive Device

The typical bomb you likely know is a rather primitive type of explosive generally involving gunpowder and a fuse, all together inside a metal shell. To use them, you light the fuse and place/throw it, and it explodes. You can generally buy them at your local Bazarr or on the black market, assuming you have obtained enough of the local currency to purchase said bombs. Morshu, a famous Koridian bomb vendor, has the ability to receive bombs by saying "MMMM" loudly. Unfortunately, he often eats these bombs, and that's why come he's so fat.

A Bob-omb, one of the many kinds of bombs.

Types of Bombs

Thanks to advances in military technology, many new bombs have been created in the past centuries for ease of use and greater firepower.

  • Dynamite - Usually in the shape of a cylinder, these can be used like traditional bombs or be detonated remotely by pump.
  • Grenade - The fuse is lit by pulling the pin, which then you're supposed to throw.
  • Missile - More commonly referred to as rockets, these are bombs that can fly through the air to its target where it detonates. They're also shaped like penises to add insult to injury.
  • Pipe - Similar to grenades or dynamite, though more crude. And made with pipes too, apparently.
  • Mine - Buried underground or placed somewhere they'd be hard to find, the explosive is usually triggered by pressure. These can also be found underwater.
  • C4 - Commonly used by Counterstrike players, these bombs can be set to detonate within a certain amount of time, hence their more renowned name as timebombs.
  • Bombchu - Exclusive to Hyrule, these bombs crawl along the surface before detonating.
  • Bob-omb - Living creatures that can light their own fuses and commit suicide in an attempt to harm obese plumbers.
  • Explode-O Fruit - Explosive fruit from I.M. Meen.
  • Pie-Bomb (Squidward used this in attempt to kill Spongebob)
  • Sticky/Gooey - These bombs stick to people and surfaces. The preferred bomb of Kirby and the Demoman.
  • Atom - A very powerful bomb in which the explosive force is created by the splitting of an element (Often enriched Uranium, Hydrogen or Plutonium). The results can be devastating, having a wide explosion and having significant long-term effects on the environment.
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This gangsta wants to help weapons, including bombs.


  • One of the three things Morshu will offer to you. He can't give credit for them, though (Cash only).
  • Bombs are often seen, in one form or another, in Wars
  • Bombs are awesome, especially to pyromaniacs
  • One of Dry Bones' carts is called the Dry Bomber.
  • Megaman's nickname is the Blue Bomber.
  • Kids like to cause trouble by calling in bomb threats to their school.
  • During the Cold War, bombs were feared to possibly cause the end of the world due to a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Union.
    • This was monitored by a proverbial "clock", where midnight would be doomsday. It reached its latest, 2 minutes to midnight, in 1953, when the United States and Soviet Union both tested nuclear devices.
More developed bombs used in World war 2.

Frequent Users of Bombs

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