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O, Canada... our home and native land, eh?

En Francais

Welcome to Canada, eh? Canada is basically just like America except we speak two languages (especially in Quebec), our country is bigger, our alphabet doesn't rhyme, and people tend to forget about us, eh? We also make delicious maple syrup, eat doughnuts, play Hockey and it's always snowing, eh?

Canadians, Eh?

Disliked By, Eh?

Other Information, Eh?

  • It's the second-largest country in the world, right next to Russia. That sure is an achievement, eh?
  • Some poopers have actually come from Canada. In fact, one extremely popular poop was made in Canada.
  • For the longest time we had Zellers instead of Target, and both Batman and Robin love to advertise for Zellers after stopping crimes involving extremely high prices. Not too bad of an advertisement, eh?
    • Target took over Zellers and then got driven out of the country due to lack of business. They were here for only two years, eh? (We prefer Walmart cause our Walmarts are actually pretty ok-eh.)
  • Despite being made in Canada, we don't get Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, eh?
  • Dr. Robotnik has already conquered Canada, eh?
  • Crow T. Robot thinks that Canadian Bacon is a celebrity... Eh?
  • Our 21st century shows suck, eh?
  • Coach Z has a Canadian cousin named "Coach Zed", eh?
  • Has delicious trees that Americans dream about snacking on, eh?
  • We hosted the 1988 & 2010 Winter Olympics, as well as the 1976 Summer Olympics, eh?
  • They do well in hockey, even when America ended up beating them that one time. We'll get you next time, USA. Next time!! Oh wait, we already did that...never mind. Eh.
  • We don't say "eh" all the time, eh?
  • We are considered adults at 18 instead of 21, eh?
  • We are part of the domain of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, eh?

See Also, Eh?