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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about TrueTubePoops, a valued Chewiki Staff Member and a User of this Wiki.

In brief[edit]

He's a dumbass who uses a Mac, which according to TehEliteOne makes him a fag. He's a Little Dragon so he's automatically a "cool dinner"

"A creator of classic works that will hold to be great until the end of time. I could come to respect this man but he first must give up his worship of pones and embrace the Dragon that lives inside of him" - Joethebluedragon

"FAG who gets fucked by his dad" - TehEliteOne

"Overjoyed... to meet him face to face" - King Herod


TrueTubePoops discovered Youtube Poop while watching videos of old commercials on Youtube. While watching cycling through endless pages of commercials, he stumbled upon the Volvic commercials in July of 2008. In the string of Volvic related stuff, he watched a video called George Volcano is Drunk. It was a Youtube Poop and TrueTubePoops thought it was quite funny despite the fact he had no idea what it was. Later, he created a Youtube account account that was used only for horrible video game related videos. One day while browsing Youtube, he discovered a Walrusguy video and all of the Youtube Poop community in the same place. Going with the mindset "This will be easy" he made his first Youtube Poop. It was awful and it disappeared along with his other videos when he closed his account after all of the hate he got. Then he made another account that went without a single video until January of 2010 when he figured out how to download source clips.

Only a few days into his Youtube Poop career, he thought of a name for his channel, TrueTubePoops. He closed his account and TrueTubePoops was established on February 3, 2010. From there he began as a dinner-spagetti pooper but eventually evolved into his current pooping style. TrueTubePoops has over 600 subscribers, but he did not earn them rightfully he had to go on every channel and saying catchy lines like" nice channel ", so that where he got over 400 subscribers, as for the rest of his subscribers he earned them and regrets what he did to get his other subscribers. Sometime around August '10 he bought (yes bought) Final Cut Express, but it proved too difficult for him to use at the time. It wasn't until April '11 that he tried using it again. Later, he BOUGHT Final Cut Pro because he's a rich fuck.

TrueTubePoops went on a long hiatus from September 2011 to April 2012 due to complications with the usage of his computer. After buying a new computer, he's been making videos without a schedule (he used to aim to produce one once a month).

TrueTubePoops joined the Chewiki staff in August of 2012.

First poop seen[edit]

George Volcano is Drunk [1]

First poop made[edit]

Youtube Poop: Mario Greatly Offends Luigi -------------------- Note: This was made on his first Youtube account "nick245678", it no longer exists.


TrueTubePoops' style is extremely varied and takes a little bit from every style of pooping (except flash pooping). His videos tend move at a slower pace than most Youtube Poops and he used to have the tendency to use reversing more then other methods but now he focuses more on stutter looping and sentence mixing now, because he is terrible when it comes to using effects.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • None

Preferred Methods[edit]

Preferred Software[edit]



  • Many people credit him for being an extremely well rounded pooper who often makes videos from sources that have hardly been touched. He always gets good ratings and usually makes great videos (with a few exceptions)


  • Once over-ambitious.
  • Was once regarded as a spammer by the YouChewPoop forum members who are annoyed by his "awesome channel" spam in 2010. Stopped after seeing forum.


Became Joethebluedragon's slave





And others

List of Poops[edit]

  • Chowder Writes What All True Warriors Fight For (Feb 3, 2010) *Chowder* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Youtube Poop Movie Trailers: IGN's The Legend of Zelda (Feb 6, 2010) *Zelda CD-I/IGN's Fake Zelda Movie Trailer* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Chum Chum's Dinosaur World Vacation (Feb 21, 2010) *Fanboy and ChumChum* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Wilt's Quest for Dinner (Feb 22, 2010) *Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • YTPMV: The Residents of Hyrule Castle and the Surrounding Areas Sing a Sea Song (Feb 26, 2010) *Zelda CD-I/"You Are a Pirate* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Mario and Luigi Have an Engaging Arguement (March 02, 2010) *Hotel Mario*
  • King Harkinan is a Pikachu Part 1 (March 06, 2010) *Pokemon (The TV Show)* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Youtube Poop Movie Trailers: The Lightning Thief (March 12, 2010) *Zelda CD-I/ "The Lighting Thief" Trailer* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Tennis Round 1 (Vs BitingMADZAC): Johnny Attempts to Escape an Evil Cookie Salesgirl (March 23, 2010) *Johnny Bravo* SPA-DINNER CRAP
  • Tennis Round 2 (Vs BitingMADZAC): King DeDeDe Masters the Scared Art of Gibberish (March 25, 2010) *Kirby: Right Back at Ya!*
  • Tennis Round 3 (Vs BitingMADZAC): Captain Rescue's Belt is Low on Batteries (April 18, 2010) *Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog*
  • Liberty's Kids Tend to Suffer From Chatterquill Constipation (April 24, 2010) *Liberty's Kids*
  • The Residents of the Bear's Big Blue House Clog Every Available Toilet (May 02, 2010) *Bear in the Big Blue House*
  • Pac-Man Eats a Delicious Snack Before Flying in a Faulty Hot Air Balloon (May 22, 2010) *Pac-Man The Show*
  • Steve Urkel Over Dramatizes Everything (June 13, 2010) *Family Matters*
  • Three Writing Utensils and a Calculator Use Overused Jokes in Egypt (June 29, 2010) *Pendemonium*
  • Junk Food and Bad Commercials Can Have Catastrophic Effects on Beavers (August 09, 2010) *The Angry Beavers*
  • Rikochet Breaks His Teacher's Stick and Gets Into a Fight on the First Day of School (September 06, 2010) *Mucha Lucha*
  • Pooperinpantz123 Recalls an Event Resulting in the 500th Subscription to TrueTubePoops (October 15, 2010) *Eccentric Robbery Witness*
  • A Little Girl Follows a Flying Australian Hooker to her Condo on Halloween (October 18, 2010) *The Scary Godmother*
  • Gimme Penis! (YTPMV) (November 07, 2010) *Mary Kate and Ashley's "Gimme Pizza"*
  • Chris Rock Learns of YER0CKY's Retirement (November 24, 2010) *Everybody Hates Chris*
  • WHY BUCKS COUNTY HOE COUNTRY IS OVER 400 YEARS OF FAMILY FUN (March 8, 2011) *Why Bucks County River Country is Over 40 Years of Family Fun*
  • Rudolph Sets Out to Find Justice for the Independently Gay *PART 1* (December 04, 2010) *PART 2* (December 19, 2010) *Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer*
  • Sister and Lizzy Gain a More Suggestive Vocabulary by Watching YTP News (January 17, 2011) *The Bearanstain Bears*
  • The Super Readers Venture Back in Time to Ensure Flatulence Passing in the Future (February 2, 2011) *Super Why!*
  • Don Patch Meets the Bost Overrated Dragon Ever (March 3, 2011) *Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo*
  • WHY BUCKS COUNTY HOE COUNTRY IS OVER 400 YEARS OF FAMILY FUN (March 8, 2011) *Why Bucks County River Country is Over 40 Years of Family Fun*
  • Adam Flushes his Slaves Down the Toilet (March 27, 2011) *My Gym Partners' a Monkey*
  • REBECCA BLACK IS SO PAINFUL THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE DRUGS (April 8, 2011) *Rebecca Black - Friday*
  • I'm Zack 2! (May 7, 2011) *I'm Zack!*
  • The Ice King Reconfigures his Priorities in his Priorities After Multiple Transgressions (June 5, 2011) *Adventure Time With Finn & Jake*
  • The Cat in the Hat Goes on a Bright Smiles World Tour (July 1, 2011) *The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That*
  • Gumball and Darwin Forge a DVD to Pay a Fine Because Netflix Hasn't Been Invented Yet (August 6, 2011) *The Amazing World of Gumball*
  • A Party of l'Cie Pinatas Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border in a Limo (September 30, 2011) *Viva Pinata*
  • The Lost Poops of TrueTubePoops (March 30, 2012) *Jack Black Octagon, Dinosaur Train, various Animal Crossing sources, and Classic Game Room*
  • Captain K'nuckles Conducts a Study in Elagent Death (April 24, 2012) *The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack*
  • Robotnik Tries to Make an Original Joke (August 8, 2012) *Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog*

Pages I've Created[edit]

Other Information[edit]

TrueTubePoops had two different accounts before the one he holds today. They were "nick245678" and "BG1Sux"


{{#ev:youtube|JP_qF5E4w7U|320}}Theme song of TrueTubePoops as proclaimed by uwilmod,Joethebluedragon, and TehEliteOne
  • TrueTubePoops has been banned from MustangSally72 on two different accounts. Both times for faking faggotry.
  • He is a member of the Boy Scouts of America
  • He is currently attending the same high school that Youtube Celebrity KevJumba attended.
  • Every finished poop after The Super Readers Go Back In Time To Ensure Flatulence Passing In The Future has made some reference to Joethebluedragon
  • He was constantly called a gay rich fuck faggot who gets fucked by his dad by TehEliteOne in 2011 through early 2012, at which point he realized TTP didn't give a shit.
  • Is locked into a bloody long-lasting war with Joethebluedragon over something that the two don't really remember anymore. We think it started when Joe called TTP a brony. Joe is convinced that he will win the war soon, once reinforcements from TehEliteOne arrive.
  • He has a theme song based on TehEliteOne's description of him.