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Volvic Adverts

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Name: Volvic campaign
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Type of Source: Commercial
Created By: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe Y&R
Year Created: 2007

First Poop: [You love Mama Luigi] by mrSimon

MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
{{#ev:youtube|vaaxtxkJqKg|320}}The original commercial

The Volvic advertisements were part of a campaign in 2007 to sell Volvic bottled water in addition to the new Volvic Revive product. The campaign spawned six TV commercials, however only four were broadcast, the other two sucked. A recent campaign set up by Volvic is the "14 Day Challenge", in which Frenchmen are ordered to gulp down 1.5 Litres of Volvic shit for 14 days in a row. Most people who have attempted this have ended up committing suicide. Fact.


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Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

Roar, what you doing Mr Volcano?

George Volcano George Volcano

Hello Tyrannosaurus Alan. I'm filling my water with volcanicity

George Volcano George Volcano

Come on world, I'll have you for breakfast.

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

George, you still filling your water with volcanicity?

George Volcano George Volcano

And making it tasty for the ladies!

40px Birds

This water is delicious.

George Volcano George Volcano

I'm the daddy now!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

I've only got a brain the size of a pea!

George Volcano George Volcano

How do you do it Alan? Do you perhaps drink new hydrating Volvic Revive? It's got Ginseng and Guarana and will help keep you alert!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

Yes I do. Now, I'm off to eat someones parents.

George Volcano George Volcano

Well done to revive!

Announcer Announcer

Volcano filtered so it fills you with Volcanicity

George Volcano George Volcano


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