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Twilight Sparkle

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Name: Twilight Sparkle
Appears In: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Sex: Female
Nationality: Equestrian
Occupation(s): Librarian/Apprentice of Princess Celestia
Played By: Tara Strong & Rebecca Shoichet


Twilight Sparkle was a sheltered, peppy, rich, smart girl with a Robotnik level IQ who is so ridiculously intelligent that she was able to land a spot as a private student of Princess Celestia. She grew up to be a good little anti-social geek with her intern/helper/servent/slave/assistant Spike who get's it on with her. Then she moved to Ponyville because some bullshit about making friends. There she did something, blew something up, killed something, shelved some books, acted smart, read some books, learned, had sex with SPIKE, pretended she didn't have a brother, and managed to go through a whole season without a mental breakdown.

She also used to write cheesy messages about love and friendship to Princess Celestia before Celestia told her that her inbox was getting full.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Books
  • Princess Celestia
  • Learning
  • Shining Armor
  • Children
  • Magic
  • Science
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Twilight and Spike spy on /co/ from afar


  • Pinkie Sense
  • Being TARDY
  • The unexplainable
  • YouTube Poop (probably)
  • Tails
{{#ev:youtube|WxVyg3-3d0M|320}}Twilight's reaction to the Grand Galloping Collab


Twilight finds some children playing alone


  • She's named after that book series with the sparkling vampires. Holy Crap that is a so Fricking Scary Book!
  • Was originally going to be named "Twilight Twinkle".
  • Like Mama Luigi, she accidentally became the adopted mother of a small talking reptile.
  • She enjoys finding children alone.
  • She never had sex with Spike.
  • She believes in science and magic at the same time.
  • Symbolizes the Element of Magic (and the Periodic Table of Elements).
  • Has an alternate version named "Twilit Blend" who is played by Matt Paxton.
  • Stars as a pony that grows a dick on her head in the hit comedy, "The Dickhead".
  • Does everything by the book, to the point of looking up what to do after a tree crashes through her window.
  • Being tardy will apparently cause her brain to explode.
  • She is locked in a constant battle of wits communicated via letters with her rival, Dr. Robotnik.
  • She found a time travel spell in a library and used it to become a street punk.
  • She is the creator of a robotic clone of Rainbow Dash called the R-Dash 9000.
  • Her hair is shockingly similar to the hair of Anarchy Stocking.
  • As of the end of the Magical Mystery Cure, she is now an alicorn. Shit immediately happened.
  • Someone actually married her in real life. Really.