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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In brief

YER0CKY is a sentence mixing YouTube Pooper that thrived on only the use of Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, NotePad, and MS paint.


The Early Years (2009-2010)

YEROCKY discovered YouTube Poop in the Fall of 2009. It didn't take him long to start making YouTube poops. Although he was a big fan of watching Sonic The Hedgehog poops, Cd-i is what he wanted to make. He gained a few subscribers mainly from early hit "Link must die, or scrub". YEROCKY was a meme pooper, like how most people start out. He didn't know any other style. So, he continued meme pooping for a month or so.

At the start of 2010, YEROCKY was not getting the attention he wanted. He knew he had to change his style. He decided to download a 30 day trail of Adobe flash. His first flash poop was "King gets a computer", which used to be his most viewed YouTube Poop. The video gained views fast and received positive feedback. From this, he made as much flash poops he could. He started to get even more attention with M.Bison poops. These poops had no meme replacements, decent visuals, and witty sentence mixing. These poops helped YEROCKY gain a few fan-boys. M.Bison was YEROCKY's identity in the flash era. After making 13 flash poops, he gained 200 subscribers, made some friends, and started to discover other good YouTube Poopers too.

After his month was up, his Adobe flash program expired and was forced to use Windows Movie Maker. YEROCKY knew that he wouldn't survive if he keep making meme poops without flash. He didn't hesitate to make more poops though. It's was not the most exciting time in YEROCKY's pooping career, but it was important. He started using video sources he never used before. This helped his ability to sentence mix. By this time YEROCKY was still somewhat of a meme pooper, but he also included pure sentence mixing abilities. He wanted to get good at sentence mixing and was tired of using memes. He got some inspiration when he discovered Swishfilmsinc, QuibbyJibby, and mark3611. He wanted to sentence mix just like them. So he came up with a new pooping method that would change his identity, forever.

March of 2010 came by and YEROCKY decided to change his pooping style by making pure sentence mixing videos with no meme replacements. His first pure sentence mixing poop surprised everyone, and was considered his best YouTube poop. That gave him the green light to use this newly found style and improve on it. He gained more, and more subscribers after making a few more of these poops. He soon went from a decent pooper, to a good pooper, and even became a favorite to a few. He didn't stop there as he created "Do the suicide" which became his most popular poop and became very well received. Some people even considered it to be one of the best "Do the Mario" poops ever. then creating "The mighty strangler", quite a few people were calling him one of the best sentence mixers, in current time. He uploaded a few more poops after that claiming even more fans and subscribers.

Summer of 2010 overall was a fairly slow month by YEROCKY's standards. Only 3 YouTube Poops in 3 months, including one where he hinted he was going dormant. However, a month later, in November of 2010, YEROCKY announced a full out retirement. Main reasons weren't for lack of inspiration, but now that he was in University, he simply has to shift focus. He made a couple more YouTube Poops in the fall, however, after school didn't work out as he hoped. It was right around this time when the YouTube Poop community in general started to go against him for what some would call controversial actions. These included hosting a "Worst YouTube Poops of the month collab". Something he made up during his dormancy period. Displaying a bad YouTube Poop on his channel. A fresh idea he had just for the shits-and-giggles, so to speak. Along with other various actions from another channels he had called "TheWorstYTPs". A channel dedicated to some of the worst YouTube Poops. Another idea of his during his dormancy period. YEROCKY, seeing the inevitable conclusion of being disowned, decided to break off from the activity in general, but it wasn't enough. The final nail on YEROCKY's reputation within the YouTube Poop community, came down on December 21st, 2010. A day he decided to phase out a YouTube user named Joethebluedragon. However, it wasn't him that finished YEROCKY's reputation, it was his own action to block Joe. It created a bad disturbance within his own circle of friends, that also liked Joe. Nobody knew what to do or say to YEROCKY after that, which he found best because it was at this time, he knew it was time for quits and leave his friends and the rest of his personal YouTube Poop community behind.

The Inactive Years (2011-2013)

During the start of the new year and still fresh in his mind about recent events, YEROCKY decided the best way to leave un-announced, so to speak, was to not do anything YouTube Poop related for a year. He did upload a trailer about people hating his YouTube Poops. This was a reflection of how he saw his own videos, mixed with what he thought other people viewed YEROCKY as. He was thinking about closing his channel and starting up a new fresh one. However, he decided he would just remain inactive for a year. Since then, YEROCKY wasn't really active for over a year and well into 2011. He even posted on his channel at one point he wasn't even motivated anymore and basically told everyone to go away and forget about him. He did this to ensure people would forget about him. The year 2011 was a year of no activity that was planned from the start. By the end of the year his channel was showing no signs of any return. But in late 2011 YEROCKY decided to make a plan to come back. He still has a desire for YouTube Poop and didn't really want to stop. After being "retired" for about a year, he had a lot of time to think about a possible come back.

In March of 2012, YEROCKY uploaded a video called "Future Me". YEROCKY stated that he was un-retired and was going to make YouTube Poops again. Within 2 weeks, YEROCKY uploaded a Billy Mays YouTube Poop. He is a little rusty, but still plans to put lots of effort into making successful poops. YEROCKY also blogged that he'll be changing his straight, non-stop sentence mixing poop style. He plans to add visuals and audio effects to his poops, while still using lots of sentence mixing. Like 2011, there was mainly no activity and only 1 YouTube Poop upload that was more of a trailer than a YouTube Poop.

January of 2013, he posted a blog about changes that he made with his main and alt accounts and what he wants to do with them. He mentioned he would do more YouTube Poop commentaries. He also entered in a contest called "Poop Standoff 3" where he submitted a YouTube Poop. However, he was voted off for having the worst starting YouTube Poop. Afterwards, he went on making a video of why he was a bad YouTube pooper on his alt account. In September of 2013, YEROCKY uploaded a video titled "King Harkinian's reaction to YEROCKY returning to YouTube Poop". This was short video but indicated that YEROCKY was going to be active again with uploading more YouTube Poops. However, the year ended with no new activity.

The Later Years (2014-2015)

In 2014, nothing really happened until the end of March where instead of finally uploading a YouTube Poop, he uploaded a video saying he quit YouTube Poop. On April 1st, he uploaded "YEROCKY: The Movie" which is a video compilation of all his YouTube Poops he ever made. Also in the two videos he stated that he may never upload to his main account again and doesn't know what to do with it other than leave it be. However, a couple weeks later, he uploaded a new YouTube Poop that is a remake of "King and Link go to war". He also went on to create a Billy Mays YouTube Poop for a collab that NashmetalX was hosting. After making a couple more YouTube Poops, YEROCKY confirmed, on multiple websites, that he is not using Windows Movie Maker anymore and has now switched to using Adobe Premiere for all further YouTube Poops. The reasoning he confirmed is that WMM was having lots of technical issues and it got so bad that he can't even use it anymore. YEROCKY plans to upload his first YouTube Poop using Adobe summer of 2014. However, no new YouTube Poop activity happened for the rest of the year.

The year 2015 started with no new activity until May of 2015, when he uploaded another YouTube Poop that was a re-mastered version of someone else's poop. He also posted a blog saying that he was going to resume uploading YouTube Poops again. He also mentioned about how he's talked about retirement twice in the past. He states he won't mention being retired anymore saying "I'm going to make YouTube Poops whenever I want and if I don't make anymore, that's how it's going to be.". He also states that he doesn't want to be known as a YouTube Pooper anymore. He would rather be just some random guy that makes YouTube Poops. Despite him returning, he doesn't want to be involved with the YouTube Poop community.

First poop seen

"The only Jeopardy poop anyone has ever made"


YEROCKY discovered this video when he was looking at funny game show questions and he saw this. The video was made by YouTube user "EnergyOfTheYouth" His rep with other YouTubers is actually not very good. In fact, he has a poor rep. the video its self is not great. Actually, its not even good. But at this time. He though it was well done and was inspired by the new kind of video he discovered. It wasn't too long after that he found CD-i and Sonic poops.

YEROCKY had 13 subscribers when he started YouTube Pooping, and has recently hit 1000 subscribers all-time.

First poop made

YouTube Poop: The King's dinner is gone!


  • His new style is not to work with pre-existing sentences, but to create new ones.

Preferred Sources

  • Cd-i
  • Street Fighter
  • Super Mario Brothers Super Show
  • Wilford Brimley
  • Tobysaidit
  • Billy Mays
  • Ron Stuart
  • Super Mario World
  • Slap chop/ShamWow
  • Nintendo ShitCube Review (PissedoffAngryGamer)

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (Currently using)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (Currently using)
  • Audacity
  • MS Paint
  • NotePad
  • Paint.Net
  • Windows Movie Maker v2.6 (RIP 2009-2014)


  • Pretty much every YouTube Poop YER0CKY has made
  • YouTube Poop Stealers & Trolls
  • Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Annoying repeats
  • YouTube Poops with lots of unedited material
  • Excessive censored screens
  • YouTube Poops with people's own voice.
  • Poor Quality poops
  • Toys Gone Wild
  • Memes in general
  • Ash's Retarded Adventure series
  • Poops with more MS paint than the actual source
  • People who think Windows Movie Maker is only for newbies or newfags
  • Everybody that "liked" King gets a computer
  • "New" Subscribers



Overall, YEROCKY's YouTube Poops usually always get top notch ratings and favorites. He earns 3 or more video honors every time he uploads a YouTube Poop. (Example. Do the suicide topped at "#4 top faved- today")

YEROCKY was considered, by some, one of the best sentence mixing poopers using Windows Movie Maker. Although, he didn't quite believe that. However, after some controversial events back in late 2010, YEROCKY became frowned upon by most people he knew within the YouTube Poop Community. Even in 2014, some people recognize YEROCKY as a "good spa-dinner pooper and a bad sentence mixing pooper".


YEROCKY got criticized on his older videos for "being too cliche" and not making an effort to lip sync. Another popular criticism is using subtitles when not needed.

"When you have to use YouTube annotation to understand what the hell half of the dialogue is, I think you've failed" -TwoTube2

General Criticism in below video trailers

YER0CKY - Official Trailer

YER0CKY 2 - Official Trailer

YER0CKY 3 - Official Trailer

I suck and here is why



  • Creator of "Do the Suicide", which is considered one of the best Do the Mario YouTube Poops of all time.
  • The 3rd pooper to ever "poop" the Nintendo shitcube review video
  • Once placed 2nd in the "Last pooper standing" competition. Only to later on place last, years later in "Poop Standoff 3"
  • 1000+ subscribers since the first YouTube Poop
  • 250,000 video views (August 6th, 2013)
  • 32 of his YouTube Poops have at least 1,000 views
  • Over-Rated
  • The best achievement is YER0CKY has removed/blocked 600+ subscribers that didn't respect their elders. YOU MUST!



List of Poops

"The Early Days"

Name Date Uploaded Length
The King's dinner is gone 12-06-09 2:10
Link must die, or scrub 12-06-09 2:12
The King's PINGAS annoys Link 12-21-09 2:26
Mario goes after the PINGAS 12-21-09 3:30
Merry X-Mas from Hyrule 12-23-09 0:26
ShamWow doesn't work 12-30-09 1:55
Mario smokes, while kicking PINGAS ass 01-02-10 2:56
The King's PINGAS- All 3 parts 01-02-10 7:20

"The Flash Era"

Name Date Uploaded Length
The King gets a computer 01-04-10 1:54
The King smokes weed 01-06-10 2:00
Mario is a jerk to luigi 01-07-10 1:00
Most annoying PINGAS vid ever 01-09-10 1:55
Luigi kills Yoshi 01-10-10 1:38
M.Bison likes to watch people die 01-11-10 1:43
The King kills everyone, execpt one 01-14-10 3:05
Mario gets killed by the King. King dies by cavemen 01-18-10 4:08
M.Bison thinks too hard 01-18-10 1:00
Link and Zelda get together 01-21-10 1:09
"Not until I see..." 01-22-10 1:32
The Birds turn Ganon evil 01-25-10 2:15
Link dies after drinking a true warriors' pint 01-27-10 1:00
King and Link go to war 01-28-10 2:56
YouTube poop Gone Wild 02-03-10 5:35

"The Post Flash Era"

Name Date Uploaded Length
Luigi goes crazy from being trapped..... 02-07-10 3:15
Scorpion likes his rest, Scorpion sets out to kill Lu Kang 02-13-10 3:15
Weegee becomes King, well tries to 02-18-10 3:33
M.Bison likes his dust.... 02-22-10 1:33
Billy Mays becomes triple powerful 02-24-10 0:55
The King hates boring mornings 02-24-10 0:55
Bestpooper's videos are better than YER0CKY's vids 03-04-10 2:25

"The Sentence Mixing Era"

Name Date Uploaded Length
Toby doesn't want MeiAids to destroy youtube poop 03-09-10 1:27
The King fights for freedom of dinner 03-15-10 4:20
Ron stuart is the ultimate tax-man 03-16-10 0:40
the King fights for dinner of freedom 03-26-10 3:00
Wilford likes his ladies, and hates you 04-23-10 1:13
Gwonam fights with the King, Duke okblem fights his urges for the king 05-05-10 3:55
Do the Mario- Do the suicide 05-10-10 0:45
Billy mays- The Mighty Strangler 05-30-10 1:16
Vince talks about his nuts, and other stuff 06-19-10 1:47
The King Orders Pizza Hut and Ganon attacks Hyrule 07-28-10 4:00
Billy mays discovers that some average, over rated pooper goes dormant 09-05-10 2:22
The King's dinner is gone (Remake) 10-11-10 3:27
Billy Mays- Absorb Mez 10-30-10 1:55
The lost YouTube Poop of YER0CKY 12-15-10 5:45

"The Later Years"

Name Date Uploaded Length
The Awesome YTP Offer 03-25-12 1:20
King Harnikan and Link go to war (Remake) 04-09-14 5:09
Billy Mays raises awareness about Windows Movie Maker Haters 05-24-14 2:30
PewDiePie H8r confesses his love for PewDiePie and tries to friend Smosh 06-12-14 0:49
The Homophobic King (Re-Mastered) 05-16-15 1:55
Weegee Visits Hyrule (Re-Mastered) 06-06-15 1:07
King Harkinian Is Bored 08-30-16 3:33

"YouTube Poops uploaded on my Alt account"

Name Date Uploaded Length
Sonic sez things that ruin your childhood 09-06-10 0:34
Pissed off Angry Gamer becomes gay for his game consoles 09-17-10 1:06
Ron stuart is the ultimate tax-man (Part 2) 12-09-10 1:06

Other Information

"Bad things can still be considered funny. That's how I stay somewhat relevant in the YTP community" - YEROCKY, 2014


  • Ironically, YER0CKY's avatar, the smoking Mario represents the worst YouTube Poop he has ever made.
  • The first subscriber during YouTube Pooping was YouTube Pooper atheshit. BestPooper was the forth. (lol)
  • YouTube Poop "ShamWow doesn't work" got flagged for foul language.
  • Made 13 flash poops in just 29 days.
  • The use of Note Pad greatly helped YER0CKY in becoming better at sentence mixing.
  • YER0CKY thought up the YouTube Poop "Do the Suicide" while he was sleeping.
  • Uploaded a couple of YouTube Poops in 1080 and 720 HD
  • Once removed over 500 subscribers at one time, leaving him from around 550 subs to just around 35 subs