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David Bailey

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The Professor of Poop, David Bailey

Name: David Bailey
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Professor at Georgia Southern University


David Bailey is a professor at Georgia Southern University who created and uploaded video in July of 2010 expressing his appreciation of YouTube Poop (which he said he'd been keeping an eye on since it's early days) and belief that it could be seen as an art form. He mainly expressed interest in the YTPMVers known as Kurkop, MilkshakemanCP, and shroomhead1. He also noted that basic things in Youtube Poop would have to change if Youtube Poop was to ever be anything near "mainstream." The video was not discovered until a few months after uploading, but in the months that followed, David Bailey received a lot attention from the Youtube Poop community. In November of 2010 he posted a proposal for the Computers & Writing Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan to create a writing piece about YouTube Poop. The proposal stated the following:

"A growing internet subculture of remix artists currently thrives on multiple forums and channels within Youtube. This group may at first seem to be a bit juvenile, but upon contacting a few of their more prominent members, I have found them to be thoughtful, intelligent and most importantly passionate about the raw art they create by remixing and editing existing video footage. This group debates the boundaries and divisions between the many genres remix art embodies. These genres include musical compositions, intricate narratives created through sentence splicing, and abstract visual expression. This group bears a striking resemblance to the remix artists discussed in Lawrence Lessig's book remix, and their potential to shake up societal and artistic norms is staggering. Careful study of this group will prove difficult due to the many copyright issues plaguing their community, but they have already hatched methods to circumvent such laws, namely the creation of original footage among the community for remix purposes. This is the group fighting the copyright war, and along the way they develop compositional forms while growing and expanding as a true international community. We as academics have a great deal to learn from this group and should work to arm them with the legal and intellectual tools to expand and grow their young art form."

He later made two videos that went more in depth about viewing YouTube Poop as an art form and a video describing his reaction to the "Michael Rosen incident." The proposal he created ended up being accepted and evolved from just a written piece into a written piece and a conference titled "The Remix Rats: Life in the Age of the Culture Hacker" He created a tumblr page to accompany it.

Unfortunately, the conference was downgraded from being live and onstage, to being telecommuted. While David Bailey saw this as an upgrade as it allowed him to set up a live chatbox and he believed it "fit better" with the Viral/Youtube theme, many members of the community disagreed as they believed it would result in him not being taken as seriously.

In May of 2011, the teleconference was finally released and received mixed reviews from the community. He mainly showcased older and outdated poopers, poops, and poop sources which led to some saying it wasn't an accurate depiction of the current state of the YouTube Poop community. He later issued apologies to a number of people in the YouTube Poop community (including Stuart K. Reilly for mispronouncing his last name. Despite the hate he got for his treatment of the conference, he still felt it was a success but noted that nobody cared about academics anymore.

His last attempt at helping the YouTube Poop community was sending a number of articles about YouTube Poop to the gaming magazine, "Killscreen" Since then, he has disappeared from the YouTube Poop community with almost all interest in him, lost. He still makes videos and his account is still active, however his videos no longer have anything to do with YouTube Poop.

It is unknown if he will ever return to the community.



{{#ev:youtube|bBA1vQ2Y0TM|320}}The (in)famous Ann Arbor Conference video
  • "Hi. Uh, my name's David Bailey."
  • "I first ran into Youtube Poop- and that's what they call it - as a graduate student.
  • "The work you're creating has attracted a lot of attention from some very, VERY powerful academics"
  • "You guys have to come up with some new name with what you're doing"
  • "You need to make some sort of statement to the artistic world"
  • "I honestly believe that this is the beginning of some new artistic movement"
  • "Feel free to disagree with me. I'm an outsider looking in."
  • "If I write about you, I could potentially expose you to extreme copyright issues."
  • "Michael Rosen just did the absolute worst thing he could have done if he wanted to get rid of this."
  • "I would think that if you want to show your kids YouTube Poops, you would REALLY want to take a look at them first."
  • "The best way to approach a conflict is to be like water. Because the more you fight and the more strength you put into something, the worse it gets"
  • "I've also been thinking a lot about Isaac Asimov's "Foundation." Great book. There's going to be a crappy movie made about it by the same idiot that brought us Independence Day."
  • "Try to be nice to him. Stay away from him until I can get this locked in."
  • "Its obvious that my presence here has upset a lot of you."
  • "Categorically, you do NOT need me."
  • "You're bigger than me. You guys are smarter than me in a lot of ways."
  • "I'd be willing to stake, like, thousands of dollars on the fact that you guys are going to find success regardless of what I do with this account."
  • "There will always be a place for the work that can't quite be classified. And there will always be a place where people can create art and create these things for the fun of it."
  • "The title will be: "The Remix Rats: Life in the Age of the Culture Hacker""
  • "That's what you guys are! You're culture hackers!"
  • "A lot of the cartoons that you guys have pooped, you've made them more entertaining! You've made them more immersive! You've made them more textually interesting! I mean, you've made them better than what they were!"
  • "Let's face it, nobody cares about academics anymore."
  • "Just hate me! It's alright! It's fine!"
  • "You can function a lot like Anonymous."
  • "I've been like a bad girlfriend or something. Like, I just drop in every once in awhile "HEY! I LIKE YOU SO MUCH! LETS GO DO THINGS TOGETHER!" and then I disappear for 3 months and you're just like "WHERE'D HE GO!?!?""
  • "Maybe I should just wrap this up here..."

Further Information

  • His child, Auden Nicholas Bailey, was born while the community was focused on him.

YTP Collab

{{#ev:youtube|h-BIkS6tTyQ|320}}The David Bailey YTP Collab

FitzCharisma organized a collab about him.