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Wikipedia's logo.
Everything is lies. EVERYTHING IS LIES!!

Well, not any more! With Wikipedia, we promise to tell you nothing but the truth! We make sure to source every claim and only the most notable things in the world will be listed! Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Wikipedia also has an article about Wikipedia.

What Is It?

"It is true that it is the winners who write history. But it is the losers who write the Transformers Wikipedia entry.
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An example of what you can do on Wikipedia.
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Another example of what you can do on Wikipedia.

An online encyclopedia that any user, anonymous or logged into an account, can edit (except on pages that are protected/semi-protected). It runs on some engine called "MediaWiki", who's logo is pretty much some big flower with brackets around it.

Wikipedia has inspired many Wikis; such as wikiHow, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and even this very place. Also a frequent target of vandalism, though this is usually cleaned-up quickly.

Wikipedia has recently changed its default layout, resulting in backlash.

How It Came To Be

Wikipedia was created by James "Jimbo" Wales. He created it because he wanted to create a compilation of all the knowledge in the world. This is despite the fact that he rejects things he considers "not notable". It is believed that an overdose on information compiled on Wikipedia may greatly expand one's vocabulary to astronomical levels, possibly to the irritation of the flesh creatures around yourself.

Known Quotes

  • The free encyclopedia.
  • [citation needed]
Why are you like this when I'm away?
  • This (insert adjective here) article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.
It can explode if no one's around it for an entire day!

Common Vandalism

Wikipedia is subject to various vandalism. Don't believe us? Check through the Recent Changes page there...if you can keep up. Seriously, those guys are quick bastards.