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Final Cut

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
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Final Cut Pro X 10.4.2 in action

Final Cut[edit]

Final Cut or Final Cut Pro and its other names is a video editor that is exclusive to Macintosh computers and is said to be the best editor the OS has to offer. In a way, it's pretty much Apple's equivalent to Vegas Pro, containing most (if not all) of the same features. It's current version, Final Cut Pro X, was initially considered to be inferior to the previous version, Final Cut Pro 7, due to it's timeline feature that leads to difficulty moving clips, and it's frequent slow-down and crashing. Recent updates and improvements to the software made it much better to use (most notably version 10.3), and is ideal for Mac users making YouTube Poops. An advantage over the previous version is the price (Final Cut Pro 7 was $1000, Final Cut Pro X is $300.) Additionally, projects started in iMovie can be finished in Final Cut Pro for better control over the video. This was featured alongside Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker on the thumbnail of Youchew Trading Card #76, recognizing its foundational importance in Youtube Poop.

Advantages over iMovie[edit]

  • Unlimited video and audio tracks (iMovie lets you work with only two video tracks)
  • A robust speed/time stretch tool (also allows you to preserve pitch or not)
  • Easy reversing of clips
  • More advanced image/color-correcting tools
  • Loads of video effects and transitions (customizable and with keyframes for precise control)
  • More robust audio editing (easier to do Ear Rape and similar effects)
  • Supports third-party effect plugins
  • Lets you do masking and trimming of video layers
  • Multicam editing
  • Advanced chroma-keying
  • More titling options (including animated 3D titles!)
  • Motion tracking (version 10.6 and greater)
  • Works with a variety of file formats (except for Windows ones like AVI or WMV, but WAV is supported)
  • Background rendering

Notable Final Cut Poopers[edit]