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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.
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ThatBlokeOverThere has changed their username to VreyIsGrey.

In Brief

VreyIsGrey, often shortened to Vrey, previously known as ThatBlokeOverThere (or PatPatterson depending on how far you wanna go back) primarily focuses on joke-based YTPs with Michael Rosen, although he does have a knack for YTPMVs.


Several years ago, Vrey was just 10 years old when his father gifted him with a new Windows XP computer (as in, an old computer that was repurposed). Shortly after, having seen YTPs before, he decided he would make his own. His mother also had a computer at the time, and his brother put a YouTube video downloader on there, which he would then download sources from and transfer to his computer via a flash drive. It's worth noting that the only editing software he had was the infamous Windows Movie Maker, the notoriously bad XP version, no less.

It wasn't until Christmas Eve of 2014 that his father would buy him a tablet with his own Google account. Now you can probably guess what a young elementary school child that just got a YouTube account would do. Yeah, he decided he wanted to upload his works to YouTube, and it was in January of 2015 that he would upload one of these poops, an embarassing YTP of ASDFmovie titled "asdufmuv5 or something, I don't even frickin' know what this is supposed to be", along with another one titled "asdufmuv666". Later, he uploaded a song (if you could call it that) consisting of samples from Michael Rosen videos, and apparently, something clicked, as Rosen would go on to be the source that he would become infatuated with and mainly make videos consisting of. Afterwards, he would upload a video called "Michael Rosen, Age Seven And Three Quarters, Ate Some Plams". It's pretty much exactly what you would expect; immature sexual humor, rank sentence mixing, and lukewarm editing.

However, Vrey wasn't actually supposed to use the account for commenting and uploading videos, but he did anyway, and he actually ended up writing some pretty nasty stuff. Little did he know that these comments would end up on his public Google+ page (RIP) for all to see. Eventually, his dad caught wind of it and ended up giving him a stern talking-to.

Ever since then, Vrey had decided on a username, because previously his screen name was just his real name. So he decided to change it. What did he change it to? "PatPatterson", and we would continue making YTPs under this name for about a few months.

It wasn't until May of 2015 that he would discover an editing software I'm sure many of you recognize, "VideoPad". Thing was, VideoPad was just a free trial, and had a limited time usage. So how did Vrey get around this? He made a new account on his computer every time the trial ran out so he could use it again, which as you could imagine, took up a hefty amount of space and slowed down his already-slow computer.

It was also around this time that Pat would then change his username, because I dunno, he just got bored of it? He decided he would change his screen name to a Rosen quote, "ThatBlokeOverThere", and this name would stick for a really long time.

Then, Bloke would try to host a collab shamelessly taking inspiration from the 10 Seconds of Rosen Collab" that would end up sticking with the Rosen community, "The Michael Rosen 5 Seconds Collab", or as the community would collectively call it, the "5 Seconds of Rosen Collab". He would end up getting a lot of recognition for hosting this collab, and all was going well, until he ran into a problem. His computer didn't have internet connection, so he had to upload and download videos via USB transfer on his phone. This is where the problem would arise. For whatever reason, when Bloke downloaded a video on his phone, it wouldn't show up on his PC, therefore, he couldn't get the entries on his computer to edit. He would end up giving up the ownership of the collab to someone named "Archiplex", which was a terrible idea at the time, because he promised he would work on the collab, but he never did. Bloke would end up cancelling the collab, and it was considered a dud.

Sometime later, the computer that he used for the longest time just stopped working, and this is where Bloke's channel would enter a dark period. Having no computer to make videos with, he decided he would put YTPs on hold for now, and start doing Let's Plays of mostly Flash games, which he would once again use Windows Movie Maker on his mother's computer to edit on. All these videos are privated now, for personal reasons.

Bloke would then later get a new computer running the brand-spankin' new Windows 10, which we would use to edit videos on until it would also stop working at around late 2016. Bloke's channel would enter another dark period, where Bloke had absolutely no computer at all, and therefore not much to upload. Bloke's channel would remain dormant for a long time.

In July of 2017, Bloke's mother would get a new computer also running Windows 10, which Bloke would occasionally edit on times, until his mother just decided he could have it. He would install VideoPad onto this computer, except now he knew how to bypass the free trial, and he would edit on this computer full time. In August, he would try to host the failed 5 Seconds of Rosen Collab a second time, and all was going well.

Then, in October of 2017, he would install a cracked version of Vegas Pro (I don't remember which), which he would use on and off, until Vegas just kinda said nope and stopped working for some odd reason. Once again, the computer would stop working and leave Vrey unable to make videos for a few months. Specifically, the monitor wouldn't display anything when the computer turned on, so that PC's kind of been abandoned.

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