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BenderPictures (often shortened to "BP") is a YouTube Pooper known for making sentence mixing and Story-based Poops, as well as his regular broadcast of The BP Show and his YTP Contest, Poop Standoff 1 and 2. A wide variety of material can be found on his channel aside from YTPs, such as lyrics videos and voice acting. He currently has over 1,000 subscribers. After a "retirement" spanning almost a year, BenderPictures began making YouTube Poops again in September 2010. He quit in March of 2012 to convert his channel to a Christian religious channel.

Early History[edit]

BenderPictures registered on YouTube in May of 2007, posting animations and flipbooks off and on until he began making poops in 2008 almost exactly a year later. However, most of his original poops from 2008 are gone, and he claims to have deleted the "real bad" ones and privated the ones less so.

BP's early styles consisted of basic sentence mixing and had a tendency to use AIDs sources.

Moving Past Spa-Dinner and Hiatus[edit]

BP's style underwent a major change late 2009 and early 2010, as he dropped his former spadinner traits and developed into a more advanced sentence mixer and self-proclaimed WMM master. It was during this time that BP started to gain real traction and actually attract a few loyal fans and subscribers.

BP unexpectedly went on hiatus in early 2010, announcing his retirement from YTP. He todays refers to the event as a hiatus rather than a retirement.

BenderPictures returned from a nearly one-year hiatus in September 2010 and has since released a steady stream of new material.

After retiring yet again, he came back in 2013 to seemingly disappear in the middle of his hosted competition, Poop Standoff 3.

Poop Contests[edit]

BP's basic sentence mixing, which later evolved into storylining, carried him a surprising victory in the YTP Contest Poop Factor 2 in mid 2009. He won against 20 other contestants who were eliminated through a series of rounds. He beat a then up-and-coming cjflo in the finals, prompting some to proclaim the contest as fixed in BP's favor. BP returned to judge Poop Factor 3 that winter.

In late 2010 and early 2011 BP hosted Poop Standoff, a YouTube Poop contest of his own. The first season attracted 15 participants, with CFalcon095 taking the crown.

Poop Standoff 2, beginning in spring 2011, was featured on YTP News and reached a peak of 40 entries, at which point Bender refused to accept any more.

Bender entered "Joe's Magical Traveling AIDs Tourney" in June 2011. He entered a required I.M. Meen poop, showcasing his newly revamped style in which he included many Vegas effects. It should be noted that before this, BP's YTPs had no effects to speak of.

The BP Show[edit]

BenderPictures launched The BP Show in February 2011, a series of "broadcasts" where he speaks to the YTP community about YTP related topics. He says the show is not a place for news of any kind, and he only "spews opinions" on it. However, he broke this trend in late May with the episode "Terminated!" in which he informed the YTP community about the current state of affairs after several popular poopers went down. It is implied that he stepped in only because YouTube Poop News was down as part of the attack, judging from his words.

The BP Show helped BenderPictures gain an immense popularity boost, as he skyrocketed from around 300 subscribers at the time of the show's debut, to over 1,000 in just three and a half months. That said, many of his opinions and topics, particularly "The 7 Deadly Sins of YTP" have been controversial.

Transforming the Show and his Channel[edit]

On March 27, 2012, BenderPictures released an episode of the BP Show stating that he had "accepted Jesus Christ into his life." He has quit Youtube Poop and converted his channel to "spreading the word about Jesus."

His channel stated officially: I rededicated my life to Christ in February 2012. From cynical agnostic to eager follower, He's changed my life quite a lot (and for the better). I'm starting to realize just how lucky I am to be alive and how blessed I am. I'm extremely grateful. So if I've ever been a jerk in the past, I apologize. I let my ego get the better of me.

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]



BenderPictures was known for being on the sentence-mixing extreme of the YouTube Poop community until summer of 2011 when he began using some Vegas effects, although his poops remained centered around sentence mixing. In the past he has denounced techniques such as ear rape and Vegas effects, but this seems to have been toned down since being exposed to more good ear rape and Vegas style artists, hence his own style change.

He is also a fan of fellow story line Youtube Poopers.

Most of his videos contain story lines or converstions between characters, in a manner similar to (but less extreme than) that seen in QuibbyJibby's and Swishfilmsinc's videos.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • CD-i, with the exception of Hotel Mario
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (occasionally)



BenderPictures has an overall positive reputation. He is regarded as a good sentence mixer, and he is also noted that almost all of his YouTube Poops have clear story lines. Most of his pre-2011 videos lack effects of any kind.

His post-hiatus work has been received better than his earlier work.

However, as of late he has been much more popular for The BP Show than his poops.


BenderPictures has been criticised from time to time due to his opinions on The BP Show.

Other Notables[edit]

  • Poop Factor 2 Champion (out of 20 contestants)
  • Poop Factor 3 Judge
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Poop Standoff Judge and Creator
  • BP Show Host and Creator

His most popular video is "Die or Else You Will Die", with well over 100,000 views. BenderPictures has said in the comments that he has "no idea" why the 11 second video is watched as often as it is.

His most popular full YouTube Poop is "YTP: SpongeBob Cuts Off His Own Hand By Mistake!" with around 75,000 views. He has said he is disappointed that it is his most watched full YouTube Poop in the video's description, while saying that his new work is much better.




BenderPictures was given the nickname "BP" sometime in 2009, and now uses the shortened version frequently. He is sometimes called "British Petroleum" as a reference to the oil company that goes by the same acronym.