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The Pope

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) KingNecroPope has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
NiceFounder.jpg This pooper was among the founding fathers of YouTube Poop and can be referred to as a senior pooper or founder.
COOL STORY, BRO.   The Pope is a major contributor to YouChew's news page.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

An artist's rendition of the Pope.

In brief[edit]

The Pope (known on YouTube under the names buh6173, KingNecroPope and YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE) was among the first to make YouTube Poop and he guards this fact with pride of a lion. He mostly retired from poop around 2008 or so, making the occasional video here and there, and since tends to lurk on YouChew.


  • buh6173 (2006)
  • KingNecroPope (2007)
  • YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE/The Pope (current name - from late 2007)


DukeOfFortuneMan, being a close friend of Pope, introduced him to YouTube Poop during the time of its inception. At first he found it to be stupid, but as time went by, he decided to join the fad while it was still in its infancy. He is generally considered to be the last of the Founders of YouTube Poop, alongside the likes of SuperYoshi, RetroJape, Yaminomalex, DukeofFortuneMan, JingWu, 1upclock and tetsuo9999.

As YouTube Poop grew in popularity past his inner circle of friends, though, he quickly adopted a hipster attitude, treating others as "posers", repeatedly slamming those that proceeded him as cheap rip offs of the original few. In time, though, he took a chill pill and apologized for his arrogance, announcing himself as an ass. Having been KO'ed from YouTube twice (first under his very briefly known name buh6173, then under the more well known moniker of KingNecroPope), he currently has an account under the mantle of "YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE" (named as a "fuck you" to YouTube). Ever since YouTube allowed users to set their public name, though, he has since switched it to "The Pope", which he tends to use as his most common name in the online space. While most of his original videos from his golden age of 2006-2007 have been reuploaded, a few of them (specifically his SpongeBob SquarePants poops) have been taken down by YouTube. While he still has most of them stored on his computer, he fears reuploading them as the wrath of YouTube may descend upon him and shut his account down for a third time.

SuperYoshi attests that the two of them have only contacted each other on few occasions on AOL Instant Messenger, and that Pope was partly responsible for spreading the term "YouTube Poop", along with DukeOfFortuneMan and, of course, The Electric Cheese. While he initially detested the name and his role in its growth in popularity, he's since come to accept it (though he still prefers creative poop names rather than ones with "YouTube Poop" in the title, which he feels betrays half of the fun of the endeavor).

He's teased returning to his pooping days with more BobSponge, more rants on Gash Bell, and finishing his "Johnny's Traumatic Adventures" trilogy and his Hyenas trilogy. Whether or not these will happen can't be said for sure. But it probably won't.

Pope is currently the only Founder pooper remaining in terms of having an active presence within the community. On YouChew, you can usually find him waffling about his favorite animes and video games, debating the intricacies of waifu qualities and his yearly E3 Awards articles.

First poop seen[edit]

Trent is Basically White

First poop made[edit]

The Pope's Very First Slice of Poop


Instead of making many short poops, he usually makes longer poops. He made nowhere near as many as '07ers such as seconteen13, 1upclock, and The Electric Cheese, preferring to take his sweet time on them. His longest poop, "The BobSponge Show: Sex and Murder Segment" (which he considers to be his best and favorite), runs at 8:02.

Preferred Sources[edit]


  • Yeah, he alright.


  • He had an online spat about his video "MY NINJA INFO CARDS" (after Kajetokun asked to do his own version of the poop) due to people thinking Kajet's version came first. As Pope got nastier in his defense, Kajetokun became very pissed off and blocked him. Pope later made a public apology to him, Kajet forgave him, and everything's better now.
  • Early in his tenure, Pope was very arrogant towards newer, up-and-coming poopers, considering them "posers". Since then, he's apologized and chilled out.


  • MY NINJA INFO CARDS became a internet meme after he let KajetoKun remix it.
  • His most famous poops are those from the BobSponge Show, namely "Super 3D Fuck Farts" Segment and "Sex and Murder" Segment.
  • Is responsible for bringing the awesomeness that is Wario Spam to the YTP forums.


While he's still great friends with Duke, he doesn't keep in touch with the other Founders as often, mostly sticking to his IRL circle of friends.

In Real Life[edit]




He has (had) about 365 subscribers.

Other Information[edit]



  • Back in 2007, he sided with SuperYoshi that YouTube Poop had been overkilled. Since then, he's mellowed out on the subject.
  • People suggesting that he ripped off KajetoKun's "MY NINJA INFO CARDS" when in fact Kajet was inspired by him.
  • The English dub of Gash Bell.
  • A lot of little things far too numerous to mention.

Poops in Work[edit]

  • Johnny's Terrifying Apocalypse
  • The Hyenas Want You to Do It Quadrupexally
  • More BobSponge episodes
  • Who are we kidding, none of these will probably ever get made


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