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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
COOL STORY, BRO.   Vorhias was a former major contributor to YouChew's news page.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.
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Vorhias, the last thing you see before you die.

In brief[edit]

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in another enigma wrapped in two more mysteries then another enigma then only half a mystery, then a few more enigmas, then wrapped in a tasty fried dough wrap, smothered in vanilla extract, and then deep fried in maple butter and served to you the satisfied customer.


No one knows how it happened but somehow Vorhias managed to come across the video WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON OF MY HAUNTED HOUSE sometime back in early 2007. After a long period of watching Poops, it was high time that Vorhias decided he wanted to be a part of the action. So he released his first ever YouTube Poop, Billo Wants To Get Silly, to much fanfare. (I made that part up.) While still a newcomer to the craft he has the distinction of being one of the oldest, and has plenty of untapped potential just waiting to be unlocked with THIS KEY!

Right now he is working as a Campaign Manager for the presidential campaign of Dr. Robotnik.

The UNTOLD/FAKE History[edit]

Built in a lab in 1987, designed to hunt down and destroy everyone on the planet with the name "Jeff." Something went horribly wrong when someone accidentally poured mango salsa into the robot A-503's flux capacitation driver, and caused him to malfunction, thinking it was Marilyn Monroe with a flamethrower. After 4 years of wandering around in a dress WITHOUT a flamethrower a freak lightning bolt struck A-503 and gave it a fighting spirit unlike any other...which eventually assassinated 147 people in one half-hour...but those people lived in Alabama, so noone cared a whole lot. Soon afterwards he spontaneously combusted, only to spontaneously REcombust 5 minutes later into the form of a YouTube pooper named Vorhias, with machetes for hands....unfortunately this was 1994, and YouTube hadn't even been invented yet, so noone knew what the hell he was doing, so he went into temporary comatose stasis, brought on by listening to the first 5 seconds of a Kenny G album. As soon as he awoke from his self-imposed stasis it was 2007, and he forgot what he was doing and soon fell into a life of software piracy and now manages a chipmunk-fighting arena in Rappahannock.

First poop seen[edit]


First poop made[edit]

eDyaa1lWTd0|250}} Vorhias's first Youtube Poop.

Billo Wants To Get Silly


It's hard to pinpoint exactly what Vorhias' style is since he oft tries so many different things from sentence splicing to senseless repetition to complete total image breakdowns, etc. Regardless of what style Vorhias has used, he's always been just outside the level of mainstream (As far as YTP is concerned anyway) acceptance, always flying just enough under the radar.

One recurring element that has come into existence in recent times, is Vorhias will occasionally make meta-jokes towards the concept of YouTube Poop itself. (Examples: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie complaining how the word Spaghetti has been taken away from them, (Chocolate Plums) or a sitcom audience laughing at Bob The Tomato saying Cum. (Vegetation is Incapable Of Organized Religion))


Vorhias has become a particularly prevelent figure in the area of YTPMVs. He has produced several high-rated and popular music videos, an album of songs, and a rant video that attacks Link123456 for making extremely low quality, but popular YTPMVs.

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Not Vorhias.

Prefered Tech[edit]

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Likewise Not Vorhias.



  • There was a very brief altercation between him and ApolloBoy against a confused conservative YouTube user, who didn't understand the concept of a YouTube Poop, and thought Vorhias' video, Billo Wants To Get Silly was meant as an attack on Bill O'Reilly. After explaining several times that he wasn't trying to make a statement (Vorhias personally despises O'Reilly, incidentally.) and several shots back and forth between him, ApolloBoy, and the user, Vorhias simply removed every unrelated comment he posted afterwards. The incident inspired Vorhias to dedicate his next O'Reilly poop, Billo Have Bad Grammar, to the user.
  • Vorhias often finds himself at odds with the rest of the YTP community, because he despises many of the more popular sources that YTP-ers use, (Particularly any sources based on YouTube V-Logs, believing that they shouldn't get any more screen time in ANY medium.) and is a fairly hermetic figure in that he next-to-never shows up regularly on the YTP forums or for any big YTP event like last week's company barbecue.
  • For the longest time, Vorhias' poops suffered from poor sound and video quality, because the conversion website he used (Mediaconverter) seemed to take away quality when ripping directly from YouTube. He has found a temporary replacement however, ( that does not have the same problem.


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I Eat Beans.

Vorhias' Favorite Poopers[edit]


Poop Listing (And Other Videos)[edit]

ElectroPoop Tunes[edit]

Note: ElectroPoop is Vorhias' given name to any electronic tune that has been made with samples of clips from popular YouTube Poop fodder. (CD-i, Super Mario World, etc.)

See Also: YTPMV.

Visual Abominations[edit]

On May 3rd, 2008, Mr. Vorhias released Visual Abominations, a short 30:00+ collection of YTP-themed tunes that one would normally find in a YTPMV, to much acclaim amongst other poopers.

It can be downloaded in two locations:

In November 2009, the album was released on

Music Used In Poops[edit]


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The true visage of EVIL!


  • Ophios (Kinda sorta, in that they're both electronic musicians and they have collaborated on poop-related things on more than one occasion.)

Other Stuff[edit]

  • Vorhias has been known to additionally post videos of songs of his own composition in his YouTube channel.
  • Is never seen in public or in the YTP community without his fake metal mask. Noone knows why he always has this mask on. Is he hiding some horrible facial scar? A shadowy past? Maybe he's Osama Bin Laden, or maybe- *SHOT!*


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