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The Pachinko Machine

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This article is related to the YouChew Forums.

The Pachinko Machine, often abbreviated as TPM, refers to two forums created by Cloggedone and Dopply during Conrad Slater's administration of YouChew Poop. TPM's main goal was to create a place free of the e-drama which often pervaded YouChew. The sites were administrated by Dopply and Clogg and were moderated by several of the users who would become the staff of Planet Freedom and later YouChew Poop.

Both incarnations used Simple Machines Forum software, which functions similarly to the phpbb3 previously used by YouChew.

Neither incarnation endured for more than a few weeks. Their limited lifespan was chiefly due to Cloggedone being about as reliable as a '54 Ford pickup truck that hasn't been driven for a few decades.

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