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The Irate Gamer

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The Irate Gamer about to destroy another game for no real reason.
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This is basically his main reaction towards all these games.

The Irate Gamer is a game reviewer. His reviews are notable for being more or less short on accurate information regarding the games that he reviews. As a result, he receives heavy criticism for that and his antics regarding actually playing the game.


Many people say that his videos are far blatant copies the AVGN. It is, in fact, true, considering concept. He is often the punching bag for several Youtube poopers, such as BashBoresProductions and TheMorshuShow. He receives criticism for a limited ability to accept other's opinions about him and his channel as he has been noted to try and have videos which criticize him taken down from Youtube.

Perhaps due to the criticism he received about stealing from James Rolfe, he has progressed in a different direction so that he is more his own channel. However he received criticism once again when he did "Bullshit Man" videos since these seemingly appeared after James Rolfe's "You know what's Bullshit" series.

Over the years he has seen a loss in fanbase, but still continues to upload videos related to game, movies, or possible details of upcoming releases.


  • "What?"
  • "Uh, yeah, ya think?!"
  • "5 seconds? That's got to be some kind of record."
  • "What a shitload of fuck!"
  • "What a piece of cowabunga shit!"
  • "3.5 seconds..."
  • "Ronnie?"
  • "What a piece of diarrhea dick waffles!"
  • "Wow, some hero he turned out to be."
  • "PHEA!!!!!!!!"
  • "What the fuck is a muscle?"
  • "Yeah, like I care!"
  • "Time to pop this video game in and play the game!"
  • "Well, shit on a motherfucking stick!"
  • "Well, mothersucker doublefucker! Your ass is grass now, buddy!"
  • "Yo Noid? I guess just calling it "The Noid" didn't have enough pizazz to it; I'm not sure what the thought process in this was, but it makes as much sense as calling my show "Yo Irate Gamer"... yo!"
  • "Well, shovel my shit in a barrel!"
  • "Someone call 911, because I've been R.O.B'd!"
  • "What a bunch of assburgers with a side of fries!"
  • "Face it, breakfast is ruined."
  • "Why would I pay 6.95 plus tax to play some freaking video games?! This is ridiculous! Fuck this shit!"

Personal Life

The Irate Gamer also does videos about ghost hunting, though he has not found any actual evidence of ghosts in the areas that he investigates.

Fun Facts

  • It's a stone, Luigi, You didn't make it.
  • It is his opinion that the NES would've been capable of perfectly emulating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game and finds the actual port disappointing. He also thinks the snow that comes up in one of the port's new levels is magic when it was clearly caused by a Dimension X Weather Satellite.
  • He refuses to acknowledge the fact that his concept is the same as the Angry Video Game Nerd's. If you mention it to him, he'll tell you to "shove a kaktas up ur ass."
  • He can somehow play an NES without it being plugged in.
  • Is from Ohio.
  • He cannot pronounce the word "shit" (which is, if you are a game reviewer on the Internet, practically a death sentence). Every time, he says "Shee-it!" instead.
  • He is known to intentionally mess up to attempt make his gripes legitimate.
  • Is known to have many random people knock on his door and annoy him; he usually shouts things such as "GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!!" at them.
  • Does not know what a muscle is.