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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) AwesomeVideosExtreme has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.
User.jpg  This article is about SonicOutlaw, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.

This guy makes videos, they're mediocre, at best. Yet someone he gained 160 subscribers, the mind boggles. His original username was AngrySpongeBobGuy, but he changed it to SonicOutlaw. His new name comes from a 90's remix documentary, not Sonic the Hedgehog.


First YouTube Poop Seen[edit]

He saw some SpaDinner video in 2007 where Gay Luigi said spaghetti in different pitches, he liked it, but didn't watch poop for a whole year. Then he saw the King gets a Car sometime later.

First Vegas Poop Seen[edit]

In late 2011, he was surfing the Cinco Innernet and thought, "wow, I am, bored, let's see what's on YouTube." He then watched some Nintendo Video, but noticed a suggestion was a YouTube Poop. He remembered seeing a YouTube Poop 3 years ago when he was in Pittsburgh and said, "what the hell, these are funny, right?" The answer was HELL YES! He watched some normal sentence mixing video and started laughing uncontrollably. Unfortunately, this was during a class, and he received unusual looks from his peers. His teacher said, "boy, what's wrong with you?" From then on, he was hooked on YTP. Near the New Year, he was surfing YouTube for other poops, and found a video called, "YouTube Poop Dirty Dollar." He wasn't about to watch it, but then he noticed something, the picture showed some random character in a spot where he isn't in the show. Fascinated, he clicked on the video, and was treated to a YTP filled with cursing, pitch shift, and amazing effects he had never seen before. He was fascinated by the idea that someone, (LinkOnDrugs), could o something like that, the fact that he completely manipulated the plot was hilarious. Unfortunately, he received VERY strange looks from his peers in class, for he had never laughed so hard in his life. He started watching every LOD video he could find. Then he found cs188, and he loved it (but to his credit has matured and widened his YTP tastes since then.) He started finding other poopers like BarneyIsPerverted and Awful Fawful. On 7/??/2012, he became fascinated with YTP. He had bought Vegas, and could really appreciate what these guys were doing for the first time.

First YouTube Poop Made On his Channel[edit]

He made a video on an alternate account called "WeeGee Mouse Poop House." It was horrible, and he would rather not talk about it. His first REAL video was "O'Reilly Miscalculated the Factor." It was something he threw together quickly just to get something on his channel. Then he created, "Bill O'Reilly Interviews a Stupid Man," and "Hungry Pumkin World Hell," which he worked a long time on. They were pretty average as well.


  • Started account
  • Gained 150 subscribers
  • Drastically improved remixing techniques


AwesomeVideosExtreme was a trap video alternate account made by him sometime around June 2013. The account was run solely by him for a long time. During this time, he uploaded several trap videos. His most notorious was "PewDiePie 9/11 Simulator on Xbox One" uploaded in July 2013. The video revived over a thousand views, countless dislikes, and some of the stupidest comments you've ever seen. After a while, BottleOfPlastic found the AwesomeVideosExtreme account, and noticed that one of the account's featured sources was a troll video he created. He PM'd the AwesomeVideosExtreme channel about how he'd like to collaborate and make videos as well. He was given the password to the channel by SonicOutlaw shortly afterwards. His uploads include "Katty Perry Juicy OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO," "PewDiePie Supports Communism?" and the channel's most viewed video "Hunger Games Mockingjay Official Trailer One." This video gained over 20,000 views in three months. In late March 2014 the channel was terminated for "misleading videos." This claim was filed on the Hunger Games trap video. There was no way to appeal the claim. Surprisingly this is the video that got the account taken down, despite the fact that the Katty Perry trap video actually contained uncensored pronography. SonicOutlaw has shown interest in reviving the channel, but is too busy and too lazy to reupload all of the videos.


During the majority of 2014, he was unable to create much in terms of content. The only video he released in the first eight months of the year was a previously started trap video called "PewDiePie 9/11 Simulator: Part 5," which was a semi collaborative effort with Waymu and Ezra. The video was ten minutes in length and was nothing more than a test to see how offensive of and long he could make a video. Starting in late May, he went on a complete hiatus from the YTP community, but returned in mid August.


After failing to do anything with LizardCircus and being plauged with personal issues, he has pretty much put off making YTPs due to lack of time and motivation. For a while he contemplated whether he should delete/privatize many of his videos for the fact that they were embarrassingly bad and because he was unfunny in general.

Termination of SonicOutlaw[edit]

Shortly after the morning of Febuary 19th, 2015, his main account "SonicOutlaw" which he had since he joined YouChew was terminated. No specific reason was given for this termination other than "repeated violations of copyright." What's odd is that he had never received any prior copyright notices, and he had been able to log into his account that morning (for the first time in ages). He believes that it may have something to do with the line Spongebob video he made about a year ago. He has had no way to appeal the termination. All of his content is practically lost with the exception of about three of his videos and all of Prophet Mohammed's video, which are backed up on Google Drive.

The Resurrection[edit]

In late March he uploaded his first video on any channel in months, called "The Resurrection." It was not a YTP. It was a video form of expression, using remixed content to show and convey the emotions he has felt lately. He would like to continue in this direction of video making, but is undecided what else he should create (stylistically speaking).


  • A more linear style pooping, keeping the source video intact, with some changes to the overall arrangement while still adding effects
  • Quick visuals and references
  • Stutters
  • Ear/Visual Rapes
  • Source Combination
  • Music Addition

Prefered Sources[edit]


Collabs Participated In[edit]

  • The One Second Collab: By Iamoutofideas
  • No-Fi - The collaboration about the shitty quality #2 By CorruptionSound
  • The Commercial Collab: By Bloodis
  • The Simplicity Collab 3: By Smonge
  • The Hitler Collab: By chemistryguy
  • The Town with No Name Collab: By MegaHarkyX
  • The Anarchy Collab Dark Fox

Collabs Started[edit]

  • The Bill O'Reilly Collab



Inspirations new and old.

First Inspirations[edit]

These are the guys that got him into wanting to make YTP when I first discovered the non SpaDinner videos:


Guys whose styles or techniques he really likes and hopes to incorporate, (not copy) because it is a style or technique he really enjoys or thinks is cool.



  • YouTube Cam/Let's Play Whores
  • Shitty collabs
  • A bunch of people who shall remain unnamed


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