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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
AngryBirdsFan9 has changed their username to NationOfOranges696.

In Brief

NationOfOranges696 (formerly known as AngryBirdsFan9) is an American YouTube Pooper who started in 2012. He makes YTPs mostly on animations, especially Garfield.


Humble Beginnings

NationOfOranges696 began experimenting with editing software long before he made YouTube Poops, which date back to 2007. At the time, he was using version 2.6 of Windows Movie Maker for personal videos that he recorded during certain times only for fun, such as Microsoft Live Camera recordings and recording intro and outros to TV shows.


In 2011, he discovered YouTube Poop through recommended videos while watching other videos. Due to how fascinating the poops are, he got addicted to watching YTPs from that point forward, coming across and discovering more poopers.


{{#ev:youtube|_wizwivpg3I|320}}His first real YouTube Poop, which can still be viewed to this day

In April, he began attempting on making YTPs in Windows Movie Maker. What they are were just full of explosions at moments when they are needed, and stolen YTP clips that are sliced randomly. He even gone as far as burning the edits to DVDs in a set of 3, all of them lasting close to 30 minutes, which he still owns to this day in storage. On July 13th, as his 13th birthday present, he opened his first YouTube account as AngryBirdsFan9, and got a new video editing software, "Adobe Premiere Elements 9", for videos. A month later in August, he made his first YTP, which was on CorridorDigital's Minecraft video "The Last Minecart", but has deleted it within a few hours because of how bad it was to him, and the poop was never seen again due to not downloading the poop. It wasn't until mid-September when he made his first official YTP titled "AngryBirdsFan9 can't think of a name for this video".


In January, he got Sony Vegas Pro 10, replacing his Adobe Premiere after CPU memory problems it has caused. A couple months later in March, his channel received a lot of hate by poopers and fans alike, revolving around his flagging on AwfulFawfultheFalafe's latest video at the time. This was caused by how much he has annoyed Fawful from commenting too much on the 3rd Spingebill collab announcement video (now cancelled). Fawful mentioned about this in his latest video, causing him to be misunderstandingly offended and flagged the video, generating a wave of backlash on his channel. On April 5, tired by all of the name calling and rage, he closed his account, then opened up a new YT account now currently known to this day as NationOfOranges696 to start fresh all over, and the backlash started to calm down. As the rest of the year progressed, he began putting more effort into his videos, and gained more reputation on his poops. "Villager News reports a terrorist attack on YouTube by Google Plus", uploaded in November, is his most popular poop to date, with over 200,000 views and counting. In May, he upgraded to Vegas Pro 12 due to getting a new personal computer for himself.


{{#ev:youtube|wKllsAg3_p4|320}}The poop that SMG4 saw from him

In March, his channel popularity had spiked after SuperMarioGlitchy4 (a famous SM64 blooper maker) saw his recent poop revolving around one of his bloopers. This caused NOO696's channel to gain attention and the sub count jumped to more than 1K from 800 in less than 5 days after the poop. As time progressed through the year, he hosted 2 popular poop collabs on SMG4 and Markiplier, respectively by date.


{{#ev:youtube|f73XG_oyJII|320}}The Garfield YTP Collab that he hosted

NOO696's style began to take a slight change during 2015. His style transitioned from mostly doing fast-paced background easter egg poops to doing slow-paced poops, similar to those used during the Spadinner era of YTP but advanced. Very early in the year in January, he made videos for YouChew's Tennis event, Tennis League IV. He soon dropped out of the Tennis Match due to his stress with reputation, thinking negative about himself. In April, he hosted "The Garfield YTP Collab", which was released on the same day as Garfield's 37th Birthday on June 19 to honor the comic strip. In December, close to Christmas, he reached 5,000 subscribers.


Throughout 2016, NOO696 has made and established lots of new friends more than any other time he has made any. In February, he uploaded "The Commercial Collab", while co-hosting the collab with another YouTube Pooper, ClankityClonk, who is now retired. This collab marks his first time he has collaborated with someone on making a video. In April, NOO696 did a co-op poop with fellow YTPer friend, Savi, using Cow & Chicken. The whole process took 8 months to make due to complications with the challenge of the source. In March, NOO696 hosted "The 2nd Garfield Collab", uploaded in July, which to this date is his longest and most joined collab at 1 hour and 22 minutes with 56 people. In May, starting with his MGM Lion Collab entries on wards, he began using Adobe After Effects for 3D video effect purposes. In November, he has organized the Dexter's Laboratory Collab, which came out on February 2017. This is his first time since the Markiplier Collab (The Commercial Collab does not count since it is co-hosted) where he has hosted a collab other than Garfield.


There is barely anything that happened in 2017 since he did not make YTPs very often throughout the year like he used to. In June, he hosted the Pixar Collab, which was uploaded in September, and it is his shortest and least joined YTP collab he has hosted since the Markiplier Collab. In September, 2 things have occurred: The 2nd part of The Fairly Oddparents Collab that he hosted on his old account has been uploaded after a 4-year wait, and the 5th anniversary of his pooping career. For 5 long years, NationOfOranges696 has been making poops through one computer, and inspiring future poopers for the future generations of YTP yet to come. Though he does not have a plan to retire very soon, switching between grown-up reality and online life can be a real busy process.

First poop Seen

"Mah boi, this is PBS!" by ryanasaurus0077

First poop made

"Unnamed Minecraft YTP" from August 2012 (long lost since it was deleted)


  • YouTube Poops
  • Video Games
  • Animation
  • Voice Acting
  • Joining poop collabs
  • Spadinner
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Roller Coasters
  • Music (prefers 70's-80's music)
  • Garfield


  • Copyright Strikes
  • People who take YTP too seriously
  • People with no respect
  • People who steal poops from other peeps
  • Politics
  • Hentai
  • Fandoms
  • Dank Memes
  • Bots
  • Forced Coolness


Preferred Sources

and others that interest him


  • NOO696's poops before 2015 have been mixed. Some think that he doesn't know what exactly he is doing with his editing, while others consider them a classic.
  • His poops 2015 on-wards have been more positive, mostly due to the execution of the improved editing.


  • Gained over 2M total video views
  • Gained more than 8K subscribers
  • Been on YouTube for 5 years
  • Participated in more than 50 YTP collaborations
  • Had his poops reacted by some popular reactors, such as Charmx
  • Had his poops featured in YouChew's Recommended Poops articles more than once


  • People saying he needs to tone down the visual effects, jumpscares and ear rape.
  • His videos were described as "too trippy".
  • Certain people saying that he has a 2008-like style.
  • His first Garfield Collab having a decent amount of bad entries included, even NOO696 himself felt uncomfortable watching it.
  • His editing has been criticized by some for being too "nonsense".

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro 12
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Windows Movie Maker 2.6
  • Audacity

Retired Software

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 9
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10


This is a list of who he is influenced by since the start.

...and lots more


Go ahead and add yourself in.


  • NOO696 has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at 2 years old, and currently has it since.
  • The origin of his current username came from the usage of the word "Nation" on certain countries, and his liking of Oranges as a fruit, forming the word "NationOfOranges". The 696 at the end came from an interstate number in Michigan.
  • While he used MLP references every now and then, he is not a brony, but is normal on the show just like any other show he has watched.
  • Participated in the art contest for Garfield's 40th Anniversary Book. Still pending for the final results.