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Rick and Morty

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Name: Rick And Morty
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: Justin Roland
Year Created: 2013

In Brief

Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim Animated TV series created by Justin Roland (who voices both Rick and Morty, along with Lemongrab from Adventure Time.) The show revolves around the mis adventures of Rick Sanchez, a crazy scientist and grandfather to Morty Smith, a young, cowardly, and somewhat dim boy. The show can be somewhat described as Back to the Future meets the crudeness of South Park and the brilliance of Futurama. The show is surprisingly consistent and it is advised that viewers watch the series order.

Media Information


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Rick Sanchez in the real world.
  • Rick: The mad scientist and one of the two main protagonists of the show
  • Morty: The Rick's grandson
  • Jerry Smith: Morty's father. He dislikes Rick intensely,
  • Beth Smith: Morty's mother.
  • Summer: Morty's sister
  • Gene Vagina (Principal Vagina): Principal at Morty's school
  • Jessica: Morty's crush


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  • Many individuals of the YouChew forums. Little hate by members has been shown towards the show.
  • SonicOutlaw

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  • The concept of the show began as a crudely animated short called "Doc and Mahrti." Unfortunately we can not link the video through Chewiki due to its raunchy material. Doing so would result in a violation of YouChew's "no porn policy."
  • The show has a flash game available for free on Adult Swim's website called "Rick and Morty's Rushed Liscensed Adventure." The game includes full fledged voice acting as well, and is worth checking out if you enjoy the show.


  • The show can be very dark and offensive at some points, which has upset viewers. One particularly controversial scene involved child rape.
  • During October 2017, the series sparked major criticism against its fanbase; one in particular was an event at a McDonald's restaurant, a teenage fan screamed and jumped like a 5-year-old brat demanding szechuan sauce (a joke used in the season 3 premiere referencing the 1998 Happy Meal lineup promoting Disney's Mulan) thus calling himself Pickle Rick and lifting his shirt a la Cornholio.

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